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The concept of water blasting or hydro blasting is not very old in the mass finishing industry. It’s one of a kind blasting equipment that uses the power of water to clean and deburr the surface of the product. It’s a revolutionary new method that changed the world of mass finishing for good.

A water blasting machine is commonly used to clean aerospace parts, weapons, automobiles, optics, electronics, and virtually any other industrial parts. Even industries that require high precision such as the watch industry, jewelry industry, etc. can also benefit from a hydro blasting machine.

A wet blasting machine utilizes the power of compressed air to force the water out at a very high speed to clean and deburr parts. Inside the spray gun, the water gets accelerated with help from compressed air and shoots out through a nozzle.

A water blasting machine simply uses water to operate. There is a pump inside the machine that generates the power to accelerate the water. The water then comes out at a greater force which in return cleans the surface of the parts, also known as hydro cleaning.

Wet vapor blasting machine s

A wet blasting machine simply uses water to operate. There is a pump inside the machine that generates the power to accelerate the water. The water then comes out at a greater force which in return cleans the surface of the parts, also known as hydro cleaning.


Wet Blasting machine with Turntable Trolleys

If you often work with large workpieces, it’s recommended that you invest in turnable water blasting machine. These machines can move in all directions, giving you a better opportunity to clean all surfaces equally.

As for heavy water blasting machines with a higher capacity, we recommend using a trolley to move it with ease.

Optional Design & Setting

You can attach a gun frame on the chamber of the machine to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency of the operator. The spray gun can be placed in the gun frame.

One of the best parts of wet blasting is that you don’t require any media. Water blasting is the process of utilizing water pressure to clean and deburr the surface of the parts without any abrasive. All you have to do is invest in a water blasting machine and you are good to go.

It consists of a big filter unit that can filter the dirty water in the chamber after blasting. It helps to reduce total water consumption. The recycled water is suitable for window wash and the rinse gun. Thus, the process can be made more environmentally friendly.

Sand Blasting Media

One of the best parts of wet blasting is that you don’t require any media. Water blasting is the process of utilizing water pressure to clean and deburr the surface of the parts without any abrasive. All you have to do is invest in a water blasting machine and you are good to go.

Inovatec Machinery – The Pioneer in Manufacturing Hydro Blasting Machine in China
  • Say no to dust pollution by using the power of water
  • No media is required to operate a water blasting machine
  • Top-quality equipment refined with years of experience
  • Best in warranty policy by the manufacturer
Frequently Asked Question
What is the least amount of order that you take?

Answer: The minimum order quantity we allow is just one.

How are the water blasting machines packed?

Answer: Inovatec uses pallets to pack all kinds of mass finishing equipment. All the equipment is secured tightly in order to ensure that they don’t get damaged during transportation.

How do I pay?

Answer: As per our policy, a deposit of 30% is required to confirm the order. The rest must be paid before shipment. If you have any confusion, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory and check the quality of the equipment by yourself.

How long do you need to manufacture a hydro blasting machine?

Answer: Generally, it takes about 20-25 days to manufacture mass finishing equipment. The time frame may vary depending on the requirements and our inventory.

What is your nearest Port?

Shanghai, Yiwu, and Ningbo are the nearest ports from our factory.

Water Blasting Machine Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel SUS304/carbon steel/fiberglass
Operating dimensions L*W*H900*650*750mm1000*1000*750mm1200*1200*800mm
Machine Size L*W*H900*950*1700mm1000*1300*1830mm1200*1500*2000mm
Entrance Door SizeW440*H550mmW840mm*H650mmW900mm*H800mm
Power Supply220V/380V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz; 1.5kw
Working Pressure58-101psi
Air Consumption (Approx)50cfm
Quantity of Gun1pc
Nozzle Diameter9.5mm
Load Capacity60Kg
Machine Lighting18W*2pcs
Air Intake HoseΦ16mm
Total Weight (Approx)350kg500kg600kg
Abrasive AvailableGlass bead, sand, aluminum oxide etc

Water Blasting Machine Front View

vapor blasting machine side view

Water Blasting Machine Side View

Vapor sand blasting machine side view

Water Blasting Machine Back View

vapor blasting machine back view

Water Blasting Machine FAQ Guide

1. How do you control the quality of the wet blast machine?

We only use the best quality raw materials to ensure the maximum efficiency of your machines. We do regular quality assurance supervised by skilled operators. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible hydro blasting experience.

1)   Raw materials

For our wet blasting machines, we use SUS304 stainless steel plates from China BAOSTEEL. It’s the highest quality stainless steel when it comes to industrial machinery.

2)   Quality management system

The mechanical parts of our wet blasting machine are designed in CAD software by experienced designers. All the dimensions are maintained precisely while cutting with CNC machines. The accuracy level comes down to approximately 0.1mm.

sand blasting machine workshop

3)   Skilled operators

All of our employees are skilled operators with over a decade of working experience. From raw material assembly to production, we maintain a very high-quality workflow.

L Heat Drying Chamber


2. How do you choose the wet blast machine size?

We choose the wet blast machine size according to parts size. You can customize your own machine as well by providing us the necessary dimensions of our parts.

Glass Fiber Sand Blasting Machine


3. What spare parts do I need to stock for wet blast equipment?

The blast gun, hose, and nozzle are the parts that require often changing. All of these components go through very intense conditions with every use of the machine. Other than that, you are required to change the impeller on the pump every 3 to 6 months.

vapour blast machine Inside cabinet

Vapor blasting machine Trolley

4. Which kind of abrasive can be used in the hydro blasting machine?

No abrasives are required in the wet blasting process.

5. What is the machine power suggested for the wet blasting machine?

The default power requirement is a 3-phase connection. 380V 50H is the standard power requirement for our water blasting machines. If your country uses any other power settings, we can customize the machine according to your needs. But, never opt for a single-phase connection for a hydro blasting machine.

6. What are the after-sales services on a water blasting machine?

Our warranty policy covers one year of free service, including the parts. For the rest of the life of the machine, we provide service with minimal parts cost. If you have any difficulties regarding the machine, we’ll send your video tutorials on how to address the issue.

7. How to keep a wet blasting machine in good shape?

Keep an eye for any inconsistency regarding the machine. if everything looks good, the machine is in good shape. Performing periodic maintenance according to the instructions is the best way to keep your machine functional for a very long time.

8. How to install the machine when I receive it?

There is no assembly required for our hydro blasting machines. Our machines come pre-checked and assembled from the factory. Put the machine on flat ground and connect it to a secure power source to start operation immediately.

vapor sand blasting machine working principal


9. What’s the material of the nozzle?

. We use a boron carbide nozzle for our hydro blasting machines. The nozzle size might vary depending on the machine itself.

wet blasting machine gun


10. What’s the advantage of a wet blasting machine compared to a dry blasting machine?

Dry blasting is not recommended if you’re concerned about the condition of the parts. Dry blasting is quite destructive as it removes material from the part and changes the dimension uncontrollably.

On the other hand, a wet blasting machine is very gentle to the parts. No particles will get embedded into the surface and you won’t have to deal with dust which is a common phenomenon with dry blasting.

vapor blasting machine side view


11. How to operate a wet blasting machine?

Turn the machine on and load it with water. The pump will work automatically to load up the spray gun. All you have to do now is pull the trigger on the spray gun to blast your parts with high-pressure water.

Alternatively, you can go for a footswitch which will control the trigger instead of the spray gun. You have to manually control the spray gun to get the most effective cleaning results possible.


12. What safety measures are on the water blasting machine to ensure the safety of the operator?

  • Releasing the footswitch or the trigger will stop the machine from blasting
  • An emergency switch has been incorporated into the machine. Under extreme conditions, the operator can press it to turn the machine off

13. Can a wet blasting machine spray steel products?

You can easily blast stainless steel and iron parts with a hydro blasting machine from Inovatec. Keep in mind that these parts will rust once they touch the water. So, you have to invest in an anti-rust solution in order to protect the parts.

14. How to clean the workpiece after water blasting is completed?

After the hydro blasting is completed, a dryer can be used to dry the parts. Inovatec features a top of the line vibratory dryer specifically designed for drying workpieces.

15. What are the benefits of the wet blasting?

1)Superior finish

2)Gentle and non-corrosive

3)Cleans by Waterflow, not impact

4)No media required


6)No damage done to the parts

7)No change in dimension of the parts

8)No heating or warping issues

9)Oxidized aluminum becomes brand new

16. What is the application of the wet blasting process?

16.1  Clean the rough surface of precision castings

Wet blasting is used to clean the scale and residual on the surface of precision castings, especially for the cleaning and polishing of precision parts. It is the most economical and effective process for such operations.

At the same time, it can play a polishing role and improve the surface finish of castings. For example aero-engine turbine blades, surgical instruments, jewelry, etc. The use of water blasting to clean the die-casting parts can expose the parts to the same metallic color and make them more beautiful.

If the liquid shot peening effect is better, the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the parts such as various instrument shells, frames, jewelry, etc. can also be improved. For sand casting aluminum, copper, and other metals, the use of liquid blasting can also achieve a higher surface quality thus saving many intermediate process links.

engine parts vapor blasting before and after


16.2 Remove oxide scale

The oxide scale and residual salt after heat treatment can be removed by wet blasting machine. This process can also improve the surface finish of many parts, especially like the complicated shapes of molds and liquid blasting of precision parts.

For example, the liquid blasting off the file after heat treatment will not only damage its edge but also increase its service life.

vapor blasting remove rust


16.3 Removal of micro burrs on machined workpieces

Although burrs are usually small, they can be very harmful. Even a little burr is not allowed in cases like textile machinery parts, hydraulic components, and the precise aerospace industry. Besides, medical instruments, parts, castings on dental restorations, etc., use hydro blasting to remove burrs.

Both the efficiency and quality are of high grades here. It can make the corners of two surfaces appear as small rounded corners (this is required by many mechanical parts).

vapor blasting machine remove micro burr


16.4 Clean up dirt and rust

Various molds such as forging molds, stamping molds, rubber molds, tire molds, plastic compression molds, glass product molds, etc. will be contaminated with mold release agents and other dirt or burn marks after using for a certain period.

At the same time, it can decrease the mold’s service life.

The use of liquid wet blasting on food molds can meet their medical sterilization requirements and improve the pressure resistance of ceramic components in the electronics industry

This technology of refurbishing old mechanical parts and automotive spare parts can make them look as good as new.

before Vapor blasting

vapor blasting dirt and corrosion cleaning


16.5 Prepare for other surface treatment processes

The liquid wet blasting pretreatment is used before plating the parts.

The plating layer has a strong binding force, especially for hard chrome plating like engine piston ring, textile machine wire roller plated pear surface chrome, etc.

For paint parts and sprayed parts, the use of liquid hydro blasting before spraying can enhance the bonding force of the coating

The use of wet blasting for bonding parts has good quality and higher strength.

16.6 Improve the performance of mechanical parts

After the mechanical parts are blasted with a liquid, the sprayed surface has microscopic uniform pits in addition to improving the 0.5-1 level finish on the original basis. These pits can maintain the storage of lubricating oil and improve the lubrication conditions, thus extending the parts.

Increase the service life while reducing the noise of mechanical operation for gears, crankshafts, textile machinery, sewing machinery, etc.

After mechanical parts are blasted with a liquid, especially after liquid shot blasting, the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the parts can be significantly improved. For instance: springs, turbine blades, etc.

After the liquid blasting of mechanical parts and castings, small surface defects are easily exposed, which is helpful for the inspection and detection of cracks.

mechanical parts before blasting

mechanical parts after blasting


17. Will water blasting damage my products in the process?

With a water blasting machine from Inovatec, there’s no chance of damaging your products. You have to be particularly careful about the size and shape of the media. The media must be compatible with the machine as well.

18. How expensive is the maintenance of a hydro blasting machine?

The maintenance of a hydro blasting machine is similar to any other mass finishing machines. You can use regular tools to service the machine and keep it in good shape for a very long time.

19. Do I need any special skills or training to operate the water blasting machine?

No. No particular training is required to operate our machines. Anyone and everyone can operate it by following the instruction manual.

20. Should I invest in automatic water blasting machine or a manual machine?

The automatic variant of the hydro blasting machine from Inovatec has some advantages over the manual one. You can fine-tune the functionality of the machine according to your liking and reduce the need for manual labour drastically. So, we recommend going for the automatic one.

21. Will water blasting damage the paint on my products?

Water blasting is a very intense process and it will damage the paint on any parts. It’s recommended that you use the water blasting process before painting the parts.

aluminum wheel with paint before sand blasting

aluminum wheel after sand blasting



When it comes to cleaning technology, the water blasting machine has changed the dynamic of the mass finishing industry. With high-quality operation and top-notch efficiency, there is no alternative to a good hydro blasting machine if you want to clean parts safely.

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