Fully Automatic Double Disc Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

Despite the awesomeness of centrifugal disc finishing machines, a lot of manufacturing professionals don’t know about them. They are not necessarily the most cutting edge technology, but they are moderately delicate and modern.

In this article, we’ll know in-depth about centrifugal disc finishing machines, their applications, and some pros and cons. Let’s get started.

High energy fully automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine is excellent for deburring, surface finishing, edge rounding as well as shinning/polishing for small to medium size stamping components, castings parts as well as machined components. One of the key advantages are relatively shot processing times and easy to achieve high degree of automatic controlling.

automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine installation

The application is of wide range from precision components, thin parts with thickness to 0.5mm to size with 150mm

Automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine

What is a Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are associated with mass finishing, which is the process of metal finish, a lot at once. Mass finishing probably started in ancient Rome, with smoothing out their weapons.

They used bags full of sand, leather and river stones to achieve the polishing effect. The fundamental concept behind metal finishing is still the same, but the process and tools used in the process have changed a lot since then.

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are one of the tools used in mass finishing. The concept behind centrifugal disc finishing is as simple as a blender in your kitchen. But there are no blades in the machine.

centrifugal disc finishing machine 120 liter

Instead, there is a giant disc that spins when the machine is powered. The disc lies at the bottom of a container that has high walls, making it a bowl-like structure. All you have to do is fill the bowl with your workpieces, finishing media, water or any other liquid or solid elements that are required in the process.

Once you turn the machine on, the disc spins at a great force. The workpieces are then forced to go outward and rub against each other and the finishing media. It provides impeccable results very fast.

The most interesting part is that the rotational speed of the disc and the upper chamber is not the same. The upper chamber essentially ‘brakes’ the workpieces to achieve a vortex effect. All of the workpieces tumble up and down continuously until the desired finish is achieved.

Not all centrifugal disc finishing machines are the same. Some of them have constant speeds while others allow variable speeds. Larger centrifugal disc finishing machines are slower in general. Smaller centrifugal disc finishing machines spin much faster than large ones.

Usable Media in Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

When it comes to usable media, centrifugal disc finishing machines don’t have any restrictions. All of the media usable in other mass finishing process are usable in a centrifugal disc finishing machine.

Whether you want to use ceramic media, porcelain media, sintered media, synthetic media, steel media, random nuggets, and even agricultural media in centrifugal disc finishing machines. But you have to make sure that your machine comes from a good manufacturer and is in good shape.


If something, a centrifugal disc finishing machine allows a more versatile combination of mass finishing media. The aggressive centrifugal action allows some of the most effective abrasive operations that are impossible to achieve in other systems.

If you’re conscious about cutting the cost of your manufacturing process, you can rely on a centrifugal disc finishing machine with your eyes closed. A centrifugal disc finishing machine is able to pull off the same result as any other method, with less abrasive media.

If you didn’t know, the price of media is directly related to the abrasive properties. The more abrasive a media is, the heavier it is. And heavy equals to more price in the machining industry. On the other hand, centrifugal disc finishing media uses light media, generally cheaper than heavy media.

Different Sizes of Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

In the machining industry, there are no standard sizes. Any size and every size is applicable in terms of centrifugal disc finishing machines. Rather than the size of the machine, you need to get yourself accustomed to machine capacity and working capacity.

Centrifugal disc machine with automatic unloading

The machine capacity refers to the volume of the process chamber/disc area. The disk’s rotation causes the workpieces in the chamber to tumble and rise, creating a vortex. As a result, you really cannot use the machine capacity to measure its capabilities.

On the other hand, working capacity means the maximum number of parts you can put in one batch. It’s the optimum amount so the parts won’t fly out of the chamber. Taking the working capacity into consideration, you will find centrifugal disc finishing machines raging from one-half to 10 cubic feet. The size ultimately comes down to your desired outcome, part sizes, and most importantly, your budget.

automatic unloading centrifugal disc finishing machine 230l

Better Means Expensive, Right?

Yes, your assumption is right. Centrifugal disc finishing machines are measured using cubic-feet and they can cost up to seven times more than the same-sized vibratory finishing machine. While it might sound shocking to a lot of small manufacturing companies, we have another shocking news for you.

A centrifugal disc finishing machine can work ten times more than a vibratory finishing machine. How is that for a shock? So, it all comes down to the betterment of your business. Do you want to be ten times more productive or do you want to save some money initially?

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

There are more facts. While vibratory machines use 1 or 2 gallons of water/cu ft/hr, a centrifugal disc finishing machine uses 6. You can imagine how aggressive these machines are. The media will wear quicker in a centrifugal disc finishing machine than a vibratory finishing machine, but it won’t be ten times quicker.

Considering all the facts, a centrifugal disc finishing machine will only bring you profits. It will cost a lot initially, it’s a great investment for the future of your business. A good rule of thumb is to always go with reputed manufacturers, like Inovatech Machinery. And pay close attention to the machine specifications to ensure it matches your requirements.

Take Away

Investing in a good mass finishing machine is the most important part of the metal manufacturing business. Don’t get confined in the pay order. Rather, invest in a top of the line centrifugal disc finishing machine. They are cost-effective, fast and great for day to day use.

Inovatech Machinery has been in the business for over 20 years and we know the ins and outs of it. When it comes to centrifugal disc finishing machines, it’s very important to go with a reputed manufacturer who can hold the ground. Feel free to look at our top of the line machinery and media to get your supplies.

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