Soundproof Cover for Vibratory Finishing Machine

Soundproof Cover effectively reduces airborne noise and structure-borne noise from vibratory finishing machines. It protects operators from loud noise and reduces chemical splash.

Soundproof Cover for Reducing Vibration Noise:

The soundproof cover is also called noise enclosing lid, noise abatement, or acoustic cover.

It reduces the noise level from the finishing process. Complete sound-absorbing cabins are especially effective. All sound enclosing components are designed in a manner that they do not interfere with the functionality of the vibratory finishing machine.

vibration finishing complete sound proof enclosure


The soundproof cover helps create an environmentally friendly working environment. In vibratory finishing, the size and operating intensity of the machine as well as the type and size of finishing media and parts determine the noise level of the finishing process.

Without any protective measures, the noise level of the finishing process can vary between 75 and 140 dB, mostly between 80 and 95 dB.

Noise emissions of fully encapsulated machines, depending on operating conditions, can be reduced to < 80 dB using a soundproof cover.

The Function of the Soundproof Cover:

  • Protect operators from noisy working conditions
  • Prevents water/compound sputtering

vibratory polishing machine with sound cover


The Features of the Sound Cover:

1. Stainless Steel Basement Structure:

  • Rigid stainless steel structure made from 2mm steel sheet materials
  • Laser cutting structure with plasma welding


2. Noise Absorption Wave Form Foam:

Inside the cover, special wave-shaped material designed as a sound absorber that is integrated inside the noise cover.

There are a large number of internal and external pores and bubbles.

When sound waves are incident on them, it can cause air vibration in the gap.

Due to the air’s viscous resistance and the friction between the air and the wall of the hole, a considerable part of the sound energy is converted into thermal energy and consumed.

In addition, when air is adiabatically compressed, heat exchange occurs between the air and the hole wall.

Due to the heat conduction effect, a part of the sound energy is also converted into heat energy.

noise absorption PU foam

  • The interior of the sound cover is made of polyurethane sponge material.
  • It is a high-performance product of sound absorption and noise reduction materials.
  • A concave-convex wavy shape, foamed by complex technology foaming, sound absorption, sound insulation, damping sponge material.
  • Reduce the interference and reverberation of the reflected sound.
  • The interior is filled with small voids and semi-open-hole structures that can absorb a large amount of the incoming sound wave energy to attenuate the sound wave.


3. Pneumatic German Airtec Cylinder Design:

  • Pneumatically Actuated Cylinder by Airtec Brand
  • The cover is in the clamped condition even without the gas supply.
  • So the cover will not fall down to hurt workers
  • German Airtec Brand offers after-sales support worldwide
  • Noise protection cover and noise protection apron provide the perfect noise protection, especially in cramped conditions
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