Wood Barrel Tumbling Machine

Wood Barrel Polishing Machine is perfectly suitable for batch processing of precision parts, sliders, electronic parts, bearings, and small hardware. Environmentally friendly and no pollution.
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DM drum polishing machine drawing

The double-layered four-barrel dry roller polishing machine (slow-speed wooden barrel-roller) is suitable for dry rough grinding and polishing of metal and plastic parts.

It consists of two large-capacity octagonal wooden barrels.

The rotation speed is constant at 28 revolutions per minute.

The workpieces and abrasives in the barrels slide with the rotation of the wooden barrels.

They flow from the high point to the low point and repeatedly operate to form a sliding layer. This process produces a strong grinding effect.

wood rotary barrel tumbling machine workshop


Loading of workpieces:

Generally, the workpiece is placed about 5 kg for every 30 kg of bamboo and wood grains. Quantity is to be determined by the ratio of rolling material to the workpiece.


Dry tumbling media — Beech grain

Used for dry-type wooden barrel machine, dry-type bamboo barrel machine, etc. It can polish silver, K gold, copper, stainless steel, and other materials and accessories.


Dry tumbling media — Bamboo Granule

It is mainly made of walnut grain, corn cob, wood grain, bamboo grain, etc. The bamboo grain is used as an intermediate in the dry grinding and polishing process. It has a certain grinding force during rough grinding, which can remove certain clamping lines of plastic products. There is no cutting force during the middle grinding and fine polishing (wood pellets are usually used at this time), which aims to make the surface of the product smooth and increase the brightness of the product surface


Product features and applications:

Suitable for glasses, watch accessories, jewelry, plastic parts, acrylic, wood products, stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminum alloy, etc.

  • The workpiece can achieve the polishing effect of the cloth wheel and the dead angle that the cloth wheel is difficult to throw;
  • It can be clockwise forward and reverse to ensure smooth operation and consistency of the processed workpieces;
  • Equipped with a discharging door and a sorting screen, easy to operate and improve work efficiency;
  • Built-in grinder barrel, large processing capacity, fine grinding, and superfine grinding and polishing can be performed at the same time;
  • The grinding barrel is provided with ventilation holes to ensure that the temperature in the barrel is stable and moderate;
  • Easy to operate, can run continuously for 24 hours;
  • The variable frequency controller can be added according to requirements.

This dry barrel polishing machine adopts the same structure and principle as the ordinary wet barrel polishing machine, except that the barrel is made of thick wooden boards.

The dry barrel polishing machine has a lightweight and low production cost.

Low noise, environmentally friendly, economical, and durable advantages, mainly used for various types of stainless steel (such as medical equipment, tableware, blades), copper (such as locks, keys), iron, white iron and other parts for surface gloss, mirror polishing.

In the process of polishing parts, it must be used in conjunction with polishing particles and polishing paste.

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Wood Barrel Tumbling Machine Features:

  • Rough, medium, and fine grinding and polishing of small pieces of various materials
  • Batch processing according to the requirement
  • Rotary speed control according to parts surface requirement
  • Small workpieces can achieve a mirror-like effect
  • Multiple effects, at the same time, achieve deburring, polishing and polishing, chamfering of plastic products, etc.
  • Timed processing and alarm when the process ends, the operation is extremely simple, without any hidden dangers, and it can be used for a long time
  • Dry processing to meet product mirror brightness requirements
  • Bidirectional processing to meet all-round chamfering and polishing needs
  • Batch processing, large capacity, very suitable for batch processing
  • Automatic processing, no manual intervention required, one person can operate multiple machines
  • Digital monitoring, digital monitoring of voltage, current, frequency, and time
  • Uniform processing, the workpiece can be consistent after mass production

Wood rotary barrel polisher machine


Scope of application:

Mobile phone accessories, luggage accessories, clothing accessories, sliders, buttons, jewelry, precision electronics, bearings, small pieces of hardware, etc.

wood dry polishing barrel machine handle

wood dry polishing machine door

  • K gold jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Copper products
  • Aluminum products
  • Stainless steel products
  • Aluminum alloy products
  • Zinc and magnesium alloy products
  • Titanium alloy products
  • PC
  • Acrylic
  • Celluloid
  • Resin products
  • Resin glue
  • Various plastic hardware products

double barrel wood barrel rotary polisher


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