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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Planetary Ball Mill Manufacturer in China

Inovatec planetary ball mill is a powerful grinding machine for multiple industries. It outputs high energy with stable speed controls. Therefore, it quickly grinds materials to the Nanoscale level. It is ideal for colloidal grinding, mineral grinding as well as tea grinding.

lab planetary ball mill

Lab planetary ball mill is a 0.4-liter compact design model, desktop design with forward and reverse movement.

Liter vertical planetary ball mill

2 Liter vertical planetary ball mill is the most popular laboratory use model, ideal for fast, efficient grinding in short time.

360 degree planetary ball mill

360-degree turn-over full directional planetary ball mill, perfect for complete grinding without dead corner.

Horizontal ball mill

Horizontal ball mill is the low noise version, prevent material that sticks to the bottom of the jar.

Optional Design & Setting

The explosive proof window made from acrylate, you can view machine running safety.

PLC control system allows set time forward and backward easily

Universal directional wheels can fix on the ground or move in any direction easily

Heating dissipation fan reduces the temperature in the processing chamber

A safety switch protects operators. It automatically stops the machine when open the cover during operation.

Fixture devise for jar able to fix ball mill jar tightly in the machine

Vibratory Tumbling Media

Inovatec machinery has comprehensive range of vibratory tumbling media for selection, includes ceramic media, plastic media and stainless steel media.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is the MOQ for your planetary ball mill?

Our planetary ball mill MOQ is one pcs.

What is including in your planetary ball mill package?

When you buy one planetary ball mill, we include four milling jars, ball mill media, and other accessories. Extra accessories include: 1 spare motor belt, four Jar clamping device, 1 pcs Hex L-key, 1 pcs ball mill height adjuster, two additional cap screws, one spare fuse, and one socket power cord as well as one operational manual.

How is your payment term?

The payment term is 100% in advance as we have the ready product for shipment.

You can make payment by T/T transfer, Paypal, West Union.

What kind of products can your ball mill grinds?

It can grind many products like rocks, sand, minerals, porcelain, clay, fertilizers, pesticides, creams, ophthalmological agents, ores, pigments, precious metals, tablets, dragees, pastes.

Besides, a planetary ball mill also homogeneous different mixing ingredients.

How do you make the shipment?

For one pcs of lab mill, we suggest making air shipments. If you have many products to ship, you can organize shipments by sea. Our nearest port is Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. So we can ship to your warehouse per your requests.

Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary ball mill is an indispensable device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nanomaterial dispersion, new product development, and small batch production of high-tech materials.

The product is small in size, full in function, high efficiency, and low in noise.

It is the ideal equipment for scientific research units, universities, and enterprise laboratories to obtain microparticle research samples (four samples collected at the same time per experiment).

fixed clamp of planetary jar mill

It equips with a vacuum ball mill can. The sample is grinding under vacuum.

Planetary ball milling machine is widely used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, and electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection, matcha, and other departments.

The planetary ball milling machine is suitable for wet and dry pulverization and refinement of hard, medium hardness, brittleness, and fiber materials.

The fineness of the sample can be less than 100nm. It also used for the grinding of solids in suspensions, sample mixing and homogenization, and metal. Alloying, etc., can achieve superior results.

Four ball mill tanks with a volume of 50ml or 100ml are grinding and milling at the same time.

There are more than ten kinds of ball mill tank materials to choose from.


Inovatec uses the latest gear noise reduction technology and fully enclosed oil seal patented noise isolation design to control operating noise.

Therefore, the laboratory ball mill ‘s stability and lifespan increased by more than five times.

It is the comfort of laboratory use, efficient sample processing.

Inovatec machinery is the leading planetary ball mill manufacturers and suppliers in China with 20 years’ experience.

Unique appearance & structural design, strict production technology help Inovatec lab ball mill become the most well-received products.

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