VB(A) Vibratory Finishing Machine with Straight Wall Bowl

Vibratory polishing machines might not look very different from a vibratory tumbling machine, but they have very different purposes. Vibratory polishing machine VB(A) is a dedicated machine from Inovatec to meet your polishing needs.

VBA technical details

Total volume (L)30781002003003406009001200
Max overall dimension (A)6408301020120013101450182019302020
Motor installation tube (mm) C130226470540620720910610740
Process bowl width (mm) D185224220220280325380560560
Tunnel depth (mm) E225270330343365390500490645
Machine height (mm) H8109208609009001080135013301420
Motor (kW)0.50.75/1.11.5/2.233.7/
Weight (kg)100120260400560520108018502400


Vibratory Polishing Machine VB(A) Product Description

When it comes to polishing, having good toroidal movement is crucial. The vibratory chamber of the VB(A) machine is round in shape and so it helps finishing media to achieve the necessary circular movement needed for polishing.

The machine is designed for batch processing. The round wall surrounding the parts and media mixture allows the media to create friction. With the help of the circular movement, a vibratory polishing machine can provide extraordinary polishing results, i.e., a mirror-like finish.

The machine is made from hot-poured PU. The PU is then cured for 24 hours under an artificial environment. The raw materials like Dow chemicals come from the USA. The heart of the vibratory polishing machine VB(A), the motor, is also very high in quality and durable.

With the help of this machine, you can achieve a smooth surface on the workpieces very quickly. You can shine electronic components, silverware, coin blanks, and even pre-plated parts. Inovatec offers nine models of the VB(A) series. You can customize your unit according to your needs. The capacity of the chamber starts from 100 liters to 800 liters.


  • There is a cover that reduces the sound
  • Pump for chemical injection
  • Adjustable and variable frequency
  • Control panel with multiple mounting mechanisms
  • Digital process timer


  • Great for polishing metal parts
  • It’s possible to achieve a mirror finish on parts thanks to the unique movement of the media


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