CF20 Zero Gap Centrifugal Disc Finishing (Wet/Dry) and Deburring Machine


Highly user-friendly

The rotational speed, machine running time (forward/backward respectively), compound dosing as well as other processing data can be easily programmed into Siemens PLC Navigate touch screen system with dozens of different programs stored for different samples.

Absolute reliability

Inovatec uses the highest degree of a mechanical component and electric component ensuring the highest level of reliability and maintenance-free product

Extremely cost-effective

It offers low initial investment, low cost for customers, and low processing cost compared with the conventional manual process.

Excellent process results

Wide range of applications including deburring, polishing, de-rusting, degreasing, and edge rounding

Ceramic ring/tungsten alloy ring

The system is typically used in the dry polishing system which guarantees high productivity and precision in surface finishing results. Besides, the durability of the ring material itself provides maintenance-free quality.

CF20 middle ring

Zero gap disc/ring

The zero-gap system allows superfine components to be finished in the barrel without being stuck in the gap between the disc and ring. The specific design structure allows very fine grinding and polishing of parts with sizes below 0.5mm to be finished.

disc centrifugal disc finishing machine CF20

Working principle

The CF series machine from Inovatec works on the centrifugal disc finishing concept. It functions with a highly effective and efficient mass finishing system.

During this process, the components are processed in a barrel-shaped container where media and components make a rotational relative movement.

The tumbling media inside the container is driven by the centrifugal force of the disc generated from the bottom of the container.

The disc is separated from the container wall by an adjustable gap where the water is flowing through the wet processing machine.

In the dry processing machine for fine polishing, however, the gap is there for disc rotating.

Barrel CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine

The centrifugal force with different media acts on the surface of the components giving different finishing results, which will offer at least 20 times high productivity compared with the vibratory finishing process.

During wet processing, the finishing process needs constant water and compound flow which, in the meantime, takes wear off debris together. This leaves the components’ surface fresh and clean.

CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine


The application of the machine is wide including the high requirement industry areas, especially for small batch high requirement applications including the jewelry industry, medical industry, dental industry, and other specified industries.

side CF20 centrifugal disc finishing machine


For small and high precision components specifically with sizes lower than 0.5mm, the Inovatec CF series machine can offer time-saving and repeatable results with a low cost-effective solution.

The application range is wide, from metal parts to thermoset rubber and plastic materials. It can offer a luster surface from deburring to shinning surface performance deburring machine.


Please read and understand the manual before using the machine.

  1. Acid or alkaline will damage the machine and is dangerous. Do use neutral compounds.
  2. Check whether the gap is suitable for the process. Do not put materials smaller than the gap in the barrel. Do not damage the barrel with sharp objects.
  3. The wet barrel is only for the wet process and the dry barrel is only for the dry process due to the different structure of the barrel. Ensure the recirculated water system always works in order when doing the wet grinding process.
  4. The user must use the machine in a correct and normal way. The inverter and gap can only be adjusted by qualified personnel.
  5. The polishing stone and the dry polishing media mixed with polishing paste have different grades; the different graded media cannot be used together. When do several different processes in the same barrel, make sure the barrel is clean and no media used in the last process are left before putting new media. In the dry polishing process, the workpieces must be dried and cleaned with an ultrasonic machine after each process.
  6. Check whether the machine works properly before doing every process. If not, stop the machine and check immediately. Check the machine during the operation regularly. If there is any fault, stop the machine and check immediately.
  7. Clean the deposit tank regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the water. Put some new polishing compound after changing the water. After using it, the polishing media should be put out, and make sure the barrel and the machine are in a clean condition.
  8. If the machine is not in use for a long time, take the pump out and clean it. The deposit tank and the polishing media should also be cleaned. Switch off and unplug the machine.

Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing the newest type of Inovatec VA series high precision centrifugal disc finishing machine. The VA series high precision centrifugal disc finishing machine is made with many improvements on the basis of the old series machine in the structure, accuracy, and material of key parts. The new series machine is more durable than the old type. The VA series gyrate polishing machines introduce the gyrate theory. It is more efficient for the gyrate working theory, watches, glasses, electronic components, and various small fittings.


  1. The machine should be started after the service and maintenance person has read and understood the instruction manual.
  2. The machine has been treated in the factory so there may be some remainder of materials in the barrel.
  3. There are different specification machines: single wet grinding barrel, two barrels with one dry one wet, and three barrels with one dry two wets. Other specifications are available according to your requirement.
  4. Warning: We do not guarantee the damage and loss resulting from operating not following the instructions.

2.Safe Instruction

  1. The machine should be placed on a stable and leveled surface and in a ventilated condition. Avoid placing the machine in an acid or alkaline condition.
  2. Ensure the ground line is connected before starting the machine. Do not put heavy things on the machine. Ensure the machine works in a ventilated condition.
  3. We recommend using Inovatec series polishing media and polishing compound.
  4. Acid or alkaline material will damage the machine badly and are dangerous.
  5. Switch off and unplug the machine when not in use.


The machine operator should have training or instruction and understand basic operation for the machine. Every operator should understand the content in the operational manual.

Safety of the installation of the machine places

The machine must be placed according to the following requirements:

  1. Wastewater shall not flow into the sewer.
  2. The length of the main power line is sufficient.
  3. The main power cord will not hinder normal working procedures.
  4. The machine must not be placed in an acid mist environment (such as galvanic corrosion).

Product instruction


High precision centrifugal disc finishing machine is used at high precision parts surface finishing. Different machine settings can be used either in wet finishing and drying grinding and polishing.


The upper part of the working container is open-style; the lower part of the disc is designed to be rotational. Upperparts of the container (wall) cannot be rotated.

During operation, the barrel with finishing media and parts is driven by the disc, with centrifugal water flow, thus achieving effective surface finishing results on the parts’ surfaces.

Technical data

The machine works at 50HZ.

Series number

Please check the nameplate in the machine.


Use wet processing.

The maximum operational volume of the barrel is 30L.

Recommend media

For media and machine suitability, please kindly contact Inovatec Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Work part suitable

For workpiece and machine suitability, please kindly contact Inovatec Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co., Ltd.

The machine and barrel are designed to process your parts which send to our factory. If you want to use the machine to process other parts, may destroy the seal between the upperparts and disc or PU layer, please contact us when necessary.

Structure and components

  1. Electric box 7 working container
  2. Touch screen 9 upper container
  3. Electric swift 10 lower container
  4. Metering pump 11 Tray(bottom of the container)
  5. Water level swift
  6. Water-grinding compound mixture storage container

Machine nameplate and content

The machine nameplate is located at the machine’s electric box right side or inside.


Because a finishing machine is a vertical machine, so it can be transported by a forklift.

Usually, we use a wooden box for packaging and shipping to prevent damage.

Machine installation

To prevent fall, please hang out all machine connection wires (including electric wire, pipe).

To prevent risks, the machine should be put in the flat ground to make sure it’s going to work smoothly.

Space required:

Please leave at least 1 meter at the back, left and right sides, machine front at least 1.5-2 meter. At this ground, please don’t put any barrier, for example, bags and paper boxes, etc.

Electric installation:

The machine can only be installed by an electrician with special training.

Make sure to use 380V 50HZ electricity, remember to be grounding.

Operational program

  1. Set the machine according to the requirements
  2. Put a grinding compound-water container below the machine
  3. Put float swift into grinding compound-water container
  4. Put sewage water pipe into a sewage water container

backside centrifugal disc finisher CF20


Parameter setting interface

  1. High-speed operation time: this sets a high-speed operational time
  2. Low-speed operation time: this sets a low-speed operational time and water discharge time
  3. Total operation time: this sets the product total grinding time
  4. Motor start-up delay: this time means restarting the motor, time motor time lag with pump (please set it larger than 10 seconds because the metering pump itself has start-up delay)
  5. High-speed operational speed: used to set high-speed disc rotational speed per minute (highest speed no more than 230rpm, system constrain)
  6. Low-speed operational speed: used to set low-speed disc rotational speed per minute, (highest speed no more than 100rpm, system constrain)

Time and date setting interface

  1. In this system, there is no gap between the tray and the top of the container.
  2. The upper container is pressed onto the tray due to the pressure of the spring.
  3. A mixture of water and the slurry flows through a hose into the working container, the lower container. The water-slurry mixture was extruded with a pressure spring, so as to reach the working area. The lower part of the vessel should be filled with liquid (a mixture of water and slurry), otherwise, the system will be damaged.
  4. In the process, the inflow of the abrasive mixture flow should be adjusted to control the grinding force. It is done using the regulatory function through the “plus interval” button.
  5. Working containers of water: the lesser slurry the mixture, the greater the grinding force. Reduce the speed to the lowest speed interval grinding strongest: The “plus button to set the interval to “ON”. Such containers would stop working at regular intervals (every 5 minutes, stop for 30 seconds). Wastewater can be stopped in time to complete by the middle of the empty tray Axial to Board within, of course, this also depends on the settings of the cycle length.
  6. Setting to slow speed intervals decreases the grinding force: “Plus button to set the interval to” OFF “. Thus the work of the container will not slow down every once in a while. Wastewater always remains in the work container.
  7. The valve is always closed.

How to use the system

Make sure the pump float switch is hanging into the slurry-water container. During the initial start work, make sure the container is empty, then do the following steps:

  1. Make sure the valve is closed.
  2. Make sure the electrical meter box pump switch is set to “pump open.” At this time, the tray does not rotate, but the lower tolerance. Is being supplemented with water and a mixture of grinding fluid. It is very necessary because otherwise the system will “dry run” and get damaged.
  3. Place the water and a mixture of slurry flow rate adjusted to the maximum.
  4. Keep this setting until the mixture flows into the working container.
  5. The electric meter box to control the corresponding work container switch to “run.” If the container has been set now properly, you can start the first process.
  6. The abrasive is added to the working container.
  7. Set the processing time.
  8. Set the speed.
  9. The “interval” switch is set to “ON”.
  10. Start working container.
  11. Adjust the density (manual) mixture.
  12. Regulate mixture flow.
  13. Join the workpiece.
  14. control box CF20


Metering Pump

Using the metering pump, put the mixture of water and grinding compound into the processing barrel from a mixture container.

As soon as the processing barrel starts, the pump will automatically pump the mixture into the processing barrel.

Please check the float swift in the mixing container and it should be 20mm from the bottom. If the float swift is at the bottom of the mixture container, even if the mixture container is empty, the machine will not stop.

To control the float swift, change the pump speed. Flow rate reference value is as follows:

  1. frequency 100%,stroke 100%时,flow rate 46L/H
  2. frequency 100%,stroke 50%时,flow rate 23L/H
  3. frequency 50%,stroke 100%时,flow rate 23L/H
  4. frequency 50%,stroke 50%时,flow rate 11.5L/H
  5. frequency 25%,stroke 25%时,flow rate 3L/H

Users can adjust the water flow according to practical requirements.

prominent dosing pump


Operational technique

Processing speed

Processing speed (rpm) has an influence on the following parameters:

  1. processing time
  2. surface quality
  3. edge rounding performance
  4. heat generation

You can follow the below discipline during the process:

  1. For heavy parts, speed should be lower
  2. For light parts, speed should be faster

After setting rotational speed, put suitable media into the working barrel.

Fast Question & Answer

Question 1: When using plastic media, there is a thick foam layer in the sewage container, and will not disappear.

Reason: Too little grinding compound in the water.

Solution: Increase the concentration of the grinding compound.

Question 2: The mixture of water and grinding compound cannot completely flow out from the processing barrel.

Reason: Sewage water pipe is blocked.

Solution: Check whether the sewage water pipe is blocked or not. Clean the pipe when necessary.

Question 3: A mixture of water and grinding compound cannot completely flow out of the processing container.

Reason: Too much foam in the processing container.

Solution: Adding defoamer or grinding compound to reduce foam.

Question 4: Processing barrel becomes too hot.

Reason: The system is broken.

Solution: Change for a new system.

Reason: If too much media or work parts.

Solution: Reduce media or parts in the barrel.

Reason: If the water and compound mixture flow is too little.

Solution: To increase the flow.

Reason: If the valve at bottom of the processing barrel is open.

Solution: Turn it off.

Reason: If the processing barrel has a cover.

Solution: Remove the cover.

Question: Processing barrel leaking.

Reason: If the system is broken.

Solution: Change for the new system.

Please feel free to contact our engineers if you have any other questions.

Maintenance and Service 


Please keep the machine clean. If the machine is dirty, such as polishing paste or water left in the machine, the machine will have some of the activities: parts losses or may damage the machine coating. After each use, the machine should be empty and clean.

Using a clean machine will certainly be more ideal.

To ensure a long-term trouble-free running of the machine, follow the steps below to regularly maintain it.

Maintenance system

  1. The upper part of the vessel must be able to move counterclockwise. Corrosion or dirt could make it subject to immobility. Affected. The results will be damage the system. Remove the top of the container, to the upper and lower container vessel, and put the contact area with oil for lubrication.
  2. The valve should have been closed. If you open it, the processing of the wastewater will be used from the mid-stream of the lower container. After the start of the next step, if there will be a lubricant (water) trapped between the tray and the work of the container, the system will be damaged. It is important for the system to not have wastewater from the figure marked with (1) and flow (4) out of the area. Otherwise, the upper tray or container may be damaged. If so, please contact the sales engineer.


When doing machine maintenance, service, and repair, you must observe the following safety instructions to prevent personal injury or damage to the machine or other materials,  damage to the environment.

  1. Place all electrical switches off and make sure that they do not inadvertently open.
  2. Unzip all the pressure devices.
  3. Read the “Security Overview” chapter.


A manual prescribed maintenance schedule must be executed on time. Before performing periodic maintenance, please note the following instructions.

  1. Immediately replace all machine’s damaged parts.
  2. After maintenance work, before starting the machine, you must comply with the following instructions:
    1. Check again if loose screws and fittings have been tightened.
    2. Check whether all safety devices, such as cover, filters, etc., have been re-installed correctly.
    3. Install polishing machine buffing machine
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