RCP ceramic polishing media

RP Ceramic Polishing Media

  • 1. High Wear Resistance with extremely high density
  • 2. High gloss polishing performance in short time with good cutting performance
  • 3. Have excellent for oxidation layer removal and raduasing of metal component edge

RCF porcelain media is a chuck of meda made entirely of very small grains of aluminum oxide, but have no bonding agent. A thousand minute grains are compressed and sintered at a temperature that prohibits the small grains from merging together into a larger grain. This characterizes microcrystalline abrasive. This provide the media that cuts with a fine finish.

In the machining industry, it’s crucial to choose the right kind of media for deburring and removing excess material, whether it is metal or plastic or stones. There are many metrics used in the industry to distinguish tumbling media.

high density tumbling media

But a lot of people, even some of the industry professionals don’t understand the importance of choosing the right density for their tumbling media. HD high density tumbling media is one of the many types found in the market.

In this article, our goal is to cover HD high density tumbling media to the tiniest details. We’ll know how to use the media, which are the compatible machines and what you can do with HD high density tumbling media.

What is Tumbling Media?

Here at Inovatec Machinery, we like to start things from the bottom. So, to learn about HD high density tumbling media, you have to understand what tumbling media is.

The term ‘media’ refers to any material that can be used to change the appearance or ‘finish’ another material. It’s most commonly an abrasive process that takes away excess material to achieve the desired surface finish.

tumbling media selection

Now, what is a tumbling media? Tumbling media is a type of media used with the tumbling machines. There are vibratory tumbling machines, rotary tumbling machines and so on. In a mass finishing machine, you would put the parts you want to finish and the tumbling media in a specific ration and let the machine do its job.

The HD high density tumbling media is only one of my media types. It can be made of ceramic, plastic and anything that the industry sees fit.

HD High-Density Tumbling Media

While ceramic is the most common media material found and used, we’ll take a look at the HD high density tumbling media from a neutral perspective.  We’ll also cover different formulations and their applications. Let’s get started.

Slow Cutting

There are different types of HD high density tumbling media. The first one on our list is the slow cutting one. It lasts a long time. Hence, it cuts slow. The formulation mostly contains porcelain with no aluminum oxide abrasives.

You can use it for polishing, burnishing and deburring with ease. As it’s a slow cutting variant of the HD high density tumbling media, the chances of chipping are very minimal. It can also be used as a driver for loose abrasives.

Medium Cutting

It’s quite obvious that medium cutting HD high density tumbling media comes after the slow cutting one. These tumbling media are infused with aluminum oxide to get the cutting speed higher.

Although these ones don’t last as long as the slow cutting ones, they are relatively long-lasting. A good thing about medium cutting HD high density tumbling media is that they provide very good color and finish to the product applied on.

Fast Cutting

You guessed it right. The next HD high density tumbling media in our list is the fast cutting one. They are particularly designed for industrial use where cycle times matter a lot. These types of HD high density tumbling media offers amazing matte finish within a short time.

They contain more abrasive particles than the previous ones and don’t last as long. Also, they are prone to chipping more than the previous ones.

Ultra-Fast Cutting

No, fast cutting is not the end of our list. After fast cutting, comes ultra-fast cutting HD high density tumbling media. These are perfect for industrial use where time is money. These HD high density tumbling media reduce the cycle times to an absolute minimum, without compromising on quality.

It’s great for a matte finish, like the previous one. It can deburr, polish and radius corners in no time.

Luster Bond

We’ve reached the limit of fast cutting HD high density tumbling media. So, the professionals named it luster bond media. It’s ultra-dense, very fast cutting and very long-lasting. It’s a rare combo if you consider other types of HD high density cutting media, we’ve looked at so far.

Of course, these media comes at a hefty price. They are extremely hard and reliable, which makes them an ideal driver for loose abrasives. If you decide to use it with a chemical accelerant i.e. isotropic finishing, you can achieve Ra as low as 1 or 2.

Luster Bite

Last but not least, we have the luster bite HD high density tumbling media in our hands. It’s very similar to luster bond and contains the best of abrasives, with a very long life. They offer top of the line metal removal with all of the conventional finishing machines available in the market.vibratory polishing of brass parts

Compatible Finishing Machines

Now that you understand the HD high density tumbling media better than before, it’s time to think about the machines you intend to use them on. There are various types of surface finishing machines available.

A great USP of HD high density tumbling media is that it can be used in any of the surface finishing machines. Whether you own a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal disc finishing machine, it doesn’t matter. HD high density tumbling media is available for all types of applications.

automatic deburring and polishing


HD high density tumbling media seldom need any customization because they are already available in a lot of sizes and shapes. You can get angle cut variants, cylindrical variants, round variants, etc.

If you think that available sizes and shapes don’t match your requirements, you can just tell us what you need and you’ll make it custom for you. The available angle cuts are 22°, 45°, and 60°. Then there is a straight cut, angle cut ellipse, and every other size combination you can think of.

ceramic high density tumbling media


HD high density tumbling media is a special purpose tumbling media that has enabled the industry professionals to achieve the ultimate fineness in quality and efficiency. HD high density tumbling media is a perfect blend of science and nature, making it a must-have for any workshop that deals with finishing parts.

Inovatec Machinery is the only manufacturer you’ll ever need in the machining industry. We make the highest quality machinery and media. Whether it’s HD high density tumbling media or regular ceramic deburring media, we are ready to satisfy you with quality and service.


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