German Siemens Touch Screen

For PLC Programmable Process Control


The human-machine interface of THPSSM-1 system adopts Siemens smart touch screen.

Siemens smart 700 touch screen is adopted for the human-computer interface.

The human-machine interface is a bridge for two-way communication between operators and machine equipment.

Users can freely combine words, buttons, graphics, numbers, etc. to process, monitor, and manage the information that may change at any time.

Suitable for all types of mass finishing machines.



1. Please make sure to reserve enough space for all connecting cables outside the HMI device.
2. When installing HMI equipment, ensure that personnel, workbench, and overall equipment are properly grounded.
3. Connect power supply: DC24V only.


Siemens Smart Panel:

Siemens touch screen image

1. Display
2. Install the gasket
3. Groove for installing staples
4. RS422 / RS485 interface
5. Power connector
6. Nameplate
7. Interface name
8. DIP switch
9. Functional ground link

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