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You can replace the traditional method of blasting with the water blasting machine from Inovatec Machinery. All those businesses that were using the traditional method found this machine very useful.

The spray gun uses compressed air to accelerate the flow of the grinding fluid through the nozzle of the spray gun. It helps to prepare the material surface.

A grinding fluid pump is used in the case of the vapor sandblasting machine. The compressed air helps to provide more pressure to the grinding fluid.

Inovatec wet sand blasting machine

A dedicated pump is used to feed the grinding fluid into the wet vapor blasting machine. After completing the feeding procedure, this pump also helps to create an even mixture of abrasives. The pump passes this mixture to the spray gun after proper mixing.

The compressed air is passed on to the spray gun through the air pipe. It helps to provide the necessary acceleration for the grinding fluid to carry out the blasting process.

Inovatec dry sand blasting machine

Compressed air helps to blast the surface of the alloy wheels with the abrasives. The abrasives get pushed out to the wheel surface due to the high pressure created by the compressed air. It is recommended to use a sandblasting cabinet for alloy wheels. The heavy-duty dust extractor in the machine is responsible for the collection of all the dust generated during the process.

There are two types of dry sand blast machines. They are pressure blast cabinets and suction blast cabinets.

Optional Design & Setting

To make the process of vapor blasting more convenient, you can consider investing in the gun holder. It will allow you to place the spray gun in the desired position inside the vapor blasting chamber. Thus, you can simplify the whole vapor blasting process with the help of this gun frame. We recommend using a dedicated gun holder in the sand blasting cabinet for alloy wheels.

We strongly recommend using a turntable for vapor blasting large parts. This turntable can handle loads in the range of 60 kg to 200 kg. We also provide various customization on the turntable according to customer requirements.

It is easy to load and unload heavy parts in the wet vapor blasting machine with the help of a cart. We offer both manual as well as electric versions of the cart.

The Hydro Cyclone setup can help to separate the water from the abrasive media. It is capable of removing up to 90 percent of water from the mixture. It will help to accelerate the change of abrasives and emptying of the machine.

Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

The efficiency in the processing and repairing of alloy wheels improved with the help of the single pieces of slant bed lathe. The chip build-up in the wheel will be reduced with the help of the horizontal structure of the lathe. It helps to avoid the swarf marring on the surface during the process.

The large capacity of the lathe machine enables it to process even a 30-inch wheel. Many additional features were added to the wheel CNC lathe machine to enhance the overall efficiency. It includes the strong coolant flow feature.

Inovatec Machinery - Top Quality Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer & Supplier from China
  • Reduced consumption rate with the use of recycled abrasives
  • Long Service life for the main components
  • Possible to bring down the blasting roughness with proper media selection
  • Less dust pollution and help to provide a safe working environment
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5-10 work days after receiving the client’s payment

2. What’s the package way?

Wooden box packaging that is suitable for sea shipment export.

3. Do you have any timely technology supports?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, or online chat (GoogleTalk, MSN, skype, yahoo…).

4. What’s the payment method?


5. How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

At first, our package is standard for shipping, before packing, we will confirm the product is undamaged, otherwise, please contact within 2 days. Because we’ve bought insurance for you, we or the shipping company will be responsible!

Frequently Asked Question on Sand Blasting Cabinets

If you want to get a sandblasting cabinet or have questions about sandblasting cabinets, here are some answers to frequently asked questions on Sand Blasting Cabinets.

1. What is a sand blast cabinet used for?

A sand blast cabinet is a sandblasting machine used to smoothen rough surfaces, remove imperfections from a metal wheel, and give a perfect and smooth wheel or metal. The sandblast cabinet uses sand or any other abrasive blasting material to achieve this. The sand blasting cabinets can remove impairments, rough surfaces, rust paints, strip coatings, etc., from the wheel’s surface.

sand blasting machine 1
sand blasting machine 1


The sand blast cabinet is also called an abrasive or media blast cabinet. At first, sand blast machines used only sand as the abrasive media for removing impurities, which is why it was named sand blast cabinet. However, now, any abrasive media form can be used to achieve the same purpose. Other blasting abrasives are metal shots and glass beads.


The sandblast cabinet is a metal cabinet with windows, an opening, and attached gloves that enable you to carry out sandblasting on the metal. The sandblast is usually enclosed during the sandblasting process to prevent the abrasion media from flying around due to pressure.


The sandblast cabinet system includes the sandblasting cabinet, air source, blasting system, and dust collector. The sandblasting cabinet holds the wheel while it is being sandblasted, the blasting system is the sand or abrasive system, and it does the sandblasting work; the air source maintains the pressure in the system during the sandblasting process. The dust collector collects dust and remains from the process.

2. How Can You Improve Sandblasting Cabinets?

After using the sandblasting cabinet for a while, you might notice that it is not as efficient as it was. The reduced efficiency might be due to contaminated air getting into the sandblasting cabinet through the air inlet.  So, ensure the air compressor and inlet are clean and free of contaminants that can affect the sandblasting process.


Also, you can have a water-oil connector on the air inlet. The connector prevents water humidity from getting into the gun. If the water humidity gets into the gun, it can reduce air pressure during the sandblasting process, reducing the cabinet’s efficiency.

sand blasting machine 6
sand blasting machine 6


The air pressure is a primary factor in the sandblast cabinet work efficiency, so increase the air pressure for more efficiency.  Connect the sandblast pot with the air inlet that is 5 times larger than the sandblast nozzle.


The reduced efficiency can also be due to poor visibility. During the sandblasting process, dust and debris fly around, leading to poor visibility. Clean the surface of the parts to get rid of the dust. Then increase the dust collector CFM blower. After increasing it, it will collect dust faster and more efficiently, leading to more visibility.

3. What PSI should I run my blast cabinet?

For optimum efficiency of the sandblast cabinet, you should run it at a minimum of 100 PSI with any abrasive medium. Working at a lower PSI might mean less efficiency and more time on the project.


But when determining the PSI, the tank size is essential. For a nozzle that is rated under 20 CFM, you can use a compressor at 35 CFM and 90 PSI. the machine usually puts the PSI between 60 – 90 PSI which is also appropriate depending on your nozzle size. The more the CFM per pressure, the more efficient the abrasive media works.

sand blasting machine 2
sand blasting machine 2


Using a large nozzle with a small car part, you can get off by putting it at a high PSI. However, you have to ensure there is an efficient air dryer to keep the sand dry during the process.

4. How do I choose a good wheel sandblasting cabinet?

Here are some factors to consider to help you choose a good wheel sandblasting cabinet.

1.    Type of blast cabinet

A sandblasting cabinet can deliver the blasting media through a suction or pressure nozzle. The suction nozzle delivers the blast media with the force of air created by the abrasive media. While the pressure nozzle uses pressurised air to deliver the abrasive media. And even though suction nozzle sandblasting cabinets are cheaper, they are not as effective nor efficient as pressure blast cabinets.

2.    Wet or Dry Sand Blast Cabinet

Both blast cabinets are good, depending on your preference. The dry sand blast cabinet is more durable and requires less maintenance; however, it generates lots of heat and can cause impregnation of the substrate surface. The wet sandblast cabinet is the opposite. The wet blast cabinet is also durable but not as much as the dry blast cabinet.

sand blasting machine 3
sand blasting machine 3


3.    Use

If you are using the sandblasting system for hobbyist options, there are suction cabinets that will work well and are less expensive than the pressure cabinets. And if it is for light use, there are suitable sandblasting cabinets.


Contact Innovatec to request a quote and recommend the best sandblasting cabinet according to your need.

5. How Do I Use Innovatec Sandblasting cabinet?

If you just got the Innovatec sandblasting cabinet, you might need to assemble it before you start using it.

  • Assemble the air nozzle components.
  • Attach the result you get to the gun.
  • Attach the siphon hose to the bottom area of the power head.
  • Put the wheels you want to blast into the blasting cabinet
  • Secure the cabinet to ensure no air can go through the door.
  • Plug the cord into the light output and turn on the cabinet light switch.
  • Switch on the blaster
  • Put your hands into the gloves and logs on the foot pedal.
  • Sandblast the material
  • When you are done, remove your hands from the glove compartment and turn off the blasting machine.
  • Dissemble the components that you put together.
sand blasting machine 5
sand blasting machine 5


To use the Innovatec vapor blasting machine, follow these steps.

  • Use the dedicated pump to fill the grinding machine with the grinding fluid
  • Pass compressed air into the spray gun.
  • Turn on the sandblasting machine and sandblast the material
  1. S. To make it more convenient to work with the vapor blasting machine, consider getting a gun holder. Contact us for more information.

6. Will Sandblasting damage aluminum?

Sandblasting will not damage aluminum if you use the right method and abrasive media. If you are sandblasting aluminum, you should not use any steel-based blast media because it will cause impregnation on the aluminum surface, leading to corrosion.


Also, sandblasting with sand can harden the aluminum and cause scratches and dents on its surfaces. You can use a blasting media like walnut shells. Blasting with sodium bicarbonate is also not advised as it dulls the aluminum surface.

sand blasting machine 7
sand blasting machine 7


The best sandblasting method for aluminum is using a dry sandblasting cabinet. If you use a wet sandblasting cabinet, it takes more time to sandblast the aluminum wheel, and although it works, you will have to paint it quickly. Using a wet sandblasting leaves chances for oxidation, especially if you do not coat it immediately.


Another thing to take note of while sandblasting aluminum is the PSI. Aluminum is usually used in thinner thickness making, so blasting it can cause warping. To prevent warping, blast it at 50 – 60 PSI pressure. To be sure, start at the lowest pressure and increase it if it shows no effect.


To prevent damaging the aluminum, you can do a spot test to know the end result. With the test, you will know the right blasting tool, material, and pressure to use.

7. How do you set up a wheel sand blasting cabinet?

The Innovatec sandblasting cabinet is easy to set up, and these are the simple steps.

  • If you are just using it, you will need to install the window to the blast cabinet.
  • There is a cord in the lightbox. Plug it into power when you are ready to start the sandblast process.
  • Hook the dust collector to extract all the dust generated during the process.
  • Then connect the dust collector to the compressed air supply
  • Add the abrasive blast media bag to the sump
  • Then connect everything to the cabinet
  • Set the blasting pressure to 60 to 90 PSI.
sand blasting machine 8
sand blasting machine 8


If you want to buy a suitable sandblasting machine, reach out to us. Innovatec sells the right sandblasting equipment to solve your problems.

8. Is wet blasting better than dry blasting?

Both blasting processes are good, depending on your preference. Dry blasting is different from wet blasting in that it does not use water or any liquid. Wet-blasting mixed the dry blast media with water to give a smoother finish.

Pros of Wet Blasting

  • It does not produce much dust because of its use of water
  • You will require less abrasive because the water helps it produce a higher force amount.
  • You can blast and clean the surface simultaneously. So, there is no need to remove fragments after blasting.
  • Wet blasting does not cause a spark. Sparkling in dry blasting can lead to fire and explosion.

Cons of Wet Blasting

  • It is heavier than dry abrasion because the water mixed with abrasive media material will need to be removed.
  • It costs more because of the water pumping, mixing, containment, and drainage cost.
  • The mist of the water reduced visibility.
  • It requires a large amount of water
sand blasting machine 9
sand blasting machine 9

Pros of Dry blasting

  • It is more efficient, especially in dealing with corrosion, mill scale, old coatings, etc.
  • It is less costly as you have limited waste to deal with
  • Dry blasting does not involve many processes and requires less equipment.

Cons of Dry Blasting

  • Dust waste can cause allergic reactions and be harmful to health.
  • The static buildup the process creates can cause sparks which can lead to fire and explosion.


Choosing the better system between the two depends on your preference and the material you are blasting, but the water vapor blasting machine has more pros. The use of wet vapor blasting has been made easier with the hydro cyclone, which helps separate 90% of the water produced from the sandblasting process. Contact us to get a quote for the wet vapor blasting machine.

9. How much does it cost to sandblast and powder coat wheels?

It costs at least $50 to sandblast an ally 17 inches rims and $75 to powder coat the rims. The cost of sandblasting and powder coating the rims depends on the rim type, size, complexity, and materials used. The cost of sandblasting and powder coating rims is between $1000 and $1500. If you do the two simultaneously, you might get it at a reduced price.


Often, people do not want to sandblast and powder coat the wheels simultaneously because of the cost, but doing the two yields the best result. Though it is not compulsory to sandblast before powder coating the wheel, it is just a form of prepping the wheel. The wheel has to be bare and clean before the powder coating process, and the best way to do that is via the sandblasting process. And if you sandblast before powder coating, the powder coat will last longer.

10. Can a sandblasting cabinet restore a corroded aluminum wheel?

A sandblasting cabinet can restore a corroded aluminum wheel. Sandblasting is an effective way to remove corrosion from metal, and an aluminum wheel is no different. For this sandblasting process, it is best to use a dry sandblasting system. If the wet blasting cabinet is not used properly, you might end up causing more corrosion to the aluminum wheel.


To remove the rust with the sandblasting process, you go through similar steps as sandblasting other materials. Propel the abrasive media with the nozzle pointed at the aluminum wheel; this process breaks down and removes the rust.


While restoring a corroded aluminium wheel, you can use any sandblasting media. However, you have to be cautious because using sand might be harmful. Also, using media like garnet can cause more harm. Garnet has underlying materials which, when used on aluminum, will leave embedded particles. The embedded particles can lead to a rust bloom.  This also happens with steel grits as the steel causes impregnation of the aluminum wheel leading to corrosion.


After sandblasting the corroded aluminum and getting a rust-free wheel, you will still need to polish the wheel to get the perfect result.

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