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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Magnetic Polishing Machine for Small and Precision Parts Polishing and Deburring

Inovatec magnetic polishing machine is used for metal parts deburring and polishing in a single process. The magnetic pins can enter holes and slots that are hard to access by bigger size media. In addition, you can remove the burr inside the dead bore edge. It is sometimes referred to as a magnetic pin finisher machine or magnetic pin polisher machine.

YH360D Magnetic Polishing Machine

YH360D magnetic pin tumbler machine is an industrial-scale polishing tumbler. It is ideal for small and medium-size parts deburring and polishing. You can process 6-10kg of parts at the same time with 1-2kg of pins. Machine power is 2.2 kW, AC220V. The barrel size is 500x500mm.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

KT360 magnetic tumbler polishing machine is suitable for a big batch of jewelry parts polishing and deburring. Barrel size is 290x170mm, weight 30kg, speed 500-4000rpm, and voltage 110-220V. You can put a maximum of 1.3kg parts and magnetic pins.

KT 100 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

KT100 magnetic polishing tumbler is the smallest scale magnetic polishing machine. It is ideal for a small batch of jewelry polishing. Barrel size 100x90mm. Speed 2000 rpm. Capacity 400g pins plus jewelry parts.

KT 186 Magnetic Polishing Machine tumbler

KT186 is a medium size magnetic polisher machine. It not only works for jewelry polishing, but also for brass case cleaning and polishing. Barrel size 180x100mm. Speed 2000 rpm.  Capacity 600g pins plus parts.

Parts Finished by Magnetic Polishing Machine

Zipper parts deburring and polishing with high speed. With the magnetic tumbler polishing machine for metal parts, small details and holes can be finished in a short time.

Silver jewelry ring is a precious gift for weddings and ceremonies. Our magnetic polishing tumbler is a great choice for tumble polishing silver rings and refurbishing them in a short time. This process is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Magnetic pins polishing media is an ideal choice for precision springs polishing. During the rotary tumbling process, a small pin’s head can touch the spring’s entire surface inside the industrial rotary tumbler. Within 30 minutes, you can remove the oxidate and grease on the spring’s surface.

The stainless steel pen tip requires great care. With our magnetic polishing tumbler, you can smooth the surface without changing the surface.

Medical screws and bolts are small and delicate parts. With the magnetic polishing machine, you can get the perfect mirror finishing without damaging or scratching the parts.  You can also polish other titanium medical implants with the same equipment.

Brass fittings have screws that are hard to enter with other types of media. In addition, magnetic pins can enter deep into brass fitting inner holes. The process is clean and neat.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pins

Inovatec supplies stainless steel pins for magnetic polishing. Whether you’re polishing jewelry, brass case reloading, or polishing precision components, we have the right solution for you. Contact us now to get free parts processing. We will get back to you within 8 working hours.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Industrial Stainless Steel Magnetic Pins Manufacturer & Supplier
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  • Variable Speed Control for Tumbling
  • Forward & Backward Movement with Timer
  • Customized Voltage & Socket Supply
Frequently Asked Questions
Does your machine have a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for the magnetic polishing machine is one machine.

How is your magnetic polishing machine packed?

We are using a wooden fumigation box to wrap the machine.

What about your terms of payment for magnetic polishing machine?

First 30% advance payment, the other 70% paid before delivery.

If it is a big order, we will do a sight letter of credit.

We trade through PayPal if we cooperate for the first time.

Of course, you are welcome to come to the factory for inspection.

When is the fastest delivery time?

Normally, 15-25 days to complete the magnetic polishing machine.

If the goods are in a hurry, we will finish production in a week.

Where is the nearest port from your factory?

Our nearest ports are Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu. We also ship to other locations per your requirement.

Magnetic Polishing Machine – The Definitive Guide

Deburring and polishing have become popular processes nowadays for surface improvement of metal parts.

Magnetic polishing can achieve both deburring and polishing in a single cycle.

In this article, you are going to understand:

  • What a magnetic polishing machine is
  • How the magnetic polishing machine works and finally,
  • The benefits of using a magnetic polishing machine

This article has been specially designed for you. Keep reading to find out more.

l  What is a magnetic polishing machine?

Now, a magnetic polishing machine is a mass finishing machine that is used to improve the surfaces of parts using magnetic principles.

As stated earlier, this machine can carry out both polishing and deburring processes at the same time.

These machines come in different sizes – from desktop-sized to huge industrial polishing machines.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler


The industrial magnetic tumblers can polish up to 10kg of metal parts while the desktop version can polish up to 1.3kg.

They complete the polishing process in a matter of hours, which means that they are super-efficient.

These machines are used to polish a variety of simple tools that we use in our day to day lives.

They can be used to deburr and polish zippers, precision springs, jewelry (made of silver), brass fittings, medical screws, etc.

You cannot use the magnetic polishing machines as a rock tumbler for tumbling rocks.


2. How does a magnetic polishing machine work?

The magnetic tumbler is a super effective polishing tool.

The machine has a control board that you should use to set the correct working parameters for working.

The magnetic polishing machines use electromagnetic principles to polish parts using stainless steel media pins in compounding agents.

When the machine is switched on, it works by spinning the stainless steel magnetic tumbler media, compounding agents, and parts.

Figure 2 - Magnetic Polishing Machine Working principle


These stainless steel media hit the parts, removing any sort of discoloration or oxidation present on the surfaces of the elements.

During the process, the amount of metal on your parts that are removed by the stainless steel media is so minimal – close to nothing.

It is a fast process that is highly efficient and economical.


3.  Can I deburr my metal parts using a magnetic polishing machine?

Yes, you can deburr your metal parts using a magnetic polishing machine.

The best part about using a magnetic polishing machine to deburr is that you can deburr and polish at a single cycle.

You will have to know the type of metal your part is made of.

Knowing your parts’ material will help you determine the duration which the polishing process will take.

Heavier metals will obviously take longer, while lighter metals can take up to 30 minutes.

Figure 3 - Deburring metal parts with magnetic polishing machine


For the magnetic polishing process for all parts, you will also have to acquire stainless steel polishing pins, which polish exceptionally well.

You still have to ask yourself if your metal parts are heavy or light, and what maximum capacity of pieces your machine can polish comfortably.

Industrial type magnetic polishing machines – these can polish up to 10 kilograms of parts with 2 kg of polishing media.

It is a potent machine.

There is also the desktop version, which can polish up to 1.3kgs of parts.

This means that you have to understand what your magnetic polishing machine can handle.


4.  What polishing media does a magnetic polishing machine use?

The widely used polishing media for magnetic polishing machines is stainless steel polishing pins.

They are used because stainless steel is an alloy. However, not all stainless steel polishing media are magnetic.

Its magnetic capability depends on the elements added to the alloy.

Stainless steel pins

Stainless steel is magnetic naturally, through the addition of chromium in the alloy.

When a stainless steel particle has chromium and nickel added to it, it becomes non-magnetic.

So, when selecting your magnetic polishing media, you need to be careful to acquire the correct stainless steel polishing media.

The pins are used so that they can reach the most intricate parts, including pockets and cavities of metal parts.

A good example is brass cases polishing, which has holes that need to be cleaned.

Magnetic polishing with stainless steel pins is completed excellently.

You can reuse your stainless steel media until it loses its abrasive qualities. It is not a one-off polishing material.

Stainless steel polishes excellently – its products are used for medical screws and small bolts.

Figure 4 - Stainless steel polishing brass cases



5.  What is the process of using a magnetic polishing machine?

Now, the process of polishing using a magnetic polishing machine is relatively easy to carry out.

You can watch this short video that shows the process well.

You’ll be required first to add your polishing media to the polishing jar and then add a polishing compound.

Water can be used as a polishing compound. You can also use other polishing compounds, depending on what you are working on.

You are not limited to water alone as a compound.

Then, you can add the parts you desire to polish.

Make sure that you add the recommended mass, depending on the capability of your machine – its optimum working weight.

If the mass is too dense, the machine will be unable to polish effectively.

Then, you can secure the polishing jar, where you have placed your polishing media, parts, and polishing compound.

You can then switch on the machine. Make sure it is on a flat and stable surface.

Using the control board, you can set the time needed to complete the process and the recommended speed.

After the process is complete, you can switch off the machine and offload your polished metal parts.

You should dispose of the polishing compounds correctly to avoid environmental damage and health risks.

After separating your polishing media from your metal parts, you can then clean your stainless steel polishing media thoroughly.

Cleaning your media will help prolong your media’s lifespan.

It will also help to prevent contamination of the next parts you are going to polish.

Following these steps will help you achieve unparalleled polish, and it will be economically feasible for you.

The magnetic polishing process is completely different from the industrial vibratory tumbler machine process.


6.  Can I polish jewelry using a magnetic polishing machine?

Yes, you can use a magnetic polishing machine for jewelry parts.

It is often referred to as a magnetic jewelry tumbler machine.

The popularly polished jewelry using a magnetic polishing machine is silver jewelry.

Silver rings can be polished quickly and effectively using magnetic polishing machines.

The polish is exceptionally excellent. It produces the desired shiny and sleek look.

Figure 10 - Polishing gold with magnetic tumbler machine


Many people value their jewelry, especially their wedding or engagement jewelry.

The process of polishing silver jewelry using magnetic polishing machines and stainless steel media is economical and efficient.

The process can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on your jewelry’s condition and the type of jewelry tumbler media.

You can be assured that once they go into the magnetic polishing machine, they will come out with a brand new look.

Gold and bronze can also be polished and deburred using a magnetic polishing machine.


7.  Is it expensive to acquire and run a magnetic polishing machine?

It is neither expensive to acquire nor to run a magnetic polishing machine.

Magnetic polishing machines are nowadays widely used and have proven to be highly effective in service delivery.

Now, running magnetic machines depends on how you will use them to polish your parts.

Unnecessary polishing will automatically lead to extra unwanted costs.

Also, failure to follow the laid-out recommendations will also make your machine running costs expensive.

When running your magnetic polishing machine, you should also include the cost of acquiring stainless steel pins.

A typical desktop magnetic polishing machine that is good for small-batch polishing does not consume a lot of electric power when running.

As for the industrial magnetic polishing machine, it is rather apparent that it will use more power to run than the desktop versions.

It has a polishing power of 2.2 kW, and an AC220V with a 500 x 500mm barrel size.

The industrial machine can finish a lot of parts at the same time.

The desktop version can be used to finish small parts like jewelry, zippers, brass fittings and cases, medical screws and bolts, etc.


8. What is the best way to polish aluminum using a magnetic polishing machine?

Now, tumble polishing aluminum using a magnetic polishing machine is not a complicated process.

All you have to do is to acquire the recommended type of polishing media – stainless steel polishing pins.

Once you have that, you can then select a suitable polishing compound that will aid in the polishing process.

It should help get rid of any impurities on your aluminum parts’ surfaces.

Aluminum is a somewhat ‘soft’ metal. Therefore, you need not polish it for long. Stainless steel is an extremely robust polishing media.

Prolonged polishing of aluminum parts using stainless steel may end up damaging your components. Stainless steel is highly inflictive on parts.

You should dispose of the already-used polishing compound properly to avoid environmental degradation or possible health hazards.


Key point:

Do not let aluminum parts sit in stainless steel media for too long as stainless steel media is highly inflictive on aluminum parts.


9. How is the mirror finish achieved on stainless steel using a magnetic polishing machine?

Magnetic polish on stainless steel is not the most effortless process because it requires patience – a lot of patience.

Naturally, most metals do not come shiny and appealing to the eye. They are usually dull, with machine marks and probably burrs.

These burrs result from the modification of parts. Such change includes cutting, grinding, engraving, etc.

Now, tumble polishing stainless steel parts has to be polished slowly without trying to hasten the process.

If you hasten the process, the metal surface will have a dull film, meaning you will have to re-polish.

Re-polishing will be uneconomical and inefficient for you.

Using polishing compounds during this process is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency in the process and an impeccable output.

Stainless steel polishing pins are still used to polish stainless steel parts.

You have to make sure that you set the recommended polishing speed and the recommended amount of parts, depending on your polishing machine.

The key to achieving an excellent mirror finish without a dull film is being patient and following the laid out instructions to the letter.

Remember, not all types of stainless steel are magnetic. The best stainless steel type for magnetic polish is the non-magnetic one.


10.  Can I remove scratches from gold using a magnetic polishing machine?

Yes, polishing gold to remove scratches using a magnetic polishing machine with stainless steel polishing media is possible.

The key is not letting the process run for long. However, it will depend on the level of scratches on your gold parts.

Usually, light scratches will be removed easily in a few minutes when the process begins.

Using polishing compounds is also necessary for the process to be successful.

Soap will work for you. It is not a very corrosive polishing compound that can’t damage your gold parts.

This process only works best on jewelry.


11.  What are the advantages of using a magnetic polishing machine?

There are undoubtedly numerous benefits of using a magnetic polishing machine.

One of the first benefits is that it is an extremely robust machine. It polishes quickly, and it also runs efficiently.

It does not consume a lot of power, and it has a beautiful finishing style.

The second benefit is that these magnetic polishing machines come in different sizes.

These different sizes have different purposes.

For example, the industrial magnetic polishing machine cannot be used in the basement of your house.

Similarly, the desktop magnetic polishing machine cannot be used to polish heavy parts at a single cycle.

These dynamics in sizes help you determine which size is most beneficial to you, depending on what you want to do with it.

Thirdly, the machine has a speed control option – used to set the recommended speed for any magnetic polish that you require.

The speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).

The control console of the machine is lovely, as it is easy to comprehend and operate.

The magnetic polishing machine is relatively cheaper to acquire and operate, with lesser noise compared to most mass finishing machines.

The machine also has an on/off button for safety – it helps avoid accidents.

You can also pause a process instead of entirely stopping it.

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