RP ceramic polishing media

RP Ceramic Polishing Media

  • 1. High Wear Resistance Performance
  • 2. High gloss polishing performance in short time
  • 3. Wide application for metal components

RP media is fine porcelain media with specific gravity 2.91, while have no included abrasive inside the recipe, can develop extremely good surface finishes amd produce no wearing. Because it is non-abrasive it brightens the surface of most metals. Work hardening materials may not brighten like non-work hardening alloys.

Metalworks require a high level of precision to achieve the goal. In most cases, polishing the metal part is the final step in the process. It’s important to get rid of all the burrs and have a shiny look on the product.

Ceramic polishing media is one of the best general-purpose media you can get your hands on. They are affordable and they offer a whole lot more than special-purpose media. In this article, our goal is to highlight on the ceramic polishing media and the cover as much as possible, for you.

What is Polishing Media?

Before diving deep into the details of ceramic polishing media, it’s important to understand what a polishing media does. Polishing refers to the action where the surface of the subject matter is smoothened using some sort of mechanical process.

fine polishing triangle shape ceramic media

In terms of metal parts, it’s getting rid of the microscopic cracks and burrs that still remain after a deburring process. There polishing of the part is achieved using different media. Ceramic polishing media would be the most common and most accessible among them.

In the typical polishing process, a media made with rigid agents is used to abrade the part and remove any unwanted material. We see imperfections on any surface when light reflects on the edges and bounce back to our eyes. The purpose of polishing is to smoothen those edges so light won’t reflect as much and we won’t see the imperfections.

Why Ceramic Polishing Media?

It’s a good question indeed. Why should you use ceramic polishing and not any other media like plastic or rock? Well, ceramic polishing media is very high in density compared to other media. It cuts well and is really suitable for any material, especially hard metals.

ceramic media deburring parts and separation

Another great reason to choose ceramic polishing media over any other media is that it works well with surface finishing machines. These machines are a very delicate invention of science. Ceramic polishing media is something that you can rely on with your eyes closed.

Ceramic media lasts a long time. The composition is formulated in such a way where the abrasives don’t let the ceramic wear quickly. They are extremely cost-effective and are widely available at almost any hardware store, at least cheap ones.

Another reason to use ceramic polishing media is the outstanding cushioning properties they offer while in the surface finishing machine. In such a high-frequency machine, it’s normal that parts will bump into each at great forces.

But ceramic is not an abrasive material by nature. You can easily use some non-abrasive ceramic polishing media in the surface finishing machine to cushion your parts. The results are going to be smoother and shinier surfaces.

Size Matters

Moreover, ceramic polishing media comes in different sizes and shapes that make them really flexible. It’s no wonder that you need to work with metal parts of different sizes and shapes. Can you imagine one media to fit all of them? Probably not.

ceramic media for polishing

That’s where ceramic polishing media comes in to play. You can choose any size and formulation that goes with your applications. Lodging is a huge problem when it comes to machining metal parts. Ceramic polishing media reduces the chance of lodging significantly.

It might be obvious that the bigger the media, the faster the operations. It might be true in some cases, but not for polishing. Polishing requires absolution precision and you should go for small ceramic polishing media whenever possible.

The Less the Better

Finally, ceramic polishing media gives you absolute control over the operations. Ceramic is not naturally abrasive. The actual formulation lies in the abrasive agents that get mixed with the media. You can choose the level of abrasiveness you want on the media.

One thing to remember is that ceramic polishing media is not designed for fast and heavy cutting. That’s the job of ceramic deburring media. Ceramic polishing media is for precision cutting and precision doesn’t go well with fast.

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Polishing Media?

If we go back a few years, it was really not that hard to choose a ceramic polishing media. You had only a few compositions available to buy and you would just choose one of them. Basically, the invention of abrasive agents mixed into the ceramic polishing media has made the task so hard.

ceramic media polishing

Plain ceramic polishing media was harmful to any welded joints on the metal part. So, the silicon carbide abrasives were introduced to prevent any welding-related issues. Then came the aluminum oxide infused formulations that were very fast to cut through the metal. The best part was, the ceramic polishing media was still affordable.

Now, there are 12 or more formulations of ceramic media available on the market. If you’re just starting out, it can be very intimidating.

The best way to start is to buy a few different media and try them on a few different test subjects. Keeping your goal in mind, it shouldn’t be very hard to find the right one. Fast cutting media will wear faster, obviously.

Feel free to ask the manufacturer about the abrasive properties of the media. The density of the ceramic polishing media is directly related to the abrasive. A denser media will be more ‘aggressive’. It means it’s going to have fast cycle times but will result in a rough surface.

For ceramic polishing media, you’d want to go for the ones with fewer abrasives. It’s not worth it to save time on the vibratory cycles when the product loses its shine and polished look.


Ceramic polishing media is very popular among machine workers and for good reasons. They offer a very cost-effective and achievable result in the products. Ceramic polishing media comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes that fit the different natures of machine works. They last a long time as well.


If you’re planning to get some quality ceramic polishing media for your workshop, you are in the right place. Inovatec Machinery manufactures best in class ceramic polishing media. We also specialize in tumbling media, deburring media and surface finishing machines. Feel free to check out our catalog.

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