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Inovatec MachineryThe best in class shaft polishing in China.

Can you think of a machine that doesn’t have a shaft? There might be a few exceptions but almost all equipment, engines, and machines utilize shafts to work efficiently. The surface of the shafts must be polished properly in order to get the best results.

Inovatec Machinery is a pioneer in the world of mass finishing with over 20 years of raw experience.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Get yourself a vibratory finishing machine for the best possible results in any mass finishing operation. When it comes to shaft polishing, a TVA(B) vibratory finisher will provide you the ultimate value for money performance. The bowls have an inner PU lining to protect them against friction.

2. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine 1

Centrifugal machines are the fastest across all mass finishing solutions. There are centrifugal barrel finishers and then there are centrifugal disc finishers. While the disc finishers are designed to polish small parts, the barrel finishers can handle all sorts of parts. Shaft polishing is one of the tasks where a centrifugal barrel finisher excels.

Single barrel polishing finisher machine

Rotary barrel finishers or rotary tumblers are an ancient piece of technology that is still relevant. The low cost in operations and the sheer quality of finishing have made it possible for rotary tumblers to be relevant for such a long time. Rotary tumblers are a prime choice when it comes to shaft polishing.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

Tub vibratory finishers and linear vibratory finishing machines are the same things. Inovatec has an amazing lineup of equipment where the linear vibratory finishing machine plays a vital role. Some shafts are very long in size and shape, so a linear vibratory finisher is the ultimate tool you need.

Different Shaft Polishing and Deburring

Transmission shafts are crucial for any vehicle. Transmission shafts are responsible for transmitting the power from the transmission to the output shaft. These parts are long and very strong. So, they need adequate polishing to work.

As these are long parts, you can use a linear vibratory finishing machine to get the transmission shaft shiny and smooth. A centrifugal barrel finishing will also work in this context.

Titanium is a very commonly used material in the performance automotive industry. Titanium is light, it’s very strong, and it’s expensive. Titanium shafts might also be used in high-performance industrial machinery. In all of the cases, a good shaft polishing session is mandatory.

To polish titanium shafts, invest in a centrifugal barrel finishing machine from Inovatec. Titanium is an expensive metal. So, you shouldn’t cheap out on the polishing equipment or media.

Automotive racing is a very popular sport all over the world. The adrenaline rush people get from racing is amazing. The racing industry uses a lot of steel shafts to strengthen the engine and other components so that they can take the abuse.

Polishing racing steel shafts is very easy. Just get yourself a rotary barrel finisher and let it run for a day or two. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Mechanical shafts are also a very important part of a variety of industries. These parts pack a lot of strength and they need proper polishing to shine their strength.

Mechanical shafts are usually long parts. There’s no better alternative to a tub vibratory finisher from Inovatec to get the best out of mechanical shaft polishing. You can use a centrifugal barrel finishing machine if your budget allows you.

Gear shafts go through a lot of abuse every day. From absorbing all power and heat, the internal structure of the shafts is supposed to get weakened. But it doesn’t. Why? It’s because of the polishing.

Polishing gear shafts is one of the most common mass finishing operations. Just use a centrifugal barrel finisher or a vibratory finisher for your polishing needs.

Shafts are made from all kinds of metals. Aluminum is one of them and it’s a great choice for shafts. Aluminum is a lightweight material and it has a lot of strength as well. Aluminum shafts offer the perfect balance between performance and reliability.

Shaft Polishing Media

There is a lot of confusion out there regarding polishing media. When in reality, it’s really easy to select and use polishing media. The same goes for shaft polishing media as well. Plastic and porcelain are the best polishing media. You can try different sizes and shapes to see what works best for you.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Manufacturer in Mass Finishing Equipment and Media
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  • Gear shafts, transmission shafts, racing shafts, and other shaft polishing
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the minimum order quantity for shaft polishing media and equipment?

Answer: As for the machines, you have to order a minimum of 1 piece. And for the media, the minimum order quantity is 500kg.

2. How long do you need to manufacture a shaft polishing machine?

Answer: It usually takes 15-20 days to manufacture mass finishing equipment. We can ship it right away if we have equipment in stock. If not, we request you to wait patiently.

3. Should I trust Inovatec Machinery?

Answer: We have testimonials from all over the world. A lot of industries in Taiwan, Hongkong, etc. countries use our mass finishing equipment as their primary machines.

4. What are the payment terms?

Answer: You are requested to pay 30% of the original sum when ordering. You must pay the rest before we ship it to you.

5. Should I go for a centrifugal machine?

Answer: Centrifugal barrel finishing machines work great in shaft polishing. If you have the budget, we definitely request you to invest in one.

Shaft Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Shafts are primary devices that you cannot live without. Almost every machine uses at least one shaft to transmit power.

These shafts must undergo polishing before installation. There are a few machines that do not require shafts.

Now, to work effectively, shafts must be polished to the highest degree, to avoid rapid wear or even surface breakages.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to polish shafts effectively
  • The benefits of polishing shafts
  • The advantages of using mass finishing machines to polish shafts

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. Which machine is ideal for polishing shafts?

Now, four primary mass polishing machines are ideal for polishing shafts.


Check this out:

The first machine is the circular vibratory finishing machine, which is generally an exceptional machine for mass polishing.


vibratory deburring machine ready for export

Figure 1 – Circular Vibratory Tumbler

It has a polishing bowl where you put your target shafts, polishing media, and polishing compounds.

It completes the polishing process rapidly because of its robust motor.

This machine polishes by vigorously shaking its tub to generate friction necessary for the success of the process.

The second mass finishing machine is the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

This machine works by using centrifugal forces to its advantage.

Keep reading this article to find out more about the centrifugal barrel finisher.

The third mass finishing machine for shaft polishing is the rotary barrel tumbler.

This machine polishes interestingly. Keep reading this article, yet again, to find out more about it.

The fourth and last recommended machine for shaft polishing is the tub (linear) vibratory finishing machine.


rectangular linear tub vibratory tumbling finishing machine

Figure 2 – Linear Vibratory Tumbler

It has the same working principles as the circular vibratory finishing machine, only that its shape is different.

The tub vibratory finishing machine is ideal for exceptionally long shafts that cannot fit in the other machines.

This machine’s structure is also sturdy – a design aiming to facilitate heavier loads of shafts.


Bottom line:

Mass finishing machines are the ideal way of polishing your shafts efficiently and effectively.

2. What polishing media can I use for polishing?

Now, there are two kinds of polishing media that you can use for shaft polishing.

The first type is the porcelain polishing media.


Figure 3 – Porcelain Polishing Media

It is a robust polishing media, with particles of ceramic media present in it.

It is, however, not highly aggressive – making it ideal for the shaft polishing process.

With porcelain polishing media, you can achieve that sleek and shiny look that you desire.

The second polishing media that you can use is plastic (synthetic) polishing media.


plastic media vibratory finishing and deburring

Figure 4 – Plastic Polishing Media


Plastic abrasives are popularly used nowadays. They are popular because of two primary reasons:

The first reason is that they are lighter than porcelain polishing media.

Its lightweight characteristic is beneficial because your machine uses lesser energy to polish your shafts.

The second reason is that they neither crack nor chip under pressure.

The only downside of using synthetic abrasives is that they cannot give your shafts the shiny look that you desire.

Both plastic and porcelain polishing media come in different shapes and sizes.

These dynamics are necessary for effective polishing of every inch of your shafts – including the most intricate corners.

You should always ensure that you’ve selected the correct polishing media size.

When you select an overly large polishing media, it ends up lodging in your shafts’ cavities.

Also, when you use an overly small polishing media, it will pass through your cavities without cleaning them well.

It is thus imperative to select the correct size and shape of your abrasives.

3. How can I remove rust from my racing steel shafts?

Now, getting rid of rust on the surfaces of shafts is not the most straightforward activity.


Figure 6 - Rusty Camshaft

Figure 5 – Rusty Shaft

If your shaft is heavily corroded with rust, you will have to spend more time and energy cleaning it.

A vibratory polish should do it.

You can use either a circular vibratory tumbler or even a tub vibratory tumbler, depending on the size of your shaft.

For heavily corroded shafts, porcelain media will be highly effective.

You can also use polishing compounds to enhance the polishing process.

Also, if you do not have a strict budget, you can opt for a centrifugal barrel finisher.

It polishes way faster than the vibratory tumbler.

4. How does the centrifugal barrel finisher polish shafts?

A centrifugal barrel finisher uses centrifugal forces to its advantage.


Figure 2 - Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

Figure 6 – Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

It has four barrels affixed to one flywheel. Both the barrels and the flywheel rotate to increase centrifugal forces.

The unique thing, however, is how they rotate.

The flywheel and the barrels rotate in opposite directions respectively.

You can control the machine by using its control console which is relatively easy to use.

You can set the optimum rotating speed for polishing shafts as well as the recommended polishing duration.


5. What is the process of polishing shafts using a rotary tumbler?

Now, the rotary barrel tumbler is the oldest form of mass polishing known to man.

When using this machine, you put your target shafts, polishing media, and polishing compounds inside the rotating barrel.

Now, the barrel has an interesting and unique shape. It is either hexagonal or octagonal.


Pebble stone polishing machineRotary barrel tumbler design

Figure 7 – Rotary Barrel Tumbler

This shape aims at enhancing the polishing process.


Check this out:

If the barrel is circular, the polishing process would not be as effective and as efficient as it is with this unique shape design.

This barrel rotates at a predetermined speed.

It spins too quickly; centrifugal forces will take over and no polishing activity will take place.

Your shafts, polishing media, and polishing compounds will just cling to the walls of the barrel.

Contrary to that, when the barrel spins too slowly, there will be no polishing action yet again.

The process will be uneconomical because it will take a significant amount of time to complete.

Also, the process will be inefficient because there isn’t much rubbing action between the shafts and polishing media surfaces.


6. How long does it take to polish shafts?

When polishing shafts, the duration of the process depends on three primary factors.

The first primary factor is the level of corrosion present on the surface of the shafts.

Heavily corroded shafts will automatically take more time and energy to polish.

The second primary factor is the polishing machine and polishing media you choose to use.

Choosing a vibratory finish over a rotary finish will automatically reduce the time spent during the polishing process.

Similarly, opting for a centrifugal finish over a vibratory finish automatically reduces the time spent during the polishing process.

The third primary factor is the way you decide to handle your machine during the polishing process.

If you choose to hasten the process by setting a high polishing speed, you will not have an impressive finish.

The same thing goes if you set the speed too slow.


Bottom line:

Your decisions significantly influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the polishing process.

It also has a great impact on the length of the process.


7. What are the benefits of polishing shafts?

There are three primary benefits of polishing your shafts:

The first benefit is that polishing makes your shafts stronger by getting rid of corrosive agents such as rust.

These corrosive agents weaken your shafts, therefore reducing their lifespan.

The second benefit is that polishing shafts’ surfaces makes them more appealing to the eye.

It also makes it easier to install into machines.

The third benefit is that it makes power transmission more effective and efficient.

When you polish your shaft, you get rid of small burrs that make your gears wear out quickly.

They also cause miscalculation of dimensions, which could lead to serious injuries from accidents.


Bottom line:

Polishing shafts is imperative before installation.


8. What are the advantages of using mass finishing machines to polish shafts?

Polishing your shafts using mass finishing machines have undoubted advantages.

The first advantage is that you get a sleek uniform polish.

Mass finishing machines polish uniformly, without altering your shafts’ dimensions.

They polish even the most intricate corners and pockets.

The second benefit is that you get to polish many shafts at the same time.

Mass polishing saves a lot of time and energy.


The third benefit is that using these machines is not hard. They also do not require any supervision.

You can issue commands using the machines’ control consoles to set the working duration and speed.

The last advantage of using mass finishing machines is that you do not have to separate parts manually.

These machines have techniques that aid you to separate your polishing media and parts.

For example, the vibratory finishing machine has a separating sieve that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of polishing media.


Bottom line:

Using mass finishing machines is way advantageous than using any other polishing method.

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