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  • Aggressive cutting ceramic media clean rusty, greasy parts
  • Medium cutting ceramic media remove corrosion without changing parts’ smoothness
  • Produce a clean surface that’s ready for painting, primer, and coating
  • Suitable for small/medium size large batch rusty parts’ processing
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Tumbling Media for rust removal Manufacturer in China

One of the main applications of tumbler media is for rust removal. Long-term exposure of metal products to the outside environment will result in rust on the surface. Besides, laser cutting and plasma cutting forms an oxidation layer that adheres poorly to the metal. When painting, it causes undesirable chips and flakes. As a result, we need to find a way to get rid of rusting at an affordable cost.

1. Agressive cutting ceramic media

High cutting ceramic media is for aggressive rust removal. It is ideal for de-rusting unfinished steel parts.

2. Medium cutting ceramic media

Medium cutting ceramic media remove rusty soil without making steel parts’ surface rougher.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

LC-13 the general performance vibratory finishing compound with proper lubrication for tumbling actions.

HM-A reduces the time for iron parts cutting and re-rusting, for example, spanners and sockets.

MC-8 is a water-based chemical to prevent rusting when metal parts are soaked in the solvent.

Mass finishing equipment for rust removal

If you have soiled parts for restoration, mass finishing would be the most cost-effective way to do it at a low price. Depending on your parts’ size, a trough vibratory tumbler finishing machine or vibratory finishing bowl machine would fit your requirement.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Tumbling Media for Rust Removal Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Suggests the right de-rusting media for your parts
  • Rust removal in a short amount of time
  • Easy separation and no parts jamming issue
  • Recommends equipment that meets your budget
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer a free sample processing service?

Yes. You can send your rusty parts, and we will process and send you back for inspection. We will also send you the complete process together with a video.

What is the minimum MOQ of tumbling media?

Our MOQ is 500kg for ceramic de-rusting media.

How do you pack the tumbling media?

We use 25kg double-layer PP plastic bags, 40 bags to make a pallet. For the US market, we also use 50lbs plastic bags’ packaging.

What is your payment term?

For general order, we start production with a 30% payment in advance. We will make a shipment after we get full payment. In addition, we also accept Alibaba trade assurance, LC at sight, Paypal, and West Union.

Where is your nearest port?

The nearest ports are Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu ports. We will also send it to another location that you appointed.

Tumbling Media for Rust Removal

Inovatec offers different types of media for rust removal.

Usually, the best tumbling media for rust removal is ceramic media.

Ceramic deburring media has superior metal removing capability.

steel rusting parts vibratory finishing

Also, ceramic deburring media not only removes the rust but also removes dirt and grease on the surface of the parts.

In the mechanical workshop, your operators free their hands when the vibrator is shaking and de-rusting.

The rust removal process takes place in the industrial vibratory tumbler machine. Parts’ surface cleaned in one or two hours.

Besides ceramic tumbling media, porcelain media also works as vibratory rust removal tumbling media.

Unlike ceramic media, porcelain media is a non-abrasive media with a minor cutting rate.

tumbler rusted parts

Porcelain media removes the loose rust and surface oxidation layer without substantial metal removal.

Therefore, it cleans the rust without affecting parts’ surface finishing.

The application of rust removal tumbling media includes: cleaning stainless steel scissors, polishing alloy wrenches and spanner, de-rusting bolts and nuts, removing rust from crude mild steel, and also cleaning chromium steel socket.

tumbler media for rust removal

Inovatec has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of different vibratory tumbler media and surface mass finishing equipment.

The two main types of mass finishing machines offered by Inovatec include the vibratory tumbler bowls and the industrial rotary tumbler machines.

The right combination of media, compound, and industrial parts tumbler gives you a perfect finishing in a short amount of time.

You can entirely rely on our experience and expertise.

Just send your unfinished parts to us, and we will process and send you back for inspection.

Send us the inquiry and get the solution today!


Tumbling Media for Rust Removal FAQ Guide

1. What can I use as tumbler media for rust removal?

Plastic media, ceramic media, and porcelain media are best suited as parts’ tumbler media for rust removal.

Porcelain media is applicable to parts with chrome plating because it won’t damage the plating in the tumbling process.


2. How does tumbler media for rust removal work?

Tumbler media for rust removal utilizes friction as much as possible.

The media has abrasive properties that hit the parts with each vibration and as a result, the rust comes off.


3. Can I use stainless steel as tumbler media for rust removal?

Using stainless steel for rust removal is not a very good idea.

If you tumble stainless steel parts with stainless steel media, the chances of damaging the parts become a lot higher.


4. Do I need to use chemical solutions with tumbler media for rust removal?

It’s not necessary. A chemical solution is one of the methods used for removing rust from stainless steel or iron parts.

Using chemical solutions while using tumbler media for rust removal is nothing but an overkill.

Also, you increase the chance of damaging intricate parts in the process.

After vibratory finishing, you can soak the iron parts into a rust inhibitor solution to prevent rusting.


5. Do I tumble the media wet or dry?

When it comes to rust, it’s always good to go for wet tumbling.

Dry tumbling will also do the work but it will provide a matte finish and release a lot of dust particles in the air.

Rust is really bad for our lungs.


6. What formulation should I use while choosing tumbler media for rust removal?

For rust removal, it’s ideal to go for medium formulation.

Whether you use plastic tumbling media or ceramic deburring media, using medium formulation will ensure that you don’t eat away the parts.

Your focus should be on the rust only.


7. Will tumbler media for rust removal damage any parts?

Using the wrong media or wrong media size can damage your parts catastrophically.

For example, using stainless steel media for rust removal on the iron will damage the media regardless of the size or shape.


8. How long should I tumble my parts for removing rust?

It depends on the severity of the rust and the size of your parts.

In general, it’s better to tumble multiple times in short cycles which is more effective than tumbling once for very long.

Long tumbling cycles can ruin perfectly finished media that was covered in rust.

Try for an hour and then check the condition of the parts. If necessary, go for another cycle.

The time duration will also depend on the type of machine used for rust removal.

If you use a rotary parts tumbler machine with rotary tumbler media, then it will take more time than the vibratory finishing machine.

9. Does tumbler media for rust removal work on chrome-plated metal parts?

If you’re looking forward to removing rust from chrome-plated metal surfaces, it’s best to go for porcelain tumbling media.

Porcelain tumbling media is non-abrasive and won’t damage the plating.

It might take longer to get rid of all the rust, but sticking to porcelain will protect the chrome plating.


10. How long does tumbler media for rust removal last?

The question has multiple answers.

For example, plastic media is significantly softer than iron and stainless steel.

As a result, the plastic media will degrade very fast and you’ll be left with plastic powders all over your parts.

Ceramic and porcelain media last noticeably longer than plastic when it comes to tumbler media for rust removal.


11. How do I keep my parts from rusting again after removing them using tumbler media for rust removal?

There is not much that you can do if you leave your parts exposed in the air.

Stainless steel and iron react with the oxygen and water molecules in the air and form rust.

If you want to keep your parts from rusting, you need to store them someplace sealed.

If that is not an option, you can coat your parts with a thin layer of mineral oil (rust inhibitor) immediately after tumbling.

It will seal the surface and won’t let the iron react with air elements.


12. What size of tumbler media for rust removal should I buy?

Choosing the right size is very important when it comes to tumbler media for rust removal.

The right size is the one that fits your needs.

A general rule is to use small media for small parts and large media for large parts.

Also, the parts tumbler media should able to touch the surface of the entire part.

And media not get lodged in the holes or recesses of the part.


13. What shape of tumbler media for rust removal should I buy?

For rust removal purposes, pyramid-shaped media works like a charm.

You can use angle-cut or straight-cut media if you want as well.


14. Why are my parts changing colors after using tumbler media for rust removal?

If done right, your parts shouldn’t catch rust for some time.

But if there was rust residue left on the surface of the parts, chances are they might catch rust again.

Make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning with tumbler media for rust removal.


15. Do I need to clean the parts after removing the rust?

You should. Whether you go for the wet process or the dry process, there will be debris and dust left on the parts.

Running the parts under tap water will clean them and give you a good view of whether there is any rust left or not.


16. Can I use plastic as tumbler media for rust removal?

Pyramid-shaped plastic media is one of the best ways to remove rust from metal parts.

Although plastic wears out pretty fast in the process, it’s a good choice.


17. How much tumbler media for rust removal do I need for one cycle?

It depends on your application. The ideal ratio for rust removal on metal parts is 1/3 part media and 2/3 part metal parts.


18. Do I need a rust inhibitor for any of the tumbler media for rust removal?

None of the media used for rust removal are prone to rust. So, you don’t need a rust inhibitor.


19. Can I use ceramic tumbling media as a rust removal method?

Yes. Ceramic tumbling media works as a great tumbler media for rust removal.

It often performs better than plastic or porcelain.

But using the right formulation is very important when choosing ceramic media.


20. Is using tumbler media for rust removal more cost-effective than chemical solutions?

If you have a parts tumbler machine already, then using tumbler media for rust removal will be cost-effective rather than using chemical solutions.

If you don’t have a machine and need to visit a workshop, using the chemical solutions might be a better idea.


21. Can I tumble screws, nuts, or other threaded parts using tumbler media for rust removal?

You can tumble all kinds of metal parts using tumbler media for rust removal.


22. Can I remove rust from aluminum parts?

Aluminum parts don’t rust.

They corrode over time but rust is out of the question.

When there is no rust, there is no rust removal.



So, invest in the right type of metal polishing tumbler machine to remove rust from metal parts.

Inovatec machinery offers different varieties of polishing tumbler machines.

You can invest in any of these machines according to your polishing requirements.

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