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  • Supports fixing of Internal & External Wheel Deformations
  • Fixes the dents within one hour
  • Supports variable speed control
  • Multiple fixture setup options with Hydraulic pump
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Inovatec Machinery High Quality Wheel Rim Fixing & Surface Refinement Machine

The Alloy Rim Straightening machine from Inovatec machinery is manufactured using high-quality raw materials. It is capable of restoring the original state of the wheel in very less time. The productivity of the wheel straightening process can be increased with the help of this machine. It is one of the most important wheel repair machines.

Wheel straightening machine

The ARS26 Wheel Straightening Machine is specifically designed to repair car wheels warpage. This machine can straighten wheels up to 26 inches in size. The main part of the machine is a piston cylinder. This piston cylinder is controlled by a hydraulic station. It is possible to restore the original state of the wheel without any change in mechanical properties with the help of this machine.

ARS26H Wheel straightening machine with Superior Position 2

The ARS26H Wheel Straightening Machine from Inovatec Machinery can help to accelerate the wheel repairing process. It comes with a step less variable speed converter and a hydraulic piston. It can straighten wheels up to 26 inch size. The minimum wheel size supported by this machine is 10 inches. The lifting function provided by this machine will help to save a good amount of wheel processing time.

Optional Design & Setting

For accurate measurement of the offset distance of the deformation, you can consider using the detection setup. It consists of a probe and a magnetic table seat.

The variable speed control help to provide the right type of speed according to the wheel deformation and size.

It is easy to locate the damaged wheel and do a fast repair with the help of the mobile automatic hydraulic cylinder.

To repair the interior and the exterior of the wheels, you need to use multiple types of blocks. These blocks can be attached to the piston head through the external holes.

The lathe function help to restore the roundness of the wheel. You can use it to cut the edge of the damaged wheel in the alloy wheel rim straightening machine.

You can get different types of spare parts and fixture devices from Inovatec to fix different types of wheels on the wheel rim straightening machine.

High Quality CNC Lathe Wheel Surface Finishing Equipment

Inovatec machinery offers the best quality CNC Lathe Wheel Surface Finishing Equipment for repairing wheels. It allows you to clean and repair wheels at a faster rate. All the CNC wheel lathe machines from Inovatec machinery are manufactured using high-quality raw materials. The machine also helps to repair wheels at a lower cost.

Inovatec Machinery – High Quality Wheel Repair Machine Manufacturer from China
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

You can order 1 unit machine.

What type of packaging do you use?

We make the wooden box package that is ready for export. The box is rigid enough for sea shipment.

What about the terms of payment?

We do 30% payment before production and balance payment before shipment. Also, we can discuss your payment method if you have the order.


When is the delivery date?

We may have stock for some products. You can ask if we have stock before order. For customize production, we ready in 10-20 days.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can ship to Shanghai/Ningbo port. We also ship to Qingdao/Tianjin Port. If you combine shipment with other goods, we ship to the factory location to make a full container loading.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rim Straightening Machines

The rim Straightening machine is also called wheel straightening machine. If you want to buy a rim straightening machine or own one, here are some frequently asked questions on rim straightener machines.


1. What is a rim straightening machine?

A rim straightening machine is manufactured and designed to repair damaged wheels by straightening them. It straightens the wheel with the help of a piston-cylinder controlled by a hydraulic unit. The operation is more effortless because the set of shaped punches adjusts to the rim profiles. It restores the wheel to its original state in less time.

wheel straightening machine 2
wheel straightening machine 2

And it has a pressure-regulated system that regulates the amount of push force depending on the wheel’s material. After the rims have been straightened, the machine has a lathe unit that removes the dents on the edges. The rim straightening machine also has other accessories to ensure the rim straightening process, and after-effects go well.


The rim straightening machine is valued above the manual hammer straightening process because of its perfect repair effect, unique design, simple operation process, polishing effects, etc.


The rim straightening machine has a detection unit consisting of a magnetic table seat and a probe. This unit accurately measures the offset distance of the deformation. Then it has the variable speed control, which automatically controls the speed according to the wheel size and deformation.


The mobile cylinder repairs the damaged wheel. Then it has the hydraulic unit, which is the hydraulic cylinder. It helps to locate the bent wheel. There are various types of blocks also. The blocks are used to repair the wheels (interior and exterior). To attach the blocks to the wheel, you must first attach them to the piston head via external holes.


Finally, it has the lathe unit, which restores the wheel’s roundness and polishes the wheel after the repair. This is what gives the perfect repair effect.


You can get a rim straightening machine and its spare parts from us.


2. How do you use rim straightening machines?

This is the step-by-step process of using the rim straightening machine.

  • Put the bent rim on the balancer.
  • Tighten the rim so that there will be no chances of movement.
  • Connect the hydraulic cylinder
  • Use the support block on the rim’s backside to flex it.
  • Set the lathe function to straighten the wheel
  • You can control the speed of the hydraulic cylinder according to the damage, size, and wheel type.
  • With the lathe unit, do the polishing function to cut the edges and smoothen the wheel rim.

Depending on the type of rim straightening machine you are using, some steps might be different, but it is still the same process.

wheel straightening machine 1
wheel straightening machine 1


3. How do I know if my rims are bent?

If you do not know about the bent rim, you might assume the rubber or other car parts cause any tire problems. However, there are signs of bent or damaged rims. The most certain way to be sure about a bent rim is to examine it.

  1. Vibration while steering the car

Bent rims can affect the steering system. So, when the rim is bent, the tire will make uneven contact with the road surface. In turn, you will notice that the steering or tires keep shaking while the car moves.


The position of the bent or damaged rim will determine where you will feel the vibration. If it is more to the front, you will feel it closely; if it is the back tires, you will feel it farther from the steering.

  1. Frequent Tire Deflation

If anytime you hit a bump or pothole, you lose your tire pressure, making your tires deflate; bent rims might cause it. It might not be every day, but the tires deflating might become more regular than before. If the tires become completely flat regularly, it is due to extensive rim damage. The extent of the rim damage will determine how frequent and harmful the tire deflation will be.


The bent rims affect your tire pressure because the rims are there to seal the air between the tire and wheel. When the rim is bent, the sal will break more often. If you do not repair the bent rim quickly, it might damage the tire entirely.


Sometimes, the tire does not get flat, but it feels like it. When you slow down, you might hear rhythmic thumping sounds.

wheel straightening machine 3
wheel straightening machine 3
  1. Poor Braking

The more extensive the bent rim is, the more car parts it will affect. If your rims are damaged, your car suddenly pulls to the side when you brake. However, this might not be noticeable when you usually brake.

  1. Visible Damage

If your hubcaps are plastic or metallic, you might quickly notice when your wheels are bent or damaged. If not, remove your hubcap. After removing the hubcap, look around the tires and see if there is deformation or apparent damage on the wheel.


4. How do I straighten a bent rim?  

There is the DIY process of straightening your bent wheels; however, this might not produce accurate results. The steps involved are.

  • Check the rim for bends or dents. It is more noticeable after you take the wheels off the wheel, then roll it to find the damaged area.
  • Get a block of wood, a sledgehammer, and a blow torch.
  • Heat the bent area on the rim with the blow torch. The heat should be minimal.
  • Hold the block of wood over the damaged area.
  • Hammer, the block of wood on the, is to bend it back. Hammer carefully so the bend is not too excessive to the other side.
wheel straightening machine 4
wheel straightening machine 4

The DIY process is not advised because you might damage your rims. We have different wheel straightening machines that detect and repair bent wheels. However, it is different if you have a wheel straightening machine. Request an instant quote.


5. Is bent rim straightening safe?

Bent rim straightening is safe if you use a safe tool like the rim straightening machine. However, there is no assurance of the safety of using rims straightened with a sledgehammer and a block of wood.


The safety of straightening bent rims also depends on how damaged the rims are. If the bend is beyond a superficial one, then the rims might not be safe to straighten. And if the cost of straightening the rims is almost as or more expensive than getting a new rim, it is safer to get the new one. Also, if the bend or crack is close to the defective rims, we do not recommend repairing it.

wheel straightening machine 5
wheel straightening machine 5


Rim straightening machines are safe for straightening bent wheels because they apply the precise pressure meant for the rims, causing no further damage. Also, after straightening the rims, it polishes and smoothens the edges to ensure there are no parts that can damage or puncture the tires.


If you are straightening an alloy rim, it is best to take it to a professional or use an alloy straightening machine because alloy wheels are not as durable as steel wheels, so they can be damaged easily if not done right. (Request an instant quote today.) if an alloy wheel’s properties change due to bad repair, it can easily break and be damaged. At the same time, on the road, so do it rightly with an alloy wheel straightening machine.


6. How much does it usually cost to fix a bent alloy rim?

If you are fixing it at a repair shop, repairing a bent alloy rim can cost between $50 to $400, depending on the shop. However, if you are repairing it in your garage, it can cost less than $35.


It is believed that an alloy rim can not be repaired because of its sensitivity. So, if you are repairing at a repair shop, ensure the shop has an alloy rim straightening machine to prevent damage to the bent alloy rim. You can get an Alloy rim straightening machine from Inovatec machinery.

wheel straightening machine 6
wheel straightening machine 6


7. How do you fix a bent ATV rim?

If you are fixing the bent TV rim yourself, you will need a punch (or lathe dead center) and a hammer. Here are the steps involved.

  • Clean the tires to get rid of sand and dirt,
  • Get the punch and hammer
  • Place the punch or lathe on the bent area.
  • Hit the punch until the bent rim straightens out. Be careful not to beat the wheel beyond its original position.
  • Repaint the beaten area
wheel straightening machine 7
wheel straightening machine 7


Or you can get the ARS26H wheel straightening machine. The machine can straighten wheels from 10 inches to 26 inches. And here are the steps involved in using the wheel straightening machine.

  • Remove the rm from the wheel and clean it until it is clear of sand and dirt.
  • Install the magnetic table seat and probe to locate the deformed part.
  • Operate the variable speed function to make the wheel’s positioning mark,

offset check, lathe turning, and plastic repair easy and efficient.

  • Use the mobile automatic hydraulic to position and repair the damaged wheel. If you do not know the operation, learn it from the manual or the internet; it is straightforward. 
  • Place the piston head on the wheels to install top blocks and repair the inner and outer parts of the wheel.
  • Set the speed and start the process
  • After the bend has been repaired, turn on the lathe unit to remove the edges and restore its roundness.
  • Then you can turn on the wheel polish function to make it perfect.

Contact us to get an instant quote on the rim straightening machine.

wheel straightening machine 8
wheel straightening machine 8


8. How long does it take to straighten a rim?

Using a wheel straightening machine takes less than 15 minutes to straighten a slight bend and less than half an hour to straighten more severe bends. Also, the rim straightening machine saves you processing and polishing time.


The severity of the bend does not mean it will take so much time because the speed of the machine can be increased to suit the wheel size and deformation.


If you use a hammer and block, the rim straightening process can take about a couple of hours. However, the result would not be as perfect as using a rim straightening machine. You can request an instant quote for the machine from us.


Then the cosmetic repairs, in addition to the rim straightening, may take a couple of days.

wheel straightening machine 9
wheel straightening machine 9


9. How do you straighten a steel rim?

The proper steps to straightening a steel rim with an alloy wheel straightening machine involve:

  • Remove the damaged rim from the tires and place it in the specified space on the machine
  • Install the probe and magnetic table seat. The probe and magnetic table seat will rotate the wheel to check and locate the deformation position and determine the offset distance. When it determines this accurately and efficiently, you can repair the wheel in less time.
  • Operate the infinitely variable speed function. This makes the wheel’s offset check, plastic repair, positioning, and lathe turning efficient and easy.
  • Place the hydraulic cylinder on the wheel. The piston-cylinder uses the ergonomic principle to position and repair the damaged wheel. You can quickly learn and operate it.
  • The external holes in the head of the hydraulic cylinder’s piston install different types of top blocks to repair the rim inside and outside.
  • After the rim has been repaired, cut the edge of the damaged wheel with the lathe on the machine. This restores the rim’s roundness.
  • You can also polish the wheel surface with a polishing cloth wheel as a finishing touch to make the rim perfect.
wheel straightening machine 10
wheel straightening machine 10


Many believe that they can repair a deformed steel rim by knocking the steel with a hammer and high-temperature baking. However, this can change the machine’s molecular structure and mechanical properties.

The annual repair will not ensure that the inside center of the circle and the outside of the steel align. And the repaired steel rim will cause the tire to have an increased rate of wear and tear and reduced running stability, which can lead to potential hazards.

Buy a wheel straightening machine for us to ensure an easy and effective rim straightening process.

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