• Airtec Pneumatic cylinder vibratory separation control

Airtec Pneumatic Lever Shutter for Separation

Airtec Pneumatic Control for PLC Programmed Control. Media and parts separation time control.

Pneumatic Level Shutter Function:

The pneumatic level shutter is powered by pressurized air and can be automated by integrating it into the PLC control program, thereby improving efficiency and performance. It is only used in a vibratory finishing machine that works by automatically lifting the separation flap.

When a finishing circle is finished, the cylinder is actuated with a pre-set program. The tumbler media and parts climb up to the screen deck and separate.


Quality German Airtec Cylinder:

  • Pneumatically actuated cylinder by Airtec brand
  • Reliable international Airtec brand offers after-sales support worldwide


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