• PZGC450 straight wall vibratory finishing machine with big chamber design details

PZG(C)800 straight wall vibratory finishing machine with big chamber design

Technical details:

  • Specially designed machine for the enlarged processing chamber
  • Especially suitable for huge die casting components like engine housing and alumina cover for electric system
  • High power vibratory drive system
  • Re-enforced coil springs
  • Work bowl re-enforced with extra gussets



  • Flap bottom processing channel which perfects for treating large and bulky as well as delicate parts
  • The flap bottom ensures a perfect immersion of the parts into the tumbling media mass
  • Reversing of the rotational direction of the vibratory motor moves the parts to the top pf the media mass for easy manual removal Adjustable imbalance weights allow different grinding intensities
  • Wear-resistant lining made from hot poured PU Media unload plug with an integrated effluent drain which allows the complete evacuation of the work bowl and external separation of media from parts
  • Flexible design of control panels and compound dosing systems Finished parts are usually taken out manually
  • Extra-large tunnel processing for large components and more product finishing


  • Variable speed of the vibratory motor
  • Extra bottom drains Undersize media classification integrated into media unload plug Noise protection equipment
  • Bottom unload gate for complete unloading of the work bowl
  • Reversing imbalance weights
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