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The wet water blasting machine is a brand new rendition of blasting instruments that revolutionizes the traditional method. The users habituated to the usual method welcomed and appreciated this machine as soon as it hit the market.

This machine can be widely used in

  • aerospace, electronics industry, weapon industry, automation, optics and other instrumentation industries;
  • machine tool, mold, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, power machinery and train locomotives
  • textile machinery, medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, intraocular lenses, springs, metal craft industries
  • industries with high precision requirements such as dentistry, jewelry, watches and glasses.

In the spray gun, the compressed air accelerates the grinding fluid entering it, and is ejected through the nozzle. The air then sprays onto the surface so that it can be processed as planned.

In the vapour sandblasting machine, the grinding fluid pump is used for feeding and the compressed air is used for accelerating.

Wet vapor blasting machine s

The vapor blasting machine feeds the grinding fluid using the pump dedicated to this function. Once it is fed, the same pump mixes it evenly using water and abrasive. Then this mixed fluid is sent to the spray gun through that pump.

On the other hand, compressed air enters the spray gun through the air pipe in order to accelerate the grinding fluid.


Wet Blasting machine with Turntable Trolleys

If the workpiece is large, it is recommended to use a turntable for easy operation. The load of the turntable is generally 60-200kg, but it can be customized according to customer needs.

For the heavy workpieces, it is recommended to use a cart for easy loading and unloading, which can further be divided into manual cart and electric trolley.

Optional Design & Setting

The gun frame is set in the chamber, and the spray gun can be placed on the gun frame during sandblasting, which is convenient for the customer to operate.

The hydro cyclone is designed to separate water from the blasting media at around 90%. It is ideal to use while emptying the machine or changing abrasives.

The “closed loop” setting implies that the machine will not require a drain nearby and will not consume large amounts of water. The basis for a closed-loop system is a large filter unit (similar to that shown above). It filters the liquid well enough to be used for the rinse gun and the window wash.

Sand Blasting Media

Glass beads are a unique but widely used pneumatic sandblasting abrasive, used in cleaning, processing or metal surface sandblasting and other fields.

Glass beads are made from highly compressed and graded glass fragments.

First, the glass fragments are melted into a spherical shape and then cooled down to balance its internal pressure and bending resistance. These pure and transparent spheres do not have any embedded particle, purification, stain or other damage to the surface after treatment.

According to the selected size and operating parameters, glass beads will produce a variety of gloss on the surface of the workpiece, from rough to silky. The use of glass bead blasting or spraying can also easily generate decorative effects or similar special effects ensuring excellent performance.

Even when the precision of the workpiece is cleaned or deburred, the surface of the workpiece will not be damaged and the original accuracy of the workpiece will be maintained. Moreover, the inherent strength of the glass bead allows it to withstand multiple impacts and perform cyclic sandblasting operations.

Glass beads are widely used to treat the surface of workpieces with residual tension or to produce a compressive stress layer under periodic pressure. This helps them to achieve the purpose of surface strengthening. The use of glass beads to strengthen the workpiece surface can reduce potential hazards such as surface erosion or surface fatigue.

The chemical nature of glass beads is non-toxic and will not leave iron or other harmful substances on the workpiece surface while in use, nor will it adversely affect the surrounding environment.

Inovatec Machinery – China's Leading Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Improve the environmental condition and reduce dust pollution
  • With the right selection of media, the roughness after blasting is reduced by a degree
  • Recycled abrasives lead to smaller consumption
  • The main components have a long service life and are easy to maintain.
Frequently Asked Question
1. What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?

The minimum order quantity for our machine is one piece.

2. How do you make the packaging for your blasting machine?

We make a pallet for our blasting machines to protect them during shipment through the sea. The equipment is fixed tightly to the piles to prevent it from falling down during transportation.

3. What is your payment term?

For general order, 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment are required.

If this is your first time working with us, you can use PayPal to confirm your order. We welcome you to visit our factory to check the quality before shipment.

4. How is your production lead time?

Production lead time is 20-25 days for most equipment. Please contact us for detailed discussion regarding any particular machine.

5. What is your nearest Port?

Shanghai, Yiwu, and Ningbo are our nearest ports. We will organize our shipment to your warehouse at one of these ports.

Vapour Blasting Machine Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel SUS304/carbon steel/fiberglass
Operating dimensions L*W*H900*650*750mm1000*1000*750mm1200*1200*800mm
Machine Size L*W*H900*950*1700mm1000*1300*1830mm1200*1500*2000mm
Entrance Door SizeW440*H550mmW840mm*H650mmW900mm*H800mm
Power Supply220V/380V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz; 1.5kw
Working Pressure58-101psi
Air Consumption (Approx)50cfm
Quantity of Gun1pc
Nozzle Diameter9.5mm
Load Capacity60Kg
Machine Lighting18W*2pcs
Air Intake HoseΦ16mm
Total Weight (Approx)350kg500kg600kg
Abrasive AvailableGlass bead, sand, aluminum oxide etc

Vapour Blasting Machine Front View

vapor blasting machine side view

Vapour Blasting Machine Side View

Vapor sand blasting machine side view

Vapour Blasting Machine Back View

vapor blasting machine back view


Vapour Blasting Machine FAQ Guide

1. How do you control the quality of the vapour blasting machine?

Inovatec promises to deliver the highest standard vapour blast machine.

There are three reasons behind the quality of our best blast machine system: best raw materials, ISO9001 quality management system and skilled operators.


1)   Raw materials

The machines are made out of stainless steel SUS304 plate from China BAOSTEEL which excels as a raw material for industry-standard machines.


2)   ISO quality management system

Our designers draw all other mechanical parts in CAD software. And then we accurately cut these parts using the laser cutting machine. So we make sure the dimensions of each part are accurate.

The laser cutting machine ensures all parts are processed precisely according to the design.

CNC cutting machines allow the parts tolerance to be within 0. 1mm.

Sandblasting after welding makes the appearance even better.

sand blasting machine workshop


3)   Skilled operators

Our team consists of well-trained operators with over ten years of experience.

We maintain strict operational workflow from raw materials to assembly.

We run the machine for trial before each shipment.

L Heat Drying Chamber


2. How many types of vapour blasting machine do you have?

Our company has two types of vapour sandblasting machines – manual and automatic. Among them, the manual vapor sandblasting machine has three standard models of 9065, 1010 and 1212 according to the size of its room

The automatic vapour sandblasting machine can be modified according to the customer requirements. There are 3 kinds of raw materials available for these machines – 304 stainless steel, carbon steel and glass steel.

Glass Fiber Sand Blasting Machine


3. What options do you have for vapor blast machine?

3.1 Optional Turntable

If the workpiece is large, it is recommended to use the turntable for easy operation. The load of the turntable is generally 60-200kg, which can also be customized according to customer needs.

vapour blast machine Inside cabinet


3.2 Optional Cart.

If the workpiece is heavy, it is recommended to use a cart to facilitate loading and unloading. The carts are divided into two types – manual and electric.

Vapor blasting machine Trolley


3.3 Hydro cyclone

The hydro cyclone is designed to separate water from the blasting media to around 90%. It is ideal for emptying the machine or changing abrasives.

3.4 Closed-loop system

The “closed loop” setting implies that the machine will not require a drain nearby and will not consume large amounts of water. The basis for a closed-loop system is a large filter unit (similar to that shown above). It filters the liquid well enough to be used for the rinse gun and the window wash.

Although some top-up or replacement of clean water will be required from time to time, the machine will not require a continuous draining supply. The window wash and rinse gun use recycled water which is pumped from the filter unit using a heavy duty air operated diaphragm pump.

4. How do you choose vapor blast machine size?

We choose the vapour blasting equipment size according to parts size.

If the size of your parts is smaller than 400mm, choose YS-9065.

If the size of your parts is from 400-650mm, choose YS-1010.

If the size of your parts is larger than 650mm, choose YS-1212 or larger machine.

If you still don’t know how to choose machine size, contact us and ask for free technical advice.


5. What spare parts do we need to stock for vapour blast equipment?

The most frequently changed spare parts are blast gun, blast nozzle and blast hose which may wear out while blasting. Therefore, you need to change it once the part crosses its lifespan. In general, we change the window wiper, gloves and impeller on the pump every 3-6 months.

5.1 wet blasting machine gun

wet blasting machine gun

5.2 wet blasting machine hose & gloves

wet blasting machine hose & gloves

5.3 wet blasting machine window wiper

wet blasting machine window wiper

5.4 Wet Blasting Impeller

wet blasting machine Impeller


6. How to confirm vapour blasting machine order?

1)  Firstly, confirm the machine model and size.

2)  Secondly, inform us if you want to install an optional device like turntable or cart

3)  Thirdly, tell us how much machine power supply is available in your factory. For example, the industries in Australia use 415V 50HZ 3-phase power. Single-phase will also work fine.

4)  We can do OEM service per your request. Also, we can put your logo in the machine.


7. Which kind of abrasive can be used in vapor blast machine?

Usually, we recommend using glass beads, aluminium oxide and ceramic beads.


8. How much abrasive and water to put into a vapor blast machine?

We propose putting 3-5 kg abrasive into the machine maintaining a ratio of water and abrasive from 3:1 to 5:1. You can adjust it according to your particular requirements.


9. What is the machine power suggested for vapour blast machine?

Normally our default electric power supply is 380V 50HZ 3-phase.

It is the standard electrical power for European countries, Russia, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and most Eurasia countries.

If you need any other electrical power, we can also modify it according to your requirement. Usually, we suggest 3-phase power supply and we also accept 220V-480V 3-phase power 50/60HZ.


10. What services do you offer after purchase?

We offer one year of free warranty service for the machine.

Within one year, we offer you free spare parts and delivery.

After one year, we offer lifetime technical service with the basic cost of spare parts.

If you have any technical issue about the machine, we will send you a training video on how to fix it.


11. How to ensure maintenance while using the vapour blast machine?

Regularly check if the window wiper is loose. If it’s loose, tighten it up.

Don’t use abrasives which have impurity.

Use a clean mixture of abrasive and water if the machine has not been used in a long time.


12. How to install the machine when we receive it?

The machine will be installed and debugged before delivery. After receiving the goods, place the machine on a flat ground, connect the power supply and air source, and then turn it on.


13. What’s the air consumption of the vapour blast machine?

Air consumption of the vapor blast machine needs to be at least 50cfm, 58-101psi or more.


14. What’s the material of nozzle?

The nozzle is made of boron carbide with a diameter of 9.5mm and 12.5mm.

wet blasting machine gun


15. What’s the advantage of a vapor blast machine compared to a dry blast machine?

Dry blasting is much more destructive to the surface of the part and will remove the material of the substrate. Particles will also be embedded in the surface.

Vapour blasting is much gentler to the part’s surface and no material will be embedded. A shiny, lustrous finish like this one cannot be achieved with dry blasting.

Besides, the latter does not produce dust while working, reduces environmental pollution and reduces health hazards for workers

vapor blasting machine side view


16. How to operate vapor blasting machine?

1) Turn on the power and open the cabinet. Then add water and feed the machine according to its model.

2) When you turn on the power supply, the abrasive pump runs automatically. Put the workpiece into the box and close the work compartment door.

Hold the spray gun in the right hand and stabilize the workpiece to be processed with the left hand. Step on the footswitch after which the wiper will start automatically causing the abrasive and water to pass.

The air source then flows into the spray gun at high speed and directly hits the parts to be processed to achieve the effect of sandblasting. The thickness of the processed workpiece can be selected by the abrasive.

3) After sandblasting is completed, release the footswitch to stop the spray gun. Open the work compartment and take out the parts.


17. What fields can the vapor blasting machine be applied to?

It can be widely used in aerospace, electronics industry, weapon industry, automation, optics and other instrumentation industries; machine tool, mold, hydraulic parts, hardware tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, power machinery and train locomotives, textile machinery, medical equipment, chemical machinery, metal materials, intraocular lenses, springs, metal craft industries and industries with high precision requirements such as dentistry, jewelry, watches and glasses.


18. What safety measures are on the water blasting machine to protect the safety of the operator?

  • The foot switch controls sandblasting. So release the foot switch to stop the spray gun
  • There is an emergency stop switch on the machine. In case of emergency, the operator can press it to stop the machine
  • There are interlocking devices on the machine. If someone opens the cabin door during the operation of the machine, the machine will stop running.


19. How to add sand and water in the vapour sand blasting machine?

Open the cabin door. Then pour water and sand from it in proportion.

If there is an external water source, you can also open it to allow that water flow into the cabin.


20. Should sand and water be mixed manually in the vapour sand blasting machine?

Sand and water do not need to be mixed manually. The sand and water will be stirred by the grinding liquid pump, and will be mixed automatically.


21. How to replace dirty water and sand after using the vapor blasting machine for a while?

There are three ball valves on the machine.

The function of the overflow valve is to let the foam flow out from it.

The function of the water change valve is to discharge the dirty water when the sand is clean, and open when the task is stopped.

The water change valve allows the dirty water to drain.

The role of the sand change valve is to replace the dirty sand.

When the task is stopped, the sand change valve is opened to allow the dirty sand to be discharged


22. Can a vapor blasting machine spray steel products?

Iron and steel products will rust when they come into contact with water.

So you can add anti-rust liquid to the water to prevent such situations.


23. How to ensure a clear line of sight when sandblasting?

  • The machine should be equipped with a large window for a wider viewing range
  • The window should be equipped with a wiper, which can brush off the water and sand on the glass
  • There should be a water gun at the top of the window so that the water flowing out of this gun can wash the glass
  • The exhaust fan exhausts the mist in the cabin making the vision clear


24. How does the vapor sandblasting machine work?

The vapor sandblasting machine uses the grinding fluid pump to feed the fluid, and sends the evenly mixed grinding fluid (a mixture of abrasive and water) to the spray gun through that pump.

As the acceleration power of the grinding fluid, compressed air enters the spray gun through the air pipe.

In the spray gun, the compressed air accelerates the grinding fluid that enters the spray gun. The air is then ejected through the nozzle and sprayed onto the surface to be processed to achieve the desired purpose.

In the vapor sandblasting machine, the grinding fluid pump is the feeding power, and the compressed air is the accelerating power.

vapor sand blasting machine working principal


25. How to clean the workpiece after sandblasting is completed?

After the sandblasting is completed, sand will stick to the surface of the workpiece, and the workpiece can be cleaned with a water gun in the engine room


26. What are the benefits of the vapor blasting?

1)Superior finish.

2)Gentle and non-corrosive.

3)Cleans by waterflow, not impact.

4)Avoids media impregnation of material.


6)Cleans without damage.

7)Critical dimensions are maintained.

8)Does not heat or warp parts.

9)Oxidized aluminum comes out like new

10)Rims and mags can also be done and minor curb rash can be repaired.


27. What is the application of the vapour blasting process

27.1  Clean the rough surface of precision castings

Vapour blasting is used to clean the scale and residual on the surface of precision castings, especially for the cleaning and polishing of precision castings with complex shapes and no margin.

It is the most economical and effective process.

At the same time, it can play a polishing role and improve the surface finish of castings

For example: aero-engine turbine blades, surgical instruments, jewelry, etc.

The use of vapor blasting to clean the die-casting parts can expose the parts to the same metallic color and make them more beautiful.

If the vapor sand peening effect is better, the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the parts can also be improved.

Such as: various instrument shells, frames, jewelry, etc.

For sand casting aluminum, copper and other metals, the use of vapor blasting can also achieve a higher surface quality thus saving many intermediate process links.

engine parts vapor blasting before and after


27.2 Remove oxide scale

The oxide scale and residual salt after heat treatment can be removed by water vapor blast cleaning. This process can also improve the surface finish of many parts, especially like the complicated shapes of molds and vapor blasting of precision parts.

For example, the vapor blasting of the file after heat treatment will not only damage its edge but also increase its service life.

After hot rolling, the various rare metal plates can also use vapor blasting to remove scale and stains, prepare for cold rolling, and improve their surface quality.

vapor blasting remove rust


27.3 Removal of micro burrs on machined workpieces

Although burrs are usually small, they can be very harmful.

With the advancement of science and technology, the mechanical parts are becoming more and more complex. As a result, the accuracy requirements are getting higher and the application conditions are becoming more strict.

vapor blasting machine remove micro burr


Even a little burr is not allowed in cases like textile machinery parts, hydraulic components and the precise aerospace industry.

Besides, medical instruments, parts, castings on dental restorations, etc., use vapor blasting to remove burrs.

Both the efficiency and quality are of high grades here.

It can make the corners of two surfaces appear as small rounded corners (this is required by many mechanical parts).

Reasonable selection of process parameters can also improve the original surface brightness.


27.4 Clean up dirt and rust

Various molds such as forging molds, stamping molds, rubber molds, tire molds, plastic compression molds, glass product molds, etc. will be contaminated with mold release agents and other dirt or burn marks after using for a period of time.

At the same time, it can decrease the mold’s service life.

The use of vapor sandblasting on food molds can meet their medical sterilization requirements and improve the pressure resistance of ceramic components in the electronics industry

This technology of refurbishing old mechanical parts and automotive spare parts can make them look as good as new.

before Vapor blasting

vapor blasting dirt and corrosion cleaning


27.5 Prepare for other surface treatment processes

The vapor sandblasting pretreatment is used before plating the parts.

The plating layer has a strong binding force, especially for hard chrome plating like engine piston ring, textile machine wire roller plated pear surface chrome, etc.

For paint parts and sprayed parts, the use of vapor sandblasting before spraying can enhance the bonding force of the coating

The use of vapor sandblasting for bonding parts has a good quality and higher strength.

26.6 Light decoration processing

Vapor sandblasting has an incomparably good effect for finishing, especially for the polishing of parts with complex shapes, such as impeller engine blades, various mold shapes (currency molds, incense coins, commemorative coin molds), etc.

Besides, the use of vapor sandblasting to polish ceramic, diamond, gold and silver jewelry is the most economical method.

27.7 Decorative surface

For parts that require a smooth surface and do not allow reflection, vapor sandblasting is an effective process.

Vapor sandblasting has a wide range of applications like surgical instruments,  frosted glassware, frosted pattern design, instrument panel, plastic drawing paper sand surface processing, single crystal silicon surface or mirror surface, special fabric cloth plush processing and more.

27.8 Improve the performance of mechanical parts

After the mechanical parts are blasted by liquid, the sprayed surface has microscopic uniform pits in addition to improving the 0.5-1 level finish on the original basis. These pits can maintain the storage of lubricating oil and improve the lubrication conditions, thus extending the parts.

Increase the service life while reducing the noise of mechanical operation for gears, crankshafts, textile machinery, sewing machinery, etc.

After mechanical parts are blasted by liquid, especially after vapor sand blasting, the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the parts can be significantly improved. For instance: springs, turbine blades, etc.

After the vapor blasting of mechanical parts and castings, small surface defects are easily exposed, which is helpful for the inspection and detection of cracks.

mechanical parts before blasting

mechanical parts after blasting

28. What Is A Vapor Blast Machine?

The machine inside which the vapor blasting process is carried out is called the vapor blasting machine.

You need to feed the machine with the parts, blast media, and water to operate the machine.

This machine is suitable for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing of parts.


29. How Do You Prepare Parts For Vapor Blasting?

You need to ensure that the parts do not have any screws, nuts, bolts, or any other parts attached to the part.

If any of these items are present, you must remove it before feeding the parts to the vapor blasting machine.

No other special part preparation is required.

If your components has electric parts or parts that cannot contact with water/sand, you need to protect with covering before sandblasting.

If your components are greasy or dirty, we suggest cleaning the parts before sandblasting.


30. How Will Be The Final Finish After Vapor Blasting?

The final finish for the part varies for different products.

Some parts will need a matte finish, whereas others may require a glossy finish.

You can achieve any type of finish with the help of the right blast media and the time duration of the process.

31. Is Vapor Blasting Required For Parts Before Repainting?

Yes, vapor blasting is recommended for parts before repainting.

You need to do a surface preparation of the parts that are to be repainted.

It will ensure that there is no oxide layer or burrs that can affect painting effectiveness.


32. How To Avoid Trapping Of Blast Media From Parts?

Glass beads and ceramic beads are the most commonly used blast media.

So, when you select the media, you should also consider the media size.

The media size should be the one-third size of the smallest slot in part.

It will ensure that the media doesn’t get trapped in the parts to an extent.


33. Will It Remove The Oxide Layer Completely?

Yes, Inovatec machines are capable of removing the oxide layer entirely from the parts.

You need to ensure that you give the right amount of finishing time along with the right media.


34. Will Vapor Blasting Remove Paint?

Vapor blasting is not recommended for blasting painted parts.

So, if you use painted parts inside the vapor blast machine, it may remove the paint from the surface of the part.

The vapor blasting machine is used for blasting the part before painting.

aluminum wheel with paint before sand blasting

aluminum wheel after sand blasting


35. Is It Possible To Vapor Blast A Complete Engine?

Vapor blasting an engine as such is not recommended.

It will only clean and finish the outer surface of the engine.

You will have to disassemble the engine and feed the machine with the parts to get a proper finishing across all the surfaces of the parts.

36. What Types Of Materials Does The Vapor Blast Machine Support?

The vapor blast machines from Inovatec machinery support parts made of different types of materials.

The list of parts based on their material type is given below:

36.1 Aluminum Parts

The majority of parts that undergo the vapor blasting process are made up of aluminum.

36.2 Carbon Fibre Parts

Carbon fiber parts are used in many sectors like medical, aerospace, mechanical, automotive space, etc.

36.3 Stainless Steel Parts

You can also use stainless steel parts for vapor blasting.

36.4 Rubber Parts

Rubber parts are widely used in almost all sectors and industries.

36.5 Chrome Parts

Chrome parts are used in the automotive, mechanical, and aerospace segments.

36.6 Steel Parts

When your parts are made of steel, you must use an anti-rust solution and water for vapor blasting.

36.7 Brass Parts

Brass parts can also be used inside a vapor blasting machine.

37. Do The Parts Need To Be Dust Free Before Vapor Blasting?

Parts need not be dust free before vapor blasting.

The vapor blasting process will clean the parts thoroughly and remove dust and dirt from the part.

38. How Many Times Can A Media Be Reused For Vapor Blasting?

You can use the media multiple times for blasting since it is a reusable one.

The life of the media is dependent on the type of media.

The glass beads will have more life when compared to the ceramic ones.

Always invest on high quality media.

It will ensure that you can use the media many more years.

You must discard the media once it starts showing impurities even after cleaning.

39. How Long Should You Run The Vapor Blast Machine?

The time duration for running the machine depends on many factors.

39.1 Finish requirement

You will have to run the machine for a longer duration if you want to achieve a high gloss finish.

The finishing time will be less for a matte finish.

39.2 Material type

The finishing time will be less for soft metals like aluminum and brass.

The time taken will be more for hard metal and metal alloys.

39.3 Surface Preparation

If you are looking for surface preparation of parts before coating or painting, then the finishing time will be less.

39.4 Blast media

The time duration of the process is also dependent on the blast media.

A media with a higher cutting rate can bring down the processing time drastically.

But, you should ensure that such cutting rates does not damage your parts.

A high quality media can also help to bring down the processing time.

So, never invest in cheap low quality blast media.

39.5 Machine Type

Inovatec machinery offers multiple variants of vapor blasting machines.

So, processing time will also vary with the machine.

An automatic machine can help to reduce the overall processing time.

Several other additional fittings can also help to reduce the finishing time.

40. What Is The Largest Part Size That The Vapor Blast Machine Can Handle?

Inovatec offers vapor blast machines of three capacities.

Their largest model comes with an internal compartment size of 1200x1200x800 mm.

So, any part that can be accommodated within this size can be handled by the machine.

41. Will Vapor Blasting Damage My Product?

If you use the right type of media for vapor blasting, then the process will not damage your product.

You must also ensure that the material of your product is compatible with the machines.

Also, you should not run the machine for a long duration as it may damage the product.

42. How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Vapor Blast Machine?

The price starts from $3000-6000.

The price for higher versions, which comes with the automatic features, goes all the way up above $6000+.

So, they are available in the different price range that can suit anyone’s budget.

43. Is The Maintenance Costly For A Vapor Blast Machine?

There is not much maintenance cost involved for a vapor blast machine.

You can easily do it with the standard set of maintenance tools.

You can always refer to the detailed maintenance guide supplied along with the machine.

44. Do We Have To Clean The Abrasive Media After Blasting?

It is recommended to use clean media with the vapor blasting machine for the best results.

The media tends to get dirty after the blasting process.

So, it is recommended to clean, dry, and store the media after each blasting process.

45. Is The Operating Procedure A Complex One?

Vapor blasting machine from Inovatec machinery comes with a simple operating procedure.

All operating guidelines are written in the instruction manual, which comes along with the machine.

If you still have any queries after reading the instruction manual, you can always get in touch with our support engineers to clarify your doubts.

46. Is Special Training Required To Operate The Machine?

No, specialized training is required to operate the vapor blast machine from Inovatec machinery.

Anyone can efficiently operate the machine with the help of clear set operating guidelines given in the instruction manual.

If you have any queries in operating the vapor blasting machine, you can always contact our support team of engineers.

47. Do Vapor Blasting Guarantee Corrosion Protection?

Vapor blasting does not guarantee corrosion protection.

If you are using metals for vapor blasting that are prone to corrosion, you must use an anti rusting agent along with the water.

Otherwise, the water may make the part prone to oxidation.

48. Which Type Of Machine Is Good-Manual Or Automatic?

Inovatec offers manual and automatic machines when it comes to vapor blasting machines.

Both of these variants do an excellent job of vapor blasting the parts for cleaning and finishing.

The automatic machine will allow you to customize your machine to reduce some of the manual tasks.

Thus, the automatic machine can help you to save more time when compared to the manual one.

But this time saving features demand more investment.



The vapor blasting process is one of the most modern processing methods of metal.

It can obtain high-finish and complex-shaped parts without the need for special expensive machine tools.

Its machining surface has no tool marks or surface hardening but it can improve the wear resistance of parts. This process ensures resistance against corrosion and fatigue.

It involves no dust, no raw material loss, no environmental pollution, no sound pollution, but offers strong process adaptability and high working efficiency while processing. The process can also develop various special vapor blasting machines according to user requirements.

Therefore, the vapor sandblasting process has good economic effects and is widely used.

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