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Inovatec MachineryThink motorcycle parts polishing, think Inovatec Machinery.

Motorcycles are very popular vehicles all over the world. Especially in Asia, motorcycle culture is very prominent. All those beautiful machines have something in common. The parts shine. How? It is possible with the help of a motorcycle parts polishing machine.

Inovatec Machinery is the perfect solution provider for all your mass finishing needs. We have been doing business for over 20 years with credibility.

7. Wheel vibratory finishing machine

Motorcycle wheels are often shiny. If not, they were polished before they were painted. Wheel vibratory finishing machines are specifically tailor-made for wheel polishing. The bowl on top can fit a variety of wheels and polish them accordingly. It’s a great investment for motorcycle parts polishing.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Vibratory finishing machines are widely used all over the world for their versatile characteristic. You can polish, clean, and deburr almost any material in a vibratory finishing machine. These machines have a bowl on top with a powerful offset motor below to create vibration. Motorcycle valves, rockers, cylinder heads, etc. are suitable for polishing in a vibratory finishing machine.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

Tub vibratory finishers fall into another category of vibratory finishers. These tubs are designed for the top of the line polishing of long parts. Long parts like motorcycle crankshafts or camshafts aren’t suitable for bowl vibratory finishers. So, that’s where a tub vibratory finisher can rescue you.  It’s a great motorcycle parts polishing equipment.

1. centrifugal barrel machine with automatic unloading

Centrifugal solutions are the fastest when it comes to mass finishing. The spectacular centrifugal force of the machine can deburr, clean, or polish any surface in a matter of minutes. Centrifugal barrel finishers are great equipment that can really help you in your quest for motorcycle parts polishing.

Keep in mind that you should get a centrifugal barrel finisher, not a disc finisher if you intend to polish all kinds of motorcycle parts. You can, of course, go for a disc finisher if you think you won’t be polishing any large parts.

Material of Different Motorcycle Parts

In most cases, the engine components of a motorcycle are made with aluminum. Cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, etc. require polishing before they can be installed in an engine. A motorcycle parts polishing machine can help you in this regard.

To polish aluminum engine parts, you can go with a vibratory solution for maximum cost-effectiveness. Or, if you have the budget, you can go for a centrifugal barrel finisher as well.

What do you think is the most important part of any motorcycle? Well, there’s no definitive answer to that. But there’s no doubt that the frame is one of the most crucial and sensitive parts. Polishing motorcycle frames not only makes it look better but also strengthens it.

As these parts are very large; opting for a tub vibratory finisher would be a wise choice. These tubs are designed to handle such kind of motorcycle parts polishing.

Any engine has an exhaust system. As for motorcycles, they have a visible pipe to let the exhaust gases out. These pipes can be made from aluminum, titanium, or other alloys. Whatever the case is, the exhaust pipes require polishing to look their best with the help from a motorcycle parts polishing machine.

As exhaust pipes are long parts, you can polish them in a tub vibratory finisher. The long shape of the tub is perfectly in tune with the long pipes that roar.

Gears are one of the fundamental parts of any vehicle. The same goes for motorcycles as well. Motorcycle transmissions use lots of gears to work. These gears are subject to heavy polishing before getting installed.

Motorcycle gears are not very large parts. So, you can use any mass finishing solution you want. We recommend using the centrifugal barrel finisher to get the fastest results during motorcycle parts polishing.

Can you imagine an engine without a piston? You can’t because the engine doesn’t mean anything without the piston. The pistons are very much uneven when they come out of the factory so they need polishing.

To polish motorcycle pistons, a regular vibratory bowl tumbler will do the job. If you want the best results, you should invest in a centrifugal barrel finisher.

Just like other motorcycle parts, motorcycle wheels require polishing as well. Inovatec has a dedicated wheel vibratory finishing machine for motorcycle parts polishing.

Motorcycle Parts Polishing Media

Motorcycle parts polishing is such a task where you have to be careful with which media you select. Motorcycle parts are made from a variety of materials like steel, aluminum, or alloy. While you can get away with plastic and porcelain media, you have to be careful about the size and the cut.

Inovatec Machinery – Motorcycle Parts Polishing Has Never Been Easier
  • Polish motorcycle frames
  • Deburr, clean, and polish engine components
  • Specialized wheel vibratory deburring machine for wheel polishing
  • All kinds of media are available for purchase
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Which equipment should I use for motorcycle parts polishing?

Answer: It will vary depending on the parts you intend to polish. While large parts are more suited for tub vibratory finishers, small parts are polished well in a centrifugal barrel finisher.

2. Which media should I use?

Answer: The media requirement for motorcycle parts polishing is going to be different for different parts. While we mostly suggest plastic and porcelain media, the cut, shape, and size are going to be different.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Answer: You have to order a minimum of one motorcycle parts polishing machine.

4. What are the payment terms?

Answer: To get motorcycle parts polishing media and equipment, we humbly request our customer to deposit a 30% advance payment.

5. How do I know Inovatec Machinery is good?

Answer: Inovatec Machinery is a veteran in the mass finishing equipment manufacturing game. We have been providing state-of-the-art solutions for over 20 years now.

Motorcycle Parts Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Motorcycles have become popular today. They are widely used to run businesses, especially in Asia.

You can also ride your motorcycle for fun.

Have you ever wondered why motorcycles have gained so much popularity? Or have you wondered how strong they are?

Well, the secret behind their strength lies in every single inch of the motorcycle’s parts.

These parts have to be polished, not only to make them appealing but also to make them reliable.

Now, polishing motorcycle parts is not the most straightforward activity to carry out.

It can be intimidating, especially if you are a newbie to the polishing process.

However, in this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to polish all sorts of motorcycle parts
  • The benefits of polishing motorcycle parts
  • The advantages of using mass finishing machines to complete the polishing process.


Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How can I polish my motorcycle’s frame?

Now, polishing motorcycle frames requires the use of a vibratory tumbler. However, you cannot use the typical circular vibratory tumbler.

You’ll use the tub (trough) vibratory tumbler – it has a robust trough that can fit your motorcycle’s frame.

trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine


Figure 1 – Trough Vibratory Tumbler

This machine works by vigorously shaking its tub to generate friction.

This friction is necessary for the success of the polishing process.

The rubbing of your motorcycle parts and polishing media generates friction.

You can also use polishing compounds for this process.

Polishing compounds enhance the process of polishing stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal parts.

You must invest in the best metal polishing machine for aluminum and stainless steel parts to get a good finish.

All you’ll have to do is to ensure that you’ve set the optimum working parameters.

You’ll also need to fill the polishing trough with the recommended amount of polishing media and polishing compound.

It is the only way you’ll get the best results out of the process.


2. Which polishing media is ideal for polishing motorcycle parts?

Now, when polishing motorcycle parts, there are two types of polishing media that you can use.

The first polishing media is porcelain polishing media.

Figure 5 - Porcelain Polishing Balls


Figure 2 – Porcelain Polishing Media

It is a rigid polishing media that can be used for heavy polishing processes.

Porcelain media contains particles of ceramic material. That is what gives it its strength.

However, it is not too aggressive when compared to ceramic and stainless steel polishing media.

It is an ideal polishing media for your motorcycle parts. It will neither dent nor make the polishing process inefficient.

The second polishing media that can be used is the plastic (synthetic) polishing media.

Figure 3 - Plastic Polishing Media


Figure 3 – Plastic Polishing Media

It is less rigid when compared to porcelain polishing media. It is also not as aggressive as porcelain media.

It has a non-chipping and non-cracking feature, which makes it an ideal candidate for polishing motorcycle parts.

It is also lighter than porcelain polishing media.

When you polish using plastic media, your machine will not use a lot of energy as compared to porcelain media.

However, you will not get the shiny look on the surfaces of your motorcycle parts.

Both polishing media come in different shapes and sizes.

These dynamics found in your polishing media help clean even the most intricate corners of your parts.


Bottom line:

Both polishing media have different properties – different benefits and downsides.

However, they all achieve one goal: polishing your motorcycle parts to the highest degree.


3. How can I polish my motorcycle’s aluminum engine parts?

Now, aluminum is not as strong as stainless steel or titanium. It requires special handling, which may be challenging.

Different metal polisher machines used different metal polishing techniques for part polishing.

You can best polish aluminum parts using a typical industrial vibratory tumbler for exceptional results.

Figure 1 - Industrial Vibratory Tumbler


Figure 4 – Industrial Vibratory Tumbler

Using a vibratory tumbler to polish your aluminum engine parts is one of the most effective and efficient parts polishing processes.

The vibratory tumbler machines are the most popular mass finishing machines for cleaning motorcycle engine parts.

You can also use a centrifugal barrel finisher – if you do not have a tight budget.

A centrifugal barrel finisher is a robust machine that polishes your motorcycle parts by using centrifugal forces.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine


Figure 5 – Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

It has four barrels that are attached to a flywheel.

The flywheel rotates in the opposite direction from that of the four barrels.

It is a design intended to make the process more efficient.

The centrifugal force generated by the spinning flywheel and barrels causes stress on the parts and polishing media.

This stress causes the polishing media to rub against the surfaces of your motorcycle parts.

Now, you know how to polish aluminum engine parts and other metal parts using Inovatec machines.

You can use the same machines to polish steel parts of the motorcycle with appropriate tumbling media.


Special tip:

Do not hasten the aluminum polishing process in any case. You will not get the desired results.


4. How can I polish my motorcycle wheels?

All wheels have to undergo polishing to ensure that they are fit for road use. Polishing does away with manufacturing blemishes.

Now, polishing your motorcycle wheels can be relatively easy, with the wheel’s vibratory finishing machine.

wheel vibratory burnishing and polishing


Figure 6 – Wheel Vibratory Polishing Machine

This metal polisher machine is specifically meant to polish your motorcycle wheels.

Its polishing bowl can fit several wheels during the polishing process.


Check this out:

You can decide to have a shiny finish on the surface of your motorcycle’s wheels.

You’ll need to use porcelain polishing media. Remember to use the correct size and shape of the polishing media.

You can also use a liquid metal polishing compound to enhance the polishing process.

The use of the best metal polish for motorcycle parts will make the parts shine.

You do not have to separate parts and to polish media manually. These vibratory tumblers come with separating sieves.

You can adjust them to handle different sizes of polishing media.

You can also use plastic polishing media if you do not require heavy polishing action for your wheels.

Now, you know how to polish aluminum wheels using an Inovatec machine.


5. How can I make my motorcycle’s exhaust pipes look new again?

Now, your motorcycle exhaust pipes can be made from different types of metals.

You can have aluminum or even titanium exhaust pipes, which must be polished to perfection.

To make your exhaust pipes look new again, you have to polish them thoroughly.

You can complete this process by using a tub vibratory tumbler.

It will cater to the unique shape and length of your exhaust pipe.

The good thing about using a tub vibratory tumbler is that it polishes every inch of your exhaust pipe.

ceramic coated exhaust pipe polishing


Figure 7 – Polished Exhaust Pipe

It polishes without altering the shape of your exhaust pipe.


6. How can I safely polish my motorcycle’s fragile internal engine parts?

Now, fragile internal engine parts are gears, pistons, and crankshafts, or camshafts. Pistons also have rings that can get damaged easily.

piston skirt polishing

Figure 8 – Polished Piston

When polishing such parts, you have to be extremely cautious. The slightest damage could render these parts unusable.

You can therefore use a centrifugal barrel finisher to safely polish gears, pistons, and piston rings.

The centrifugal barrel machine is a safer machine to use than a vibratory tumbler.

It is also slightly expensive to polish using this machine than the vibratory tumbler.


7. What are the benefits of polishing motorcycle parts?

Now, when polishing motorcycle parts, numerous benefits are affiliated with the process.

The first benefit is that your parts become stronger. Polishing removes any form of corrosion from the surfaces of your parts.

Corrosion makes your metal weaker as you continue using it.

The second benefit is that polishing makes your parts beautiful. A shiny wheel is appealing to the eye.

The third benefit is that polishing motorcycle parts gets rid of any manufacturing blemishes.

Such blemishes may be scratch marks or even tiny burrs.

The fourth benefit of polishing motorcycle parts is that it improves their performance.

The motorcycle becomes more robust and faster. It even becomes comfy to ride.


8. What are the benefits of using mass finishing machines to polish motorcycle parts?

Several benefits come with using mass finishing machines to polish your motorcycle parts.

The first benefit is that using mass finishing machines ensures that you complete the polishing process quickly.

These mass finishing machines are exceptionally robust. They, therefore, complete the polishing process rapidly.

The second advantage of using mass finishing machines is that they polish uniformly.

With the help of polishing media, these machines polish even the most intricate corners of your parts.

The third benefit is that these mass finishing machines polish exceptionally well without altering your parts’ shape or dimensions.

Mass finishing machines also polish many parts at the same time.

Mass polishing saves a lot of time and energy.

Now, you know how to clean aluminum engine parts after manufacturing.

The use of mass finishing machines has made the process of cleaning aluminum motorcycle engine parts easy.

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