RSF ceramic grinding media


RSF Ceramic Grinding Media

  • 1. The middle cutting ceramic media with medium cutting rate and wearing rate
  • 2. Long service life which offer smoothing cutting surface
  • 3. Suitable for vibratory finishing machinery and most machine

RSF ceramic grinding media is produced by mixing porcelain, kaolin,clay, river clay together with no abrasives. The wet material is formed into desired shape (usually by extrusion and cutting) and then fired to vitrify. Fusion bonding is used to make some media. Such media are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Also, when the engineer selects the proper grade of abrasive, the correct proportion of abrasive to binder, and the most suitable binder, this media will adapt to a great variety of application, and workpieces.

The binder acts as a burnishing surface, and this works against rapid cutting.

The aim of engaging in mass finishing is to lower production cost, and also to achieve the best result possible.  Mass finishing is the name given to a series of manufacturing processes which allows for the coeval finishing of many small components to achieve a fine appearance, as well as durability. This usually involves the tumbling of parts against a media.

The media are consumables used in mass finishing to achieve that finishing touch or finnese that would set your product apart. There are many kinds of media that can be used in mass finishing. Choosing the best media is as important as every other part of production. One of the best tumbling media to consider when making your choice is the ceramic tumbling media.


Ceramic tumbling media is made from combining ceramic binder with an oxide of aluminum abrasive grit. It is composed of the best mate erials possible, thus making it  the fastest finisher amongst all available media. It is also know to produce works of good and constantly quality.  The ceramic media comes in different shapes and sizes and can be used to do different varieties of finishing processes.

ceramic media for polishing


Ceramic media can be classified by shape, by size, and by grit. The different shapes range from triangles to cones. These different shapes can be used to achieve different purposes in different machines. The different grits are also used for achieving different purposes. No matter the job, there is a ceramic shape, size, or grit for it.




Ceramic media is favored for its versatility and can be used on different kinds of materials and surfaces like steel, stainless steel, titanium, and a host of other mettalic surfaces. This versatility is one Of the factors that makes the ceramic media stand out amongst others.

ceramic media polishing


There are a host of finishing processes that the  ceramic media can be used for.  when the ceramic media is used for such processes, you can be assured of quality. Not only WI the work will be done faster, the end result will also be up of very fine quality. Below are a list of finishing processes that can be accomplished using the ceramic tumbling media:

motor engine housing before and after polishing


Ceramic tumbling media can be used effectively to achieve burnishing in metals. When used, you can be rest assured of a smooth fine and glittering surface.


If you desire to have that extra shine through polishing, you can use the ceramic media. You can be certain of a beautiful shiny master piece when the work is done.

Metal removal

You can use the ceramic tumbling media to remove unwanted scraps of metal that are still attached to the components.

Metal deburring

After most metals have been cut, they leave a lot of sharp or rough hedges. Ceramic media is very useful in smoothening such hedges to give a final product that is not in any way dangerous for the final consumer. For the most efficient and fastest debuting, use the tumbling ceramic media.

Metal grinding

If you want to cut your metal, you can also use the ceramic media. It’s solid composition makes it suitable for tough processes such as this. Using this strong and durable media will ensure a good and smooth job. When you use ceramic media for cutting, you can be rest assured of accurate dimensions and fine finishing.


it is true that there are a host of tumbling media out there. But the ceramic media is your sure bet for a host of reasons.

1. Strength and durability

The ceramic media is made from very strong abrasive substances which makes it very strong and durable for use in any surface at all. You can be certain that getting a ceramic media is getting a Long lasting media.

2. Versitility

You can use the ceramic tumbling media on a ton of surfaces and materials. It doesn’t matter the material you are working on. The ceramic media would of course be very useful and handy.

In addition to that, it could be used in multiple tasks. Whether you are deburring, polishing, grinding, or burnishing, you can use the ceramic media. Just imagine being able to use just on media type to achieve all of your processes.

Again, the differet shapes, sizes and grits of the ceramic media makes it suitable for different functions. There are different sizes, shapes and grit that can be used for different purposes. Now that’s versatility.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Due to its strength, durability, and versatility, the ceramic medium is a cost effective medium to use. It can save you a lot of money since it can do a lot of the work for a longer period of time. That makes production cost effective.

If you are interested in getting ceramic media for your different mass finishing processes, you can reach out to us.

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