KL-1688 Small Electric Powder Coating Oven for Wheels

KL-1688 Powder Coating Oven can heat and cure your car and truck wheels after the powder coating process. With electricity, the small curing oven provides uniform air distribution by a circulation fan. So you can get an even and smooth finish on the wheel & rim surface.
Worksize dimension:Width1000  *Height1600 * Depth845mm
Power supplyElectric/ 6kw(1.5kw Heating Tube x 4pcs)
Warm-up time15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability< ± 3-5°C
TemperatureMax. 250° C
Ventilation performance805-1677m3/h
Fan power0.55kw
Circulation/ Air flowVertical, Variable through holes on the walls

KL-1688 Wheel Powder Coating Oven Features

1. Control box to set processing time and target temperature, also can display oven temperature

2. 0.55kw circulating fan provides uniform heat distribution. That guarantees the perfect wheel curing quality

3. 110V or 220V optional for buyer request

4. 100mm High-density rock wool insulation to keep the temperature inside the oven

5. With 2 shelves and 5 rails per shelf. Big space for wheel hanging inside the oven

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