Double Disc Fully Automatic Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

This finishing machine is perfect for surface finishing, deburring, edge rounding, and shinning/polishing small and medium-sized stamping components, castings parts, and machined components.


Improved labor costs and automatic surface finishing solutions have gained daily importance with industries.

Innovatec’s various processing techniques combined with 30 years’ practical experience have completely been proven for this trend.

Areas of application

A high-energy fully automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine is excellent for deburring, surface finishing, edge rounding, and shinning/polishing small to medium-sized stamping components, castings parts, and machined components. One of the key advantages is the relatively short processing times and easy to achieve a high degree of automatic control.

Its wide application ranges from precision components to thin parts with a thickness of 0.5mm to 150mm.

Working principle

The centrifugal force of the rotating disc moves components and mass finishing media upward to the processing bowl while offering high kinetic energy to move forward. As components and media relative movement and kinetic energy loss on the way, the mass falls back at the center of the rotating disc where centrifugal force moves it again.

The process parameter can be varied according to the disc’s RPM, the water level in the work bowl, media, and compound to be used, so the processing result can vary from gentle surface grinding and polishing to fast deburring processing.

Compared with a conventional vibratory finishing machine, the centrifugal disc finishing machine provides 10 to 20 times higher productivity in respect of product production capacity.

automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine with vibratory dryer



1. Processing bowl

  • The waterproof, blasting strengthened high precision disc bearing with the easy adjustment of the gap
  • The PU material is made from USA DuPont with H=high wear-resistant for the lining of disc and processing bowl
  • Stainless steel water/compound tap for constant supplying of compound and water rinsing.

PU internal lining

2. Intermediate vibratory hopper

  • Intermediate vibratory hopper controlled by PLC program which accommodates with processing bowl media discharging
  • Optional PLC controlled hydraulic up and down tilting for easy unloading
  • Optional anti-sticking hopper texture for thin and precision parts


3. Vibratory screen

  • Optional vibratory speed control with inverter for motor
  • Multi-screen, easy to change screen available for different components
  • The extended screen is available

Intermediate separator


4. Media return conveyor

  • Powerful vibratory media return conveyor with pneumatic horizontal movement
  • Optional removal of undersize media

automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine ready to ship


5. Hydraulic Station

Center hydraulic station for all movements which involve hydraulic movement including loading hopper, intermedia conveyor, and processing bowl

hydraulic station for cylinders

6. Water/compound dosing system

  • PLC controlled water and compound supply
  • Recycling model/flow-through model available
  • Clean water rinsing function available

Dosing pump automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine


7. Electric control box

  • Fully automation system controlled by PLC program with touch screen
  • Multiple programs available for different components
  • Error message for alarming
  • Variable parameter display for each movement

Automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine control system

8. Media/parts loading hopper

  • Transfer of media and components from hopper to processing bowl gently
  • Optional spray for anti-adhesion of components

Automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine


9. Sturdy metal frame

  • High performance rusting resistant coating with a sturdy foundation
  • Easy to separate and transport

automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine installation

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