TDG-4 Drag Finishing Machine polishing machine


The drag finishing machinery which designed by Inovatec represents a special technology for surface finishing of high component surface requirement. For example delicate components, parts with specific contours and complicate geometry and extremely strong materials which are hard to machine are example of applications.
The applications for the Inovatec drag finishing technology range from fast surface grinding and milling to surface polishing of delicate components

The suitable components including surgical implants, turbine blades, precision components including pump parts and compressors accessory.


Working Principle

Drag finishing is highly specialized surface finishing methods. They are used for treatment of high value added, delicate work parts with complex shapes, which requires a precise and targeted surface finish. During processing stage the work pieces will not scratch each other. The work pieces are designed to be mounted at special fixtures, which in turn are attached to the main station of the drag system. When machine running, the station is immersed and dragged through a work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media with program control.

The consistent dosing of compound of water makes sure the finishing result stable and repeatable. Besides, the final step dry finishing process is also available.

drag finishing machine PLC control

Standard Features:

The powerful drive system consists of two independent variable speed gear motors for carousel and work stations

The space-saving sliding window allows ergonomic part loading/unloading

Consistent component quality due to constant process parameters

Work bowl equipped with a vibratory motor and undersize media screens. This ensures an effective media classification and a homogeneous media mix throughout the process

drag finishing machine fixture 2

Customized solutions available:

• basic model includes manually changeable process bowl

• the advanced model includes multiple process bowls that automatically shuttle based on the current process step

polishing machine

drag finishing machine fixture with tools


Versatile components adaptability, suitable for high value added and precision component surface grinding to fine polishing, the process can be customized
Fixture structure customized according to component requirement, thus prevent component touch each other
Better media/parts mixing since it has cascade and rotary movement
Fast processing compare with conventional processing methods
Pre-programmed automatic processing
Process-based on batch and ensure batch to batch consistency

1. Outline drawing and specifications

1)  Outline drawing

1. Electrical control box     2. Rotating disk         3. Basement

4. Lifter for vessel         5. movable vessel

2)  Specifications

  1. vessel capacity:100L
  2. workpart quantity each time: 23pieces(only need one blender)
  3. Main motor power:2.2kw
  4. lifter power: 0.37kw
  5. The RPM for workpart clamp: 0~160rpm
  6. dimension: 1020*860*1840mm
  7. Weight:450kg

2. Function

This machine is the latest new high-efficiency Drag finishing machine. It has the feature such as high automation degree, fine looks, easy operation, and wide range of speed adjustment, smooth running, and low noise and so on. The top of machine equip with 1 each one level and 4each two level rotating disks by K series reducer motor, it has 6teams rotatable and quick dismantled clamp on the each two level rotating disk, and it is installed automatically lift device and movable vessel. When the workpart are clamped to the rotating disk running, the vessel should be gone up to the proper position by automatically lift device, and then the process begin. Because the tumbling media is immovable, the workpart on the clamp high speed rotation by two level rotation disk, at the same time revolution by one level rotation disk, to make workpart and media cause the strong friction, and let the workpart finish grinded and polished completely. It is used in drill, milling cutter and thin workpart and medical components; it is best high- efficiency machine for cutting tool line.

3. Construction and working principle

1)  Construction:

The machine is composed of rotating disk, basement, lifter for vessel, movable vessel, and electrical control box (Shown in outline drawing).

  1. Rotating disk: it composed of 1set one level and 4sets two levels fixed disk and rotating disk. It has 6teams clamps on the each two levels rotating disk. When one level rotating disk run by K series reducer motor drive, 4sets two level rotating disk whirl around one level fixed gear ring. And 6sets workpart clamp on the two level rotating disk is high speed revolution around two level fixed gear ring, to get the high efficiency and excellent quality workpart. The rotating disk is made of good quality steel material and equip with K series reducer motor, it is fixed to the top of machine basement.
  2. Basement: it is welded by steel tube, it has rotating disk on the top and lifter for vessel on the bottom, and has two free open doors.
  3. Lifter for vessel: it is compose of the special turbine lifter and 3ets leader; the movable vessel can go up and down by automatically control button.

drag finishing machine fixture with watch cases


d. Movable vessel: it is welded of steel plate. The top is octagon vessel trough for media and have valve on the bottom of vessel trough for discharge the media. And it has 4sets rotating wheel on the bottom to keep easy and quick change media trough.

  1. Electrical control box: it is made of single and close steel box, and install to the left of basement. Operate the machine by buttons on the control panel.

2)  Working principles:

The Drag Finishing Machine make the workpart fixed to two level rotating disk on the top, but the media trough immovable, so the workpart can be high speed rotation and revolution by rotating disk drive,so make workpart and media cause the strong friction, and let the workpart finish grinded and polished completely.

4. Electrical system and drawing

1. This machine adopts PLC digital control system and international brand inverter, to make workpart clamp change speed in 0~160rpm to meet different workpart demands.

2. Electrical principle drawing see the attached picture 1

5. Installation and adjustment

    1. The machine must be mounted on a flat concrete floor; four feet must touch the floor firmly.
    2. The motor winding, the magnetizing windings and the speed windings should be tested by 500 megameter, the insulation must be over 0.38 megohm.
    3.  Start the machine and try to operate indication button, Check the earth wire, be sure that it is in good working condition to avoid any accident.


6. Operation and maintenance

1)  Operation

  1. Put the proper media into movable vessel; make sure to keep 80mm distance between media and trough surface, in order to prevent media overflow during the process, and then let the media trolly to the top of lifter and aim at 4each location pinhole.
  2. Let workpart clamped one by one, it can operate 23each each time and install one blender.
  3. Start the rotating disk after close the front door, adjust to the proper speed and start the lifter rising button, make the vessel go up to the right position(it is best to cover workpart), set the grind time.
  4. The machine will stop automatically when get to set time, open the door, start the lifter the button go dowm to dismantle workpart.
  5. Put the new workpart to begin the next process.

2)  Maintenance and service:

  1. The workpieces should be degreased before polishing to increase efficiency and protect the lined polyurethane.
  2. Main bearing should be added ZL-3 calcium-based lubricant after it works for more than 500 hours.

c. If the abnormal noise appears for more than 5 minutes in operation, check all bolts and bearings, tighten the loose bolts and change the damaged bearings.

d. Bearing model:

1). thrust ball bearing on the top of main shaft: 8307      1piece

2). two level taper roller bearing: upper 7207    4pieces

Lower 7206   4pieces

3).deep groove ball bearing for clamp rotating shaft: 180104  48pieces

  1. Inner frame rubber oil seal model:

1). Oil seal under the two level rotating shaft: 42*62*12       4pieces

2). Oil seal under the clamp rotating shaft: 20*35*7         48piece

polishing machine

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