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Inovatec MachineryPioneer in the helmet polishing equipment manufacturing industry.

To all the motorcyclists out there, how do you like your helmets? Helmets are probably the most essential part of a motorcyclist’s life. Helmets protect them from the air, dust, road debris, and minor accidents. A good helmet looks amazing as well.

The beautiful color schemes are put on the helmets once the polishing is done. And to polish the helmets, you need a helmet polishing solution. That’s where Inovatec comes in, with 20 years of experience in the finishing industry.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

There isn’t another machine as effective and cost-efficient as a vibratory finishing machine in the entire mass finishing industry. Vibratory finishers are suitable for all different regards. You can polish metal, plastic, and even helmets.

A vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec comes in a few different variants. There are straight wall vibratory finishers and curved wall vibratory finishers. Both are perfect for helmet polishing and helmets are pretty straightforward in shape.

1. VBSB Tub vibratory finishing machine

Vibratory tub finishers are another type of vibratory finishers from Inovatec. This equipment comes with a tub instead of a bowl. So, you have a lot more flexibility while polishing parts in these tubs. Vibratory tub finishers also come in two variants. One with an open tub design and the other one has a sectioned tub.

Both of these mass finishing equipment are great for helmet polishing. You can choose whether to polish multiple helmets at once or go individually.

Different Types of Helmets and Polishing

Open face helmets are the most common ones found in the market. These helmets are kind of retro and don’t provide a lot of protection. These are great for roaming around in the countryside to enjoy the breeze while cruising at low speeds.

Open face helmets require polishing before they can be sold in the market. To polish half face helmets, you can use a vibratory bowl finisher or a tub finisher. Go with the one you see fit with your parts.

Off-road helmets offer maximum protection for the dirt bike riders out there. The helmets are shaped in a way to protect the rider against all dangers out in the wild. These helmets are also very stylish. The designs are put on after heavy polishing.

To polish offroad helmets effectively, you should invest in a vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec. These machines are great at polishing and have amazing efficiency as well.

Modular helmets are preferred by a lot of motorcycle riders because they offer the best of both worlds. You can use it as an open face helmet during low-speed commutes. And when you’re in the mood to twist the throttle, it becomes a full-face helmet.

Modular helmets are complex parts and they should be polished carefully. We recommend using a TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine for helmet polishing in this case.

Half shell helmets are not really rated for protection. They can protect from minor injuries but will fail under brutal accidents. But these are great for roaming around in a cruiser and the demand is pretty high. They are great for the pillion rider as well.

To polish half shell helmets, you can use either the bowl vibratory tumbler or the tub vibratory finisher. You can use any one of them or both, as you see fit.

Full face helmets are the best in terms of safety. Your head is protected all around to keep it safe from any impact. Full face helmets have better integrity as well. But they have to be polished as well before they can be worn.

Polishing full face helmets should always be done in an open tub vibratory solution. This way, you have enough room to work with multiple pieces.

Dual sports helmets are capable to handle both on-road and offroad conditions. They are the perfect choice if you like to ride in all conditions equally. The designs are phenomenal on some of the dual sports helmets.

Perform helmet polishing in batches with vibratory solutions from Inovatec. Go with any of them that you like.

Helmet Polishing Media

When you polish something, the media and the equipment play equally important roles. You can’t complete the process without either of them. So, you must select the right media for helmet polishing just like you did with the machine.

Plastic media should do a fantastic job of polishing all kinds of helmet shells. Plastic media is non-abrasive which is crucial to getting a good polish.

Inovatec Machinery – The Only Helmet Polishing Machinery Manufacturer You Need
  • Different types of helmet shells and accessories polishing
  • Bowl vibratory tumbler and tub vibratory finishing machines
  • A multitude of additional features are available for the equipment
  • Wide range of polishing media to choose from
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does a helmet polishing machine do?

Answer: The purpose of a helmet polishing machine is to even out the surface of the helmet’s shell so paint or stickers can stick better to it.

2. What is the appropriate media for helmet polishing?

Answer: Helmet shells are never metal. So, you should stick to the plastic polishing media for maximum safety.

3. What is the power recommendation for a helmet polishing machine?

Answer: It’s advised that you connect the equipment to a 3-phase line. The voltage can be anywhere from 230V to 460V.

4. How should I pay?

Answer: We require a 30% advance payment for any order. We accept PayPal, Western Union, and L/C.

5. Is your packaging safe?

Answer: We ship the helmet polishing machine with proper protective material all around. The machine is put on a wooden pallet and then into a wooden box. The box has fork lift holes so you can carry it easily to your workshop.

Helmet Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Helmets are widely used nowadays as a protective measure. They curb head injuries upon the occurrence of an accident.

Have you ever thought to yourself how helmets are polished? Well, the polishing process of helmets is not easy.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • How to polish your helmets effectively
  • The benefits of polishing your helmets
  • The advantages affiliated with polishing helmets using mass finishing machines

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How can I best polish my helmets?

Helmet polishing is best done when using mass finishing machines, particularly the vibratory tumbler.

Now, two types of vibratory tumblers can be used.


Check this out:

The first vibratory tumbler is the industrial bowl vibratory tumbler.

It has a bowl where you place your helmet and polishing media.

metal deburring equipment vibratory finishing for sales

Figure 1 – Industrial Vibratory Bowl Tumbler

The second type is the tub vibratory tumbler.

This type of tumbler has a rectangular trough where you can polish several helmets in a single cycle comfortably.


trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing

Figure 2 – Tub Vibratory Tumbler

Vibratory tumblers work by vigorously shaking their tubs to generate friction.

This friction thus creates the tumbling effect where your helmets’ surfaces rub against polishing media.

Vibratory tumblers have reliable motors. These motors are what aid these tumblers to complete the polishing process rapidly.


Bottom line:

Using mass finishing machines to polish your helmets is the ideal choice.

The benefits of polishing your helmets using mass finishing machines surpass the downsides.


2. Which polishing media is ideal for polishing my helmets?

Check this out:

When polishing your helmets, the ideal polishing media is ceramic deburring media.

fast cutting ceramic deburring media ball

Figure 3 – Ceramic Deburring Media

Ceramic deburring media neither excessively abrades your helmet shell nor too aggressive on the shell.

It comes in different sizes and shapes to cater to the dynamics in the polishing field.

For effective surface grinding, you need to choose your media size correctly.

Your polishing media should not be too small to pass through helmet pockets and cavities without cleaning them.

Contrary, your deburring media shouldn’t be too big that it lodges into your helmet’s cavities and pockets.

Ceramic media does not crack nor chip under pressure.

It also gives better rounding and material removal than other media. These reasons make it an ideal finishing media for polishing your helmets.


3. How long does it take to polish helmets?

Polishing helmets using mass finishing machines should not consume a lot of time.

A vibratory tumbler is a robust machine that polishes your helmets uniformly and rapidly.

However, to find out how long the polishing process should take, you need to consider the following factors:


The first factor is the degree of polish that you require on the surfaces of your helmets.

The sleeker the degree of polish, the more the time the process is going to last.


The second factor is the level of surface damage on your helmets.

Helmets with heavy scratches and dents have to be polished for a longer duration.


The third factor is how you’ll choose to handle your vibratory tumbler.

If you decide to hasten the process, then the final finish will not be as beautiful as you’d expect.

If you set a lower speed, then the process will take too long to complete.

Apart from taking too long to complete, there will be no significant polishing process going on.

It will, therefore, deem the process inefficient.

It would be best if you used the recommended polishing speed.


Bottom line:

The polishing duration primarily relies on how you’ll choose to handle the whole polishing process.

The surfaces of your helmets also determine how long the process will take.


4. How can I polish my full-face helmets effectively?

Now, polishing your full-face helmets requires plastic polishing media, polishing compound, and finally, an open tub vibratory tumbler.

Figure 4 - Polished Full Face Helmet

Figure 4 – Polished Full Face Helmet


Check this out:

Open tub vibratory tumblers are useful in this case because they reduce the risk of damaging these helmets.

All you need to do is to fill the vibratory tumbler’s tub with the polishing media and your target helmets.

Do not forget to add the recommended amount of your polishing compound. It enhances the polishing process.

This polishing machine has walls that separate parts. These walls curb the part-to-part contacts of your helmets.

Sometimes, part-to-part contacts damage your helmets’ surfaces.

Also, using open tub vibratory tumblers help you to polish many helmets in a single cycle.


5. What are the benefits of polishing helmets?

There are numerous benefits associated with polishing helmets.


Check this out:

The first benefit is that helmet polishing makes your helmet to have a sleek look.

It makes these helmets appealing to the eye and visible from far.

The second benefit is that polishing makes your helmets stronger by getting rid of dirt and other weakening elements.

Figure 5 - Dirty and Rusty Helmet polishing

Figure 5 – Dirty and Rusty Helmet

Periodically, you’ll need to polish your helmet. Polishing does away with any blemishes on the surface of your helmet.

The third benefit is that polishing helps in the painting process. Paint tends to stick better on a polished surface.

There are undoubtedly many benefits affiliated with polishing your helmets. These three are the primary ones.


6. What are the benefits of polishing helmets using mass finishing machines?

Now, when polishing your helmets using mass finishing machines, there are several advantages associated with this process.

Check this out:


The first benefit is that you get to polish many pieces at the same time.

Mass finishing machines can polish your helmets in mass.

Because of this, you get to use lesser time and energy to polish your helmets, as contrasted to manual polishing.


The second benefit is that these mass finishing machines polish your helmets rapidly.

These machines polish rapidly because they have exceptionally robust motors that vigorously shake their polishing tubs or bowls.


The third benefit is that you get a smooth polish.

Mass finishing machines work hand in hand with polishing media and polishing compounds to produce a smooth polish.

Your polishing media can clean even the most intricate corners of your helmets.


Such corners would otherwise be deemed unreachable when using manual polishing techniques.

The fourth advantage is that you can polish helmets, regardless of their fragile nature.

Full face helmets have a fragile frontal – which can break if mishandled.

When polishing such helmets, you can use the tub vibratory tumbler, which has walls to curb part-to-part contacts.

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