Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media

In the mass finishing industry, the Z1 Zirconium Polyester media has special recognition as a special media. It’s a fast-cutting media, tan in color, and reduces cycle times drastically. It’s basically a plastic media infused with zirconium silicate.

Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media Product Description

This variant of the plastic media acts as a fast-cutting media, just like ceramic media.

Once you process your parts with the Z1 Zirconium media, the surfaces will be ready to be polished.

It’s mostly used to process titanium medical equipment.



  • Durable and strong plastic media
  • Acts as a fast-cutting media just like ceramic
  • Smooth surface performance is similar to regular plastic media
  • A great fusion of cutting madness and smoothness



  • Precious metal processing
  • Processing metal parts made of titanium
  • Can be used with vibratory finishing machines and centrifugal disc finishers
  • Works as a hybrid media to eliminate the use of ceramic media and polyester plastic media in just one step
  • Once the processing is done, you can burnish the surface with porcelain balls
  • Works well in processing medical equipment, aerospace workpieces, 3D printed pieces, etc.
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