Bosch Rexroth Inverter Variable Speed Converter

Bosch Rexroth VFC3610 is the economic speed control system built to adjust vibratory finishing machine vibration amplitude. It offers more flexibility in rolling and tumbling.

Compact Mechanical Design and Space Saving


Easy to Operate

  • Standard LED operation panel, LCD operation panel optional
  • Quickstart menu, easy debugging, optional Bluetooth adapter, convenient for mobile client connection
  • Removable operation panel, support parameter copy, and cabinet door installation
  • Pluggable I / O section for easy installation and maintenance
  • 2 expansion slots for communication and I / O expansion
  • 22kW or less, built-in braking unit
  • No tools required to remove the cooling fan
  • PNP / NPN wiring method
  • Stable for a long time running


Powerful Functions

  • Heavy/light load optional
  • Low-frequency oscillation suppression technology and speed tracking start
  • Reverse disable, low voltage ride through and wobble frequency function
  • Wake up sleep: Built-in counter and energy-saving calculator
  • Pulse input (50 kHz) and pulse output (32 kHz)
  • 24V auxiliary power max 100 mA (within 22 kW)
  • Standard Modbus RTU
  • Quick commissioning and software updates via debug software (can be connected to the computer via mini USB port)
  • Wide application for voltage all over the world: EU 380V 50HZ, USA 440-440V 60HZ as well as other voltages can be set


Bosch Rexroth Speed Converter Installation Details

Bosch Rexroth Speed converter installation details


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