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  • Supplied media to Bosch, Swatch, Toyota, Honda
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  • Performance reporting and pre-shipment inspection
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Mass Finishing Tumbling Media Manufacturer in China

Tumbling media also called vibratory finishing media or mass finishing media. It works as consumables in mass finishing machines as an agent for parts deburring, polishing, cleaning, de-rusting, deflashing, and burnishing. According to materials, tumbling media includes ceramic tumbling media, plastic tumbling media, natural tumbling media, and stainless steel tumbling media.

1. Ceramic tumbling media

Ceramic tumbling media is perfect for metal parts deburring, edge breaking, and de-flashing. It is also the best tumbler media for rust removal.

2. Plastic tumbling media

Plastic tumbling media can be used for tumbling aluminum machined parts without lodging or distorting the surface.

3. Porcelain media

Porcelain tumbling media is a good tumbling media for plastic and metal parts without material removal nor surface hardening.

4. Steel tumbling media

Stainless steel tumbling media burnishes casting parts and achieve maximum luster for decoration in a short time. Inovatec offers you the best stainless steel tumbling media.

5. High density tumbling media

High density tumbling media is ideal for light deburring and polishing in one process. It is also perfect for isotropic finishing.

6. 3P granule tumbling media

3P granule tumbling media is the random shaped aluminum oxide tumbling media that removes tools marks and create internal radii.

Optional Design & Setting

LC-13 is a vibratory deburring compound used with ceramic media or plastic media deburring ferrous and non-ferrous parts.

MC-8 is a rust-inhibiting chemical that prevents iron parts from corrosion after soaking in the solvent.

HM-3 is a polishing compound ideal for tumbling brass, aluminum, copper, and precious metal polishing.

HX-0 is the cleaning compound that’s effective in vibratory finishing degreasing and dirt removal.

HM-7C-A is an acidic compound used in an industrial vibratory tumbler machine. It maintains a highly reflective finishing on steel parts.

HM-P is the polishing slurry used for dry polishing. It functions together with walnut shell media.

Mass Finishing Machine

From metals to plastics, Inovatec vibratory finishing machines and high energy surface finishing machines are versatile. We produce the exact finish that your parts require.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Tumbling Media Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Wide variety of ceramic, plastic, and steel vibratory media
  • A comprehensive range of shapes and sizes to fit your unique need
  • Batch to batch, always the same quality
  • Affordable tumbling media that reduce 60% operational costs
Frequently Asked Questions
How is the quality of your tumbling media?

All of our products are CE certificated with quality inspection before shipment. Also are manufactured strictly according to the national and international standards, and we make wearing and cutting tests on every batch before delivery.

How about the price?

We have our factory and can give you a competitive price.

What packaging do you use?

Our industrial media tumbler machines are packed in a wooden fumigation pallet. Media are packaged in 25kg or 50lbs one plastic woven bag. We wrap forty bags in one pallet.

What kind of payment method?

Usually, 30% advance payment and the remaining 70% be paid before delivery.

100% spot letter of credit if large orders.

If it is the first cooperation, we can trade through Paypal.

You can check the goods at any time before shipment.

When is your delivery date?

The tumbling media production cycle is 15-25 days.

If it is an urgent order, we can get it ready within two weeks.

Tumbling Media Information & Introduction

Did you search the right tumbler medium for mass finishing?

Inovatec is a company that has a full range of tumbler media including ceramic media, plastic media, natural tumbling media as well as steel tumbling media. Tumbler media is available from light cutting to heavy cutting.

We have 20 years’ industrial experience to support you in choosing the right media for the right finish.

Whether you have sturdy forgings, 3D printed parts, laser cutting metal parts, or aluminum machining parts, we have the right solution to get the perfect finish for you.

tumbling media selection

Inovatec abrasive tumbling medium makes strict quality control in every step of manufacturing.

From raw material that comes into the warehouse, we do sampling and keep records.

When the product is ready, we measure the media size and shape. Make sure the dimension is appropriate.

Tumbling media wearing and cutting are the key parameters. If media wearing is too high or cutting is too low, and out of the range, we may not ship the media to customers.

tumbling media manufacturing (1)

Every batch of media is pre-tumbled (self-tumbling) to remove burrs, flashes, and improve surface smoothness.

Before tumbler media packaging, we do a manual inspection. The media that are deformed, oversized, or undersized will be sieved out with the automatic sorting machine.

Inovatec tumbling abrasive media is not only superior in quality control but also cost-effective.

We do OEM service for mass finishing service providers all over the world with customer logo and packaging.

Our wet tumbling media meet German standards with only a fraction cost.

Certified with ISO 9001 standard, Inovatec parts tumbler media is now well received by the user throughout the world.

tumbling media unloading

If you know what product you are searching for, you can check our product catalogue for the right type of tumbling media.

If you don’t know what product you are looking for, but know what types of finish you prefer, you can contact us and send the parts with the expected finish.

We will do free sample processes and lab testing for you.

Please call us or email us today and get the fast quote now!

Tumbling Media FAQ Guide

1. What is tumbling media?

The preformed media used in the tumbling process which removes the unwanted material from the parts are known as tumbling media.

It’s a rigid abrasive infused with a bonding agent that keeps the abrasive properties of the media intact.

Various types of tumbling media

2. What is the difference between tumbling and vibratory media?

Essentially, they are the same thing.

Any media used in a vibratory industrial tumbler machine is tumbling media.

There are no specific media known as the vibratory media.

3. What is the difference between tumbling and deburring media?

Again, they don’t fall into the same category.

A tumbling media can perform a variety of actions like deburring, polishing, cleaning and so on.

A deburring media is a type of tumbling media that deburrs excess material.

4. When do I need tumbling media?

Tumbling media is used with media tumblers.

It can be vibratory tumblers, industrial barrel tumbler deburring machines, centrifugal finishing machines or anything of that sort.

You need tumbling media when you need to deburr, polish or clean your part surface.

rectangular vibratory finishing machine with dividers

5. How long does tumbling media last?

It’s not possible to answer that question.

Different types of tumbling media will last for different durations.

The main factors would be the media you are using, the parts you are finishing, and the size of the tumbler.

A rule of thumb is as long as you think you are getting your desired finish, you can keep using the tumbling media.

testing and inspections (1)

6. How to choose the right tumbling media?

Answer: Choosing the right tumbling for the right task is probably the most important step in tumbling.

For example, you need large tumbling media if you need a rapid cut.

You’ll get more rounded edges as well, and it’s not suitable if you’re going for a smooth surface.

On the other hand, using small tumbling media will take longer but will result in a finer finish.

Then there are shapes. Shapes influence the tumbling machine process drastically.

The most common forms of tumbling media are triangular media, angle cut cylinders, and so on.

prevent parts lodging vibratory finishing

7. How to use tumbling media?

To perform a tumbling operation, you’ll need a tumbler, media, lubricating agent, polishing agent, etc.

The procedure is very straightforward. You load up your tumbler with the parts and preferred media and start the action.

In most cases, you need to use a lubricating agent like water to keep the debris from flying out and protecting the media.

Once you get your desired outcome, you can stop the tumbling and unload your tumbler.

Polishing gears reduces wear and increases power trough tub vibratory finishing

8. What does tumbling media do?

Answer: Tumbling media performs a variety of activities.

  • Cushions the parts to protect them from damage
  • Keeps the parts separate from each other
  • Aids the tumbling process
  • Works as abrasives
  • Deburrs, cleans and protects against damage
  • Serves the carrier for the waste material

ceramic media polishing porcelain tumbling media

9. What should the abrasiveness be of my tumbling media?

The finer the media, the finer the surface.

It’s as simple as that. Rough and abrasive media offer great deburring properties.

Less abrasive media will take longer to tumble but it will provide you with a more consistent and smooth finish.

ceramic deburring media

10. Can I use tumbling media on plastic products?

Yes, of course. You’ll need a special type of tumbling media designed for plastic tumbling.

Tumbling plastic products can take up to 16 hours of time.

tumbling media for plastic part

11. Can I use tumbling media in wooden products?

Answer: It’s possible though not very common.

Wood usually needs dry tumbling to get the smoothness.

You can use walnut shell tumbling media or corn cob tumbling media in this case.

You can use coarse or fine walnut media depending on the amount of material removal from the part surface.

Corn cob media is also available in different sizes.

12. What are some good tumbling media brands?

When it comes to the quality of tumbling media, there is no other brand that can beat Inovatec Machinery.

We have over 20 years of experience in the mass finishing industry and we’re the largest media manufacturer.

We recommend you evaluate our quality first and then decide which tumbling media to choose.

13. How much vibratory tumbler media do I need?

There is no golden ratio when the smoothness of your parts is at stake.

It highly depends on the type of media, the size of the media, the shape of the media, and so on.

A good rule of thumb is three parts media with one part workpiece.

This 3:1 ratio usually provides the best tumbling results.


14. Can I tumble anodized aluminum?

Tumbling anodized aluminum might defeat the purpose of anodizing it in the first place.

But there are cases where people have tumbled anodized aluminum with stainless steel tumbling media for up to six hours.

As for our recommendation, it’s better to tumble before anodizing.

If you absolutely have to, you can use light tumbling media like corn cob or walnut.

Inovatec offers a wide variety of tumbling media for aluminum parts.

aluminum parts before and after deburring

15. How to use tumbling media more efficiently?

Choosing the right media will automatically prolong the life of your tumbling media.

Using the right shape and size for the task will ensure that the bonding agent is working properly to keep the abrasives powerful.

Otherwise, nothing stops your tumbling media from wearing out prematurely.

16. How long should I tumble my products?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question as well.

Tumbling can take anywhere from an hour to even days.

It really depends on the media you are using, the part you are finishing, and your ultimate goal.

For example, plastic parts need less tumbling in general where rocks can take days to come to a proper shape.

vibratory finishing cleaning and polishing

17. Is tumbling media expensive?

The answer is yes and no at the same time.

Good quality tumbling media is obviously a little expensive than cheap mediocre tumbling media.

But you’re already saving a lot of time and money by using the industrial part tumbler machines instead of your hands.

So, why not invest in good tumbling media as Inovatec Machinery provides?

18. Is cheap tumbling media any good?

Answer: It’s good in the sense that it does what it’s supposed to.

Any tumbling media will deburr and polish the parts.

But the final result is going to be noticeably different from a good tumbling media. And we mean worse.

19. My parts are getting damaged? What should I do?

The most obvious cause would be the wrong choice of media.

You might have chosen too big of a media to tumble your parts.

The shape of the media can be another issue.

To overcome, consult a professional or do small batches to figure out the right media for your parts.

The media-to-part ratio is another important aspect of tumbling.

If you accidentally use too many tumbling media in the tumbler, the results are not going to be pretty.

plastic media vibratory finishing and deburring

20. Why my batch is taking so long to process?

The problem might be your tumbling media.

Ask yourself how long have you been using the media.

If the media has lost its abrasive properties, it will take hours and hours without generating any results.

Another probable cause is the ratio.

If you’re using too few media in the tumbler, it’ll take much longer to process.

Try and figure out where the problem lies first.

21. Do I wet the media?

Nowadays, wet tumbling is the way to go.

There was a time when dry tumbling was popular.

People used sand or walnut media to carry the excess material away.

But now, the most popular tumbling process is a wet process.

plastic medai vibratory finishing

22. What do I use to wet the media?

Simply, water. You can use cleaning solutions as well but that’s not necessary for most common operations.

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