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  • Porcelain polishing media with sphere & cylinder shape
  • Minimal attrition rate with excellent polishing
  • Best for polishing zinc, aluminum, brass, and copper
  • Also for degreasing and cleaning
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Choice Polishing Media Manufacturer in China

Inovatec polishing media is non-abrasive tumbling media. It brightens parts without any material removal. With little cutting power, polishing media also has a low attrition rate. Usually, the longer the process duration, the higher the polishing effect.

Polishing media ball

Ball-shape porcelain polishing media offers great flow action and improve metals parts brightness.

Polishing media cylinder

Straight cut cylinder shape polishing media is the standard size polishing media. It is used to finish ambers.

Polishing media angle cut cylinder

Angle-cut cylinder polishing media polishes small area and deep recesses better than straight-cut media.

Polishing media triangle

Straight cut triangle media is perfect to finish small jewelry and eyeglass frames.

Polishing media tristar

Angle cut Tri-Star polishing media is preferred for cleaning high-value watch accessories.

Polishing media angle cut tristar

Big size tumbling media make fast polishing and produce a rougher surface

Polishing media ellipse

Ellipse shape polishing media enter into a tight area that ideal for intricate finishing jobs.

Natural Polishing media

Natural polishing media includes walnut shell tumbling media, corn cob media and wood tumbling media.

Optional Design & Setting

Green color porcelain media has slight higher cutting power than white porcelain media

Pink porcelain media ball has a higher density than standard white polishing media.

Blue porcelain media is customized color to meet customer requirement.

Brown porcelain media ball is ideal to polish plastic buttons.

Yellowish-brown color 3P granule media has the slight cutting capacity. It is ideal to finish a complex surfaces.

Brown 3P granule tumbling media is well suited in centrifugal barrel machine and rotary barrel machine for fine polishing.

Mass Finishing Machine

Inovatec continually works to improve machine design and performance. We proud our mass finishing machine in delivery consistent finishing results, always.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Polishing Media Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Precision media size ideal for intricate finishing jobs
  • Perfect for polishing tight areas and small parts
  • Wide variety of size and shapes available
  • Suitable for high energy finishing and vibratory finishing

Frequently Asked Question
What is the minimum order quantity for polishing media?

Our MOQ is 500kg per size and types. You can make the shipment together with the machine you purchased.

How do you make the package for polishing media?

Polishing media is packaging with 25kg per bag or 50 lbs per bag. When we have 40 sacks, we make one tray. We use fumigation trays for easy transportation.

How do we make the payment?

Usually, we start production after receiving a 30% payment. And we make a shipment after 70% balance payment received. For big orders and regular customers, we also do LC at sight.

How much time do you need to prepare the goods?

Firstly, you can check with us your product specifications if we have in stock. Generally, the production time is 15-20 days, according to the production schedule. Small size media needs a longer time to prepare.

Where is your nearest port?

Shanghai is our closest port. Every day we have a shipment to Shanghai port. We also ship to Ningbo and Yiwu. Besides, we can ship to your warehouse in other locations.

Polishing Media

Polishing Media are versatile.

They can be used either in vibratory tumbler, rock tumbler, vibratory finishing machine, rotary barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, or centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

Generally, vibratory polishing media includes porcelain polishing media, zirconia ball, steel burnishing media, and walnut shell dry polishing media.

ceramic media deburring and polishing media

These types of media have their applications and advantages.

  • Zirconia beads is the highest specific gravity ceramic polishing ball. It is a very long-lasting and high flowing action. Because it is never rusting, it can replace stainless steel media in some acid corrosive processes.
  • Porcelain polishing media is design for high luster polishing and burnishing. It is ideal for brass case shining and cleaning. Besides, it also used for cutlery cleaning and refurbishing.
  • Steel burnishing media performance well for die castings, forging parts, pressed parts burnishing, and polishing. Steel burnishing media is available in all sizes and shapes. A mix of ball, ball-cone, diagonal, and pins can achieve the optimal finish, especially for jewelry parts.
  • Walnut shell media is a dry polishing media. It mixes with polishing paste and causes friction between the medium and the workpieces. Therefore it creates a highly polished surface. Walnut shell burnishing is the final stage finishing that frequently used in jewelry polishing.


Inovatec polishing media manufactures under ISO9001 quality management system. No matter what grade of polishing media, Inovatec executes strict quality control from raw material inspection, in-process quality audit, and pre-shipment testing.

Over the past 20 years, we continuously export the highest standard polishing media to more than 50 countries. If you want to polish your parts, you can send your parts to us for free sample processing. You can take back our experience and technical solutions. Contact us today and get the quotation now!

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