LH500B Centrifugal dryer

Centrifugal Dryers also called industrial spin dryer. They are typically used when parts are being dewatering and drying in bulk. The parts may be placed into an appropriate size basket which inserted into the dryer. The dryer is then closed, turned on and spins the basket at a very high speed to force any liquid, oil, etc. to leave the part. At the same time, the spinning action make parts drying, a heating unit or heating element will be installed to the dryer to make the drying process faster and easier.


Introduction to the type of LH-400B centrifugal dryer

The dryer is based on the principle of the centrifuge and hot air convection. To dry the workpieces rapidly, the dryer uses a motor to drive the belt, the stainless steel cylinder rotates and most of the water is thrown off. The electric heating tube installed on the lid of the cylinder heats the air, then the formed thermal current heats the workpieces circularly. Using the brake pedal, the dryer can be stopped quickly after the workpieces have been dried completely and the production efficiency may be improved. Using the switch and dashpot relay, the dryer can prevent creepage, over-loading and short circuit of the lines and the motor.


Operating Manual

  1. Before installation, firstly checking the dryer to make sure that there is no damage to the related components and electric devices during transportation. Then, set the dryer on the ventilated place, making it balance and fastening.
  2. Turn on the power, trial running without loading for about 20 minutes. Check and make sure that the cylinder rotates according to the direction marked on the body of the cylinder. And, make sure the electric heating tube and other components work well. After that, the dryer could be operated regularly.
  3. The lip should be closed when drying. Loading and unloading should be made when power is off. To avoid the shaking of the body, the workpieces in the cylinder should be distributed uniformly. And, not overload the workpieces. When drying the small workpieces with high density or that easily storing liquid, rotate the cylinder centrifugally for 1 to 2 minutes, take them out and vibrate to turnover the workpieces, then heat and dry, so the satisfying effect can be obtained.
  4. To prolong the life of the dryer, please stop the machine for 20 minutes after running 45 minutes. Don’t run continuously.
  5. To stop the cylinder quickly, the brake pedal can be used. But the braking before stopping the motor is forbidden. The dryer can run centrifugally without heating, but cannot heat without the motor running.
  6. The worker should know the operating method to ensure safety. And should lubricate the bearing with clean grease regularly to maintain the dryer well.
  7. Main technical data:
Dimension of cylinder¢480×280
Volume of cylinder0.075 m3
Loading capacity of the cylinder75kg or 1/3 of capacity
Working temperature50℃–80℃
Speed of rotation300 r/min
Speed of motor1390 r/min
Working voltage220V  3Phs  60Hz
Motor capacity1.5kw
The capacity of the electric heating tube3kw
Dimension of machine1000x800x860mm
Weight of machine242kg


Not rotate1. The motor is burned outReplace the motor
2. The circuit is failureCheck the connection of switches and fuse
3. Belt is loosen and wornAdjust the location of the motor or change the belt

is deviant

1. The vane is reversingExchange the leg of the circuit to change the rotating direction of the motor
2. The electric heating tube is burned outReplace the electric heating tube
3. The lead of the electric heating tube is burned outReplace the load
Vibration or noise is too large1. The installation of the dryer is not steadyReinstall the dryer firmly
2. The distribution of workpieces is unevenStop the dryer, redistribute the workpieces evenly
3. The bearing is a shout of grease or worn out,

or the bolt is loosened.

Put in enough high-temperature lubricating oil, or change the bearing and fasten the bolt
Braking is failureThe skid is worn outReplace the skid

High temperature resistant lubricating grease
(1) Complex calcium lubricating grease

ZBE 36003-88



(2) NO.4 High temperature resistant lubricating grease

ZBE 36009-88


1. Circuit diagram

Note: Once the incoming line is a breach or the machine works unusually, should be turn off the machine and shut off the power supply, and repaired by professional electricians. Never open the machine yourself.

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