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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Laser Cut Parts Finishing & Laser Oxide Scale Removal Solution Provider

If you deal with laser cut parts, plasma cut parts, waterjet cut parts, or flame cut metal parts, Inovatec has the right deburring machinery for you. You have the ultimate freedom to deburr your parts like never before. It doesn’t matter whether your parts are thin or thick. Even the intensity of the burrs doesn’t stand a chance. The end result will take you by surprise and we guarantee to achieve that at a minimal cost per unit.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Vibratory Finishing Machine is the most popular used equipment for laser cut parts deburring. It is suitable for most medium-sized parts whether they are sheet or bend parts.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

Rotary Barrel Tumbler Deburring Machine is suitable for bigger sized laser cut parts. It can do better edge rounding than a vibratory finishing machine.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Desktop Vibratory Tumbler is suitable for small scale production deburring. Suitable for small-sized parts and small lots deburring, edge radiusing, and de-rusting.

6. Economic small vibratory tumbler

The Economic Vibratory Polishing Machine works well on small and medium-sized laser cut parts deburring.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 2

CD Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine is ideal for fast deburring of laser cut parts.

1. VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine

VA Series Centrifugal Disc Finisher is suitable for small and thin parts deburring, with a thickness of 0.5mm-2mm.

Materials for Laser Cut Parts Deburring

For steel laser cut parts, it is suitable to use ceramic media for fast deburring and edge rounding. At the same time, the parts’ surface geometry remains the same.

Aluminum is a soft metal. Therefore, we use plastic media for burr removal due to its lightweight feature.

Brass metal is a soft metal. It is suitable to use plastic deburring media for laser cut burr removal. At the same time, scale and oxide can also be removed.

For acrylic plastic laser cut parts, it is ideal to use porcelain media to remove the burr at the edge. The porcelain tumbling media is non-abrasive.

For sheet metal laser cut parts, it is perfect to use ceramic fast-cutting media for deburring and edge rounding. The addition of an anti-sticking agent/compound is recommended to prevent parts from sticking to each other.

For bent laser cut parts, use the angle cut triangle tumbling media for burr removal.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

Inovatec has a full range of vibratory tumbling media. Whether you want light deburring, aggressive grinding, or edge rounding, we have the right size and composition that meet your demand. Contact us today and get professional advice!

Inovatec Machinery – China's Leading Laser Cut Parts Deburring Machine and Media Manufacturer & Supplier
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the MOQ for your surface finishing machine?

Our laser cut parts deburring machine MOQ is 1 pcs.

How do you make the packaging?

Usually, we use a wooden box to pack the machine. For tumbling media, we use a plastic bag to carry them. 25kg per bag and 1000kg per wooden pallet.

How is your payment term?

We propose a 30% payment in advance, then we start preparing your order. Once the order is ready, you shall organize the balance payment. After that, we will make the shipment to the port or ship to your location.

How long do you need to prepare the goods?

Depending on the product, usually, we need 20-25 days to prepare the goods. If you have an urgent order, we will do our best to meet your time schedule.

What is the nearest port?

Our nearest ports are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We also make shipments to other places that you appointed.

Custom Deburring Machine for Sheet Metal Finishing Best Quality Edge Rounding and Deburring

Deburring and edge rounding are two of the most common activities performed in the mass finishing industry.

Deburring requires heavy-duty media to get rid of the excess material.

Edge rounding, on the other hand, is a very delicate process the requires precision media.

When it comes to laser cut or water jet cut or punching parts, the need for precision cannot be overlooked.

That’s where Inovatec comes into play.

Our sheet metal deburring machine is designed to achieve the highest level of perfection.

You can invest in any of our flat metal deburring machines for finishing sheet metal parts.


Edge rounding

Edge rounding simply means getting rid of sharp edges from your workpieces.

But you don’t want to deform the parts or change their dimensions.

Paired with the right media, our deburring solution can get the best edge rounding results.

It will eliminate the probability of getting injured. The paint will also stick easily to the parts.



Deburring is required when your workpieces have visible burrs on them.

The nature of the burrs varies depending on whether they were laser cut or punched.

It’s essential to choose the right method of deburring to get the smoothest results.

A good edge deburring machine will help you to achieve the best results.


Surface finish

One of the drawbacks of a laser-cut or punched workpiece is the rough surface.

Nothing can be done initially, so it’s essential that the parts go through proper deburring and surface finishing.

A good deburring session will remove the excess material and result in a shiny smooth surface.


Oxide removal

It’s very common to get oxide layers while cutting parts with CO2-laser.

The oxygen in the flame is responsible for the layer.

Edge Racer can get rid of the oxide layers with ease.


Deburring Laser Cut Parts – Definitive Guide

Laser cut parts are widely used in a variety of applications.

Are you involved in a business that deals with laser cut parts?

If yes, then you will also be involved in the deburring process of these laser cut parts.

If yes, then this guide is for you.

We will cover the deburring process of laser cut parts in detail in this guide.

Inovatec machinery offers some of the best solutions for deburring laser cut parts.

1. What Are Laser Cut Parts?

Laser cut parts are parts that are made by slicing materials using a laser.

Such parts are used in many industrial applications.

steel laser cutting parts deburring


2. Why Deburr Laser Cut Parts?

We will share the benefits of deburring laser cut parts.


2.1 For Best Appearance

In any business, you want to attract customers. The best way to do it is through appearance.

Deburring helps to give an excellent appearance to the laser cut parts by removing the burr.


2.2 For Consistent Surface Finish

Punching and cutting materials using the laser will result in minor scratches and imperfections.

You can remove these imperfections and get a beautiful surface finish through the deburring process.

A good deburring will help to achieve a consistent, shiny, and smooth surface.


2.3 To Remove the Oxide Layer

Most of the laser cutting processes use Carbon dioxide or Oxygen as the assist gases.

These oxide gases may lead to the coating of a layer of Oxygen on the metal surface.

So, it may cause the metal to rust or corrode. So, deburring is essential.


2.4 For Safety

The final laser cut part may have sharp or rough edges and corners.

So, it may hurt you if you use these parts directly.

Deburring helps to remove such unnecessary sharp edges and corners from the part.

Thus, it also takes care of the safety aspect.


2.5 For Edge Rounding

Edge rounding doesn’t mean to change the shape of the edges.

Deburring helps to remove the sharp edges from the laser cut part. These edges may harm the user.

It helps to smoothen the edges.


2.6 To Achieve Matte Finish

Some parts demand a matte finish.

You can get the desired level of matte finish through the deburring process with the right tumbling media.


3. What Is the Traditional Way of Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges and burrs from a surface.

The traditional method of deburring laser cut parts is done with hands. So, it is a manual process.

This process can be done in two ways.

The first method uses a hand deburring tool for metal parts deburring. This tool comes with multiple sets of deburring bits.

So, you need to choose the appropriate bit to get the desired output.

The second method uses motorized deburring wheels.

There are two ways of doing this. You can either use the fixed deburring wheel set up.

Here, you will have the option to attach different deburr bits.

Here, you need to move the laser cut parts along these moving bits for deburring.

Another option is to use the portable motorized deburring tool.

Here, the laser cut part needs to be fixed in a place.

You can move the motorized deburring tool on the part’s surface for deburring.


4. What Is a Laser Cut Parts Deburring Machine?

A laser cut parts deburring machine is a deburring machine that is capable of deburring laser cut parts automatically.

You need to supply the machine with the parts for deburring and the deburring media.

So, minimal human intervention is required.

You can use the laser parts deburring machine for small parts as well as big parts.


5. Why Use a Machine for Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

Let us look at the various advantages of using a Laser cut parts deburring machine over the traditional deburring method.


5.1 Saves Time

Deburring machines for laser cut parts help to speed up the deburring process.

Thus, you will see an increase in your business productivity.

It will take a considerable amount of time if you use the hand tool method for deburring laser cut parts.


5.2 Cost-Effective Solution

If you rely on hand tools for deburring, then it will cost you a lot in labor and equipment.

You need to make only a one-time investment on a laser cut parts deburring machine from Inovatec.

So, it is a cost-effective solution in the long run.


5.3 For Perfect Finish

In any business, product finish quality matters.

So, if your product has a laser cut part, then you need to ensure that it has a perfect finish.

You will not get consistent finish quality if you use the deburring process that involves human labor.

It is because the finish quality will vary for different laborers.

Inovatec parts tumbler machines ensure that you get the perfect finish by using the right deburring media.


5.4 Damage-Free Process 

There is a chance that you may damage the parts by using the traditional deburring process.

An industrial deburring machine ensures that the laser cut parts don’t have any damages after deburring.


5.5 Batch Polishing Ability

The batch polishing ability of Inovatec industrial tumbler machines ensures that you can deburr multiple batches of laser cut parts at a time.


5.6 Labor Saving

The traditional deburring process is a labor-intensive process.

Here, you need to run different deburring stations in parallel to achieve a good yield.

You can deburr more laser cut parts simultaneously by using the deburring machine.


5.7 No Skilled Labor Requirement

Proper labor training is required in the case of a hand deburring process.

Sometimes, specialized training will be required if you deal will multiple types of laser cut parts.

So, the quality will be entirely dependent on labor skills.

In the case of deburring using a machine, the machine will handle the whole deburring process.

You have to feed the machine with the right tumbling media and laser cut parts.


5.8 Low Machine Maintenance Cost

Inovatec deburring machines are easy to maintain when compared to machines from other deburring machine manufacturers.

The operator can easily do the maintenance work with the standard toolset.

You don’t have to buy any additional tools for maintenance.


5.9 Safe Working Environment

The method of deburring using the deburring bits will have safety issues for the laborers if the part has sharp edges.

The material scraps can also get in touch with your sensitive areas like eyes while deburring. So, you need to wear protection glasses.

A deburring laser cut parts machine ensures a safe working environment.


5.10 For Better Paint/Powder Adhesion

In some cases, you will be looking to paint or powder coat the laser cut part’s surface.

So, you need to ensure that the surface finish is uniform and good enough for the paint to stick.

The gases carbon dioxide and oxygen that are used for oxidation produce an oxide layer on the surface.

Only a machine can ensure the effective removal of this layer for better paint adhesion.

Deburring with hand tools is more prone to human error.

So, the painting or coating may not stick correctly.


6. What Are the Different Types of Machines for Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

Inovatec offers six types of machines for deburring laser cut parts.

These machines are capable of deburring small laser cut parts as well as medium sized ones.

You can select any of this laser cut parts deburring machine from Inovatec based on your requirements.

It can remove burrs of any intensity.

You can also go for automated deburring machines by investing in the additional fittings to automate some of the processes.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory finishing machine is the most popular choice for deburring laser cut parts.

It removes the burr with the help of the vibratory motion of the tumbling media.

It is best suited for medium-sized parts.


6.2 Rotary Metal Parts Tumbler

If your part size is big, then go for the rotary metal parts tumbler machine.

If edge rounding is the priority, then this deburring tumbler machine is the right choice.

The rotary deburring machine does a better job in edge rounding than the vibratory tumbler machine.

It is a cost-effective tumbling machine for metal parts deburring.

Rotary metal parts tumbler


6.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

If you are into a small scale business, then a desktop vibratory tumbling machine would be the ideal choice for you.

Inovatec offers desktop vibratory tumblers of different capacities.

You can use it as the tumbler for deburring metal parts that come in small sizes.

Low cost and high durability are its main features.

It does an excellent job of deburring, de-rusting, and edge refining.

Desktop Vibratory Tumbler


6.4 Economic Vibratory Tumbler

Economic vibratory tumbler is a good tumbler deburring machine for small and medium-sized laser cut parts.

As the name suggests, it is a cost-effective solution.

Economic small vibratory tumbler


6.5 CD Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

If you are looking for an aggressive deburring option, then the centrifugal disc finishing machine from Inovatec is the best option.

It offers a high degree of automation options.

The productivity of this machine is 10-30 times more than that of the vibratory deburring machines.



6.6 VA Series Centrifugal Disc Finisher

The VA series centrifugal disc finisher is best suited for thin and small laser cut parts.

It is very efficient for the deburring of intricate laser cut parts.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


7. What Are the Different Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media for Deburring Laser Cut Parts?

The substances that are mixed with the laser cut parts in a deburring machine is called vibratory tumbling media.

Inovatec manufactures many types of vibratory tumbling media.

Inovatec guarantees superior quality tumbling media through a strict quality process in manufacturing.

They come in different sizes and shapes. You can also get custom shapes and sizes on request.

We offer the following types of vibratory tumbling media for deburring laser cut parts.


7.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

Inovatec recommends ceramic tumbling media for deburring laser cut metal parts.

It also protects the parts from impinging against each other.

Ceramic media is perfect for big-sized and small-sized laser cut parts.

We offer different shapes like cylinder, triangle, cone, tristar, ball, pyramid, star, and ellipse.

ceramic deburring media


All these shapes are available in different sizes.

Inovatec also offers different cutting grades of ceramic tumbling media for laser cut parts deburring.

It includes general cutting, fast cutting, medium cutting, very fast cutting, light cutting, and polishing type.

So, you can choose from a wide variety of options.


7.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic tumbling media is best suited for light deburring of laser cut parts.

It is an excellent choice for brass, plastic, and aluminum parts.

plastic tumbling media


It is a mixture of resin and water-resistant polyester material.

Inovatec offers different shapes like cone, lens, tetrahedron, tristar, paraboloid, pyramid, and triangle.

It comes in five different cutting grades.

They are light, medium, ultra-fast, fast, and zirconium.


8. What Are the Different Types of Laser Cut Part Materials Supported for Machine Deburring?

Many types of materials are used to create laser cut parts.

Inovatec machines support the deburring of different types of laser cut materials.

You can use any of the below-listed material parts for deburring in an Inovatec machine.


8.1 Stainless Steel Laser Cut Part

Stainless steel laser cut parts are the most commonly used ones.

They are used in various sectors like jewelry, healthcare, automotive, etc.

Deburring stainless steel laser cut part


8.2 Aluminum Laser Cut Part

Aluminum is another popular metal used to make laser cut parts.

Deburring aluminum laser cut part


8.3 Brass Laser Cut Part

Brass is a soft metal that makes it an excellent choice for laser cutting.

Deburring is essential for brass parts since it is susceptible to oxidation and scaling.

Deburring brass laser cut part


8.4 Plastic Laser Cut Part

Plastic laser cut parts are used in various industries like electronics, interior designing, etc.

Deburring plastic laser cut part


8.5 Sheet Metal Laser Cut Part

Ceramic fast-cutting media is best suited for laser cut parts made of sheet metal.

Deburring sheet metal edges is essential to ensure the safety of the person handling that part.

Deburring sheet metal laser cut part


8.6 Bent Laser Cut Part

Inovatec recommends cut triangle tumbling media for deburring bent laser cut parts.

Deburring bent laser cut part


8.7 Acrylic Laser Cut Part

Acrylic laser cut parts are widely used in the architecture and design industry.

Deburring acryclic laser cut part


8.8 Carbon Fiber Laser Cut Part

Many manufacturers prefer laser cut parts of carbon fiber to machine cut ones.

It is because laser cutting doesn’t cause too many damages to the edges.

Deburring carbon fibre plastic cut parts


8.9 Mild Steel Laser Cut Part

Mild steel is another popular choice of metals for laser cutting.

Deburring mild steel laser cut part


8.10 Steel Alloy Laser Cut Part

Steel alloy laser cut parts consist of a mixture of iron with other materials like chromium, manganese, tungsten, vanadium, etc.

Deburring steel alloy laser cut parts


8.11 Carbon Steel Laser Cut Part

The ease of cutting carbon steel using laser makes it a popular laser cut part.

Deburring carbon steel laser cut part


8.12 Titanium Laser Cut Part

Low density, high strength, and toughness make titanium a good choice for many parts.

Deburring titanium laser cut part



Now, you know the whole deburring process for laser cut parts.

The number of advantages of using a machine over the traditional deburring method is many.

Inovatec machinery offers multiple solutions for deburring laser cut parts.

The vibratory tumbling media from Inovatec are one of the best media for deburring in the market in terms of quality.

So, if you want to grow your business productivity, then consider investing in the Inovatec machine for laser cut parts deburring.

The geometry, the dimensions, and every other aspect of your parts are kept in mind while developing the machine.

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