German Prominent Dosing Pump for Vibratory Finishing Machine

Precisely control polishing liquid consistent feeding into the vibratory finishing bowl or mass finishing equipment.

Prominent Compound Dosing System:

Steady water and compound supply is a pre-condition for high-quality finishing results.

It is a perfect add-on device for vibratory deburring machines and centrifugal disc finishing machines.

Since the process water recycling system offers ecological and economical advantages, they are preferred over freshwater supply systems.

German PROMINENT brand CONCEPT C series metering pump is a diaphragm-type metering pump controlled by a microprocessor, short-stroke, and electromagnetically driven.

CONCEPT C series metering pumps have been praised by users for many years due to their exquisite structure, reliable performance, and superior cost performance.

Because the material of the pump head has good chemical resistance, it can accurately measure almost all chemical liquids in various processes.

Feature and application of the dosing pump


Prominent chemical resistant dosing pump feature:

  • Electromagnetically driven positive displacement metering pump, compact structure, reliable and durable
  • Various optional models, measuring range from 0.7 to 24 l / h, and pressure from 1.5 to 16 bar
  • A variety of pump head materials with good chemical resistance are available
  • The stroke length can be adjusted continuously from 0 to 100% by a manual knob (the best adjustment range is 30 to 100%)
  • Repeat measurement accuracy is better than ± 2%
  • Various forms of stroke frequency control:
  • Manual adjustment to achieve three fixed metering frequencies: 100%, 50%, 25%
  • External passive contact signal control and 100% and 50% fixed frequency optional
  • External analog 4-20mA current signal control and two fixed frequencies of 100% and 50% are available
  • Level protection self-locking: When the system is connected to the medicine tank liquid level timer, according to the liquid level alarm signal, the metering pump can automatically stop working to avoid idling.


Working Condition of Prominent Dosing Pump:

  • Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 12W / 16W / 24W
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Insulation class: F


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