Car Wheel Plunge Grinding and Polishing Machine

Car Wheel Plunge Machine Introduction

Plunge finishing machine offers considerable cost savings compared to manual deburring. Even more important, it produces consistent, repeatable finishing results that offer longer uptimes for alumina car wheels, motor wheels, and for heavy truck wheels.

Compared with a standard vibratory wheel polishing machine, the plunge finishing machine can greatly reduce grinding and polishing times which improves productivity for production.

wheel polishing before and after

Car Wheel Plunge Machine Working Principle


(1)Main structure

The machine is comprised of a planetary gear transmission system, vertical system, pneumatic system, vibratory grinding system, and PLC programmable control cabinet.

  1. Planetary gear transmission system: The system is comprised of the sun gear and planetary gear. The planetary gear revolution around run gear also rotates around its own center.
  2. Vertical system: Horizontal arm moves up and down along column driven by worm gear reducer.
  3. Pneumatic system: Use compressed air through the gas distribution system so that the hub clamping jaws clamp and unclamp the wheel.
  4. Vibratory grinding system: In the vibratory barrel, media and compound vibrate and move under the vibrator motor, thus polishing the wheel in the barrel.
  5. PLC programmable control cabinet: Comprised of PLC programmable control system and supporting electrical component to control the machine automatically


(2)Working principle

  • 1. According to the PLC program, put the wheel in the pneumatic clamp and the clamp will automatically do its job which is clamping the wheel
  • 2. Oil cylinder drives the horizontal arm to move wheel declining to the grinding barrel which is filled with grinding media and compound
  • 3. Gear will bring the wheel to move revolutionary and rotationally, at the same time, the ball screw mechanical device drives the wheel to move up and down
  • 4. When the grinding time set by the PLC program is on, the machine’s running and rotation will automatically stop. At the same time, the horizontal arm will elevate together with the wheel
  • 5. Release the pneumatic clamp and remove the wheel from the machine


(1)Drawing of the machine

(2)Basic parameter

Main motor power: 2.2kW

Rotational speed: 1440r/min

Wheel diameter applicable: 350-600mm

Revolution speed: 1-45r/min (invertor adjustment)

Rotational speed: 2-90r/min

Vertical up and down frequency: 20-30 times/min(servo motor adjustment)

Vertical stroke: 60mm



The machine is a newly designed fully automatic high-efficiency polishing machine with high automation, good surface esthetic, advance in the mechanical structure, easy operation for the user, and high-efficiency processing. The machine can effectively deal with low efficiency for manual polishing, unstable quality of manual polishing, and environmental problem.

Especially for air, with improved air condition, working condition for the worker is greatly improved.

The machine is suitable for most car wheels fast grinding, middle cutting, fine cutting, and polishing. It is an ideal processing machine for car wheel polishing.

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