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  • Surface finishing solution design for your workshop space
  • Complete customized deburring, polishing, cleaning, and drying
  • OEM processing design that meets your budget
  • Small batch finishing and continuous flow through deburring and polishing
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Inovatec Machinery“We don’t just sell the machine. We solve the problem.”

Inovatec Automatic Surface Finishing Machine allows you to control the entire surface finishing process with a PLC control system. It is a fully automated process and labor-saving solution.

5. Fully automatic centrifugal disc machine

Suitable for one time deburring and polishing of a big batch of small size parts. For example, coin blank, Zamak sliders, washers, etc. Processing time 30-60 minutes.

rotomatic vibratory finishing machine continuous spiral

Suitable for light deburring and grinding, for example, die-casting aluminum parts. Processing cycle time 10-20 minutes.

crankshaft polishing before and after

The special automatic finishing equipment is designed for crankshaft parts. 2 pcs can be finished at the same time. Process time 10-30 minutes.

deburring and drying vibratory finishing production line

OEM design automatic mass finishing system. Automatic loading, finishing, cleaning and drying in automatic mode.

5. Linear Trough Vibratory finishing machine

Continuous longitudinal vibratory finishing machine. Suitable for very big size casting parts deburring, grinding, matte finishing, cleaning. Processing time 15-20 minutes.

Optional Design & Setting

PLC programmed composing dosing system controls compound and water flow precisely.

Bosch Rexroth Speed Control allows you to have more flexibility in process control.

A soundproof cover is an add-on that reduces structure-borne noise and air-borne noise from 95dB to 75-80 dB. It is great for workers’ health since it protects them from a noisy environment.

Mass Finishing Media

Inovatec offers a full range of mass finishing media, including ceramic media, plastic media, porcelain media as well as steel tumbling media. We help you select the right media for your surface finishing requirement.

Inovatec Machinery – China Top Surface Finishing Machinery Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Rich Industry Experience in Coin Polishing, Bullet Shell Polishing, etc.
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  • Affordable Surface Finishing Solution for Small and Medium Factory
  • Operator Training and Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

Our MOQ is 1 piece of machinery.

What type of packaging do you use?

Our machinery is packaged in a wooden box with pallets. So you can easily move it with a forklift.

What about the terms of payment?

Usually, we do a 30% advance payment and 70% payment before delivery.

We also accept LC for bulk orders. We can discuss other payment methods upon order.


When is the delivery date?

The standard delivery date is 20-25 days.

If you have a special requirement, we may finish it in 35-40 days.

In case of an emergency order, we will try our best to meet your schedule.

Which port do you usually ship?

Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu ports are our nearest ports.

Get the Most Out of Your Workshop with Mass Finishing Equipment from Inovatec

Automatic mass finishing machines from Inovatec should be your first choice because we are the expert in the mass finishing industry.

In the last few years, we have delivered hundreds of automatic mass finishing systems and gained the trust of our customers.

The automatic mass finishing equipment from Inovatec is mostly used for polishing, deburring, edge breaking, etc. processes.

You can use the equipment on laser cutting parts, die casting parts, and press stamping parts.

The main goal of automatic machines is to reduce manual labor as much as possible while maintaining the maximum quality possible for batch processing.

We, Inovatec, offer business solutions regarding surface finishing and financial services at the same time. Apply for a quote now.

As a result, you save a lot of money on labor costs and have better control over the quality of your products.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a centrifugal disc finisher or a barrel tumbler, you can get your hands on an automated machine from us.

To get a better understanding of the automation aspect of the machines, you need to take a look at the below questions and answer them carefully.

  • How do you handle the inventory of workpieces?
  • Do you use the compound recycled or discharged?
  • How do you separate the media and control its flow?

You don’t have to worry because Inovatec is here to take care of your problems. You just contact us and sit back. While you’re relaxing, take a look at our inventory.

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