VBS(B) 600 U Shape Bowl with Separating Unit Vibratory Machine Deburring Machine

Vibratory finishing machine is ideal for laser cutting parts deburring, rust removal, stamped parts deburring, and plastic parts descaling.

Total volume (L)100150200270480660
Max overall dimension (mm)108011701200137014301860
Motor installation tube (mm)φ460φ460φ530φ630φ630φ900
Process bowl width (mm)φ220φ260φ252φ275φ330φ390
Unload width (mm)250210250320380470
Machine height (mm)98086094096012701140
Unload height (kW)8007107707601090925
Media unload height (kg)470440360290570400
Motor (kW)1.5/
Weight (kg)2803204606507801180


Vibratory Deburring Machine: Model VBS(B)

If you need a one-stop solution for your deburring needs, the vibratory deburring machine VBS(B) is for you. It’s an industrial-grade mass finishing machine that provides extraordinary deburring performance on all your workpieces.

Product Description

The vibratory deburring process is done inside a closed container where the workpieces are rubbed against deburring media to smooth out the surfaces. The vibration from the machine’s motor aids in the process and eliminates the need for manual labor.

The vibratory deburring machine from Inovatec is designed for continuous feed and batch feed. There is an unload flap and a separation screen integrated into the machine to separate the media automatically once the processing is done. There is an extended separation deck as well where the deburring media is separated via holes.

These vibratory deburring machines come in continuous feed and batch feed options. The separation procedure of the media is integrated into the machine and takes place on the extended separation deck. There are holes as well that aid in the separation process.

The construction process of the machine is similarly done as many other industrial machines from Inovatec. The PU structure is crafted with a proprietary technology that involves pouring and treating the PU. The motor is from a reputed Chinese company which happens to be a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty motors.



  • Rounding sharp edges
  • Removing visible burrs
  • Removing projections at a given magnification
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