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You can replace the traditional method of blasting with the water blasting machine from Inovatec Machinery. All those businesses that were using the traditional method found this machine very useful.

The spray gun uses compressed air to accelerate the flow of the grinding fluid through the nozzle of the spray gun. It helps to prepare the material surface.

A grinding fluid pump is used in the case of the vapor sandblasting machine. The compressed air helps to provide more pressure to the grinding fluid.

Inovatec wet sand blasting machine

A dedicated pump is used to feed the grinding fluid into the wet vapor blasting machine. After completing the feeding procedure, this pump also helps to create an even mixture of abrasives. The pump passes this mixture to the spray gun after proper mixing.

The compressed air is passed on to the spray gun through the air pipe. It helps to provide the necessary acceleration for the grinding fluid to carry out the blasting process.

Inovatec dry sand blasting machine

Compressed air helps to blast the surface of the alloy wheels with the abrasives. The abrasives get pushed out to the wheel surface due to the high pressure created by the compressed air. It is recommended to use a sandblasting cabinet for alloy wheels. The heavy-duty dust extractor in the machine is responsible for the collection of all the dust generated during the process.

There are two types of dry sand blast machines. They are pressure blast cabinets and suction blast cabinets.

Optional Design & Setting

To make the process of vapor blasting more convenient, you can consider investing in the gun holder. It will allow you to place the spray gun in the desired position inside the vapor blasting chamber. Thus, you can simplify the whole vapor blasting process with the help of this gun frame. We recommend using a dedicated gun holder in the sand blasting cabinet for alloy wheels.

We strongly recommend using a turntable for vapor blasting large parts. This turntable can handle loads in the range of 60 kg to 200 kg. We also provide various customization on the turntable according to customer requirements.

It is easy to load and unload heavy parts in the wet vapor blasting machine with the help of a cart. We offer both manual as well as electric versions of the cart.

The Hydro Cyclone setup can help to separate the water from the abrasive media. It is capable of removing up to 90 percent of water from the mixture. It will help to accelerate the change of abrasives and emptying of the machine.

Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

The efficiency in the processing and repairing of alloy wheels improved with the help of the single pieces of slant bed lathe. The chip build-up in the wheel will be reduced with the help of the horizontal structure of the lathe. It helps to avoid the swarf marring on the surface during the process.

The large capacity of the lathe machine enables it to process even a 30-inch wheel. Many additional features were added to the wheel CNC lathe machine to enhance the overall efficiency. It includes the strong coolant flow feature.

Inovatec Machinery - Top Quality Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer & Supplier from China
  • Reduced consumption rate with the use of recycled abrasives
  • Long Service life for the main components
  • Possible to bring down the blasting roughness with proper media selection
  • Less dust pollution and help to provide a safe working environment
Frequently Asked Question
1. What’s the delivery time?

5-10 work days after receiving the client’s payment

2. What’s the package way?

Wooden box packaging that is suitable for sea shipment export.

3. Do you have any timely technology supports?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, or online chat (GoogleTalk, MSN, skype, yahoo…).

4. What’s the payment method?


5. How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

At first, our package is standard for shipping, before packing, we will confirm the product is undamaged, otherwise, please contact within 2 days. Because we’ve bought insurance for you, we or the shipping company will be responsible!

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