There are several options available as bellow:

  • Straight barrels/inclined barrels
  • Removable barrels (for small machines)/fixed barrel
  • Speed inverter
  • Media parts separators,
  • Gear conveyor/belt conveyor
  • Rubber/polyurethane linings

Applicable to all Metals, Plastic, Ceramic, Jewelry, Glass and so on for the purpose of Deburring, Descaling, Rough Finishing, Precise Finishing, Luster Finishing or Mirror Finishing


If plural evenly-spaced barrels mounted in one axis of the turret are given centrifugal force by planetary motion , mass in barrels adhere to outward periphery of barrels because of centrifugal force, then top part of mass slide to the direction of rotation. Pressure and mass flow action generated by centrifugal force generate the friction between abrasive media and workpieces by difference of relative movement, which generates high efficiency of finishing performance


  • Excellent in versatility and user-friendliness
  • Easy maintenance design
  • Safety first design
  • High-precision finishing operation possible
  • Ultra-short finishing time achieved
  • Ultra-high performance machine for finishing application
  • Best suited for small precision parts

If you’re familiar with surface finishing machines, you might have heard about centrifugal barrel finishing machines as well. It works in a different way than regular vibratory finishing machines. They are more efficient and cost-effective than any other type of surface finishing machines.

In this article, we’ll focus on the work procedure and applications of a centrifugal barrel finishing machine. You’ll know how they are different than vibratory finishing machines as well. Without further ado, let’s get you started.

What is Mass Finishing?

Before learning about the awesomeness of centrifugal barrel finishing machines, it’s important that you understand the concept of mass finishing. Mass finishing refers to the process of surface finishing, collectively. In simpler words, if you’re doing surface finishing on a batch of products at once, it’s mass finishing.

Mass finishing is normally achieved using two types of surface finishing machines. One is known as barrel finishing or barrel tumbling and the other one is known as vibratory finishing.

The Difference

So far, we’ve established that centrifugal barrel finishing machines are better than vibratory finishing machines in general. But why?

Let’s find out.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

The barrel tumblers use rotary movement as opposed to vibratory finishing machines. Think of a Ferris wheel. There is a large wheel and there are usually four barrels attached to it. You can fill up the barrels with your products, media, and wet compound.

As the big wheel rotates, the barrels rotate with them. You have to leave about 20-40% of space in the barrels. During the rotation, the media and the products rub against each other achieving the surface finishing you desire.

XGP200 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines can effectively deburr, blend machine lines and polish any workpiece. It’s truly a multipurpose machine that might come in handy under any circumstances. Whether you’re a professional metalworker or have a hobby of this exotic process, investing in a centrifugal barrel finishing machine is a good idea.

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Bear in mind that the ultimate goal of both centrifugal barrel finishing machines and vibratory finishing machines are the same. But they work in a different way. Vibratory finishing machines work as they sound.

vibratory finishing machine installation

They use the vibration to cause friction between the media and the product to achieve the desired finish. It’s a side-to-side movement instead of centrifugal movement found in centrifugal barrel finishing machines. They take longer as well.

A Closer Look to Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

We’ve already established that centrifugal barrel finishing machines work similarly to a Ferris wheel. There is a mother wheel that has the barrels connected to it. In general, centrifugal barrel finishing machines have four barrels.

XGP160 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine

Think of the barrels as the seats of a Ferris wheel. Each complete rotation of the mother wheel is one complete rotation for every barrel.

One key difference is that the centrifugal barrel finishing machines rotate much quicker than a Ferris wheel. The term ‘centrifugal’ refers to a force, which is 15-20 times more than gravity in a centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

As a result of the high pressure, the contents of the barrel slides and rubs against each other. The rotation is constant on these machines. Hence, the final product comes out much faster and consistent than a vibratory finishing machine.

Another great thing about centrifugal barrel finishing machines is the control it offers to the operator. The speed of the rotation is completely adjustable. You can either use it at high speed to get extraordinary deburring results or at slow speeds to get a more polished and finer look.

Scope of Work for Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines excel where there is a need for fineness. As the rotary action can really emphasize on the smoothness of the surface, they are great for some special purpose applications. Let’s take a look at them.

Medical Grade Equipment

In the medical world, there is no place for sloppiness. All the equipment has to be on point and smooth. A centrifugal barrel finishing machine is the ideal choice to polish medical grade equipment and devices.

precision parts surface finishing

There is often complex geometry involved in medical equipment. Vibratory finishing or any other kind of surface finishing might decrease the accuracy of the operation. Centrifugal barrel finishing machines offer top of the line polishing of metal parts, titanium parts and cobalt chrome implantable.

Automotive Industry

When talking about fineness and complex geometry, the automotive industry works as a great example. Even the tiniest parts have to be accurate in shape and size in order for the machine to work properly and efficiently.

automotive parts surface finishing

There was a time when automotive parts were not as fine and smooth as now. The centrifugal barrel finishing machine has made it possible to crank the efficiency of the industry in a way never imagined before. Parts like engine heads, gears and fasteners utilize the centrifugal barrel finishing machines.

Defense and Aerospace

When you’re flying, you wouldn’t want the plane carrying you to have any defects. Aerospace machine parts are the pinnacle of complex engineering. A centrifugal barrel finishing machine can literally save lives in a sense.

Deburring the complex parts involved in aerospace by hand is not cost-effective nor safe. So, the manufacturers now use centrifugal barrel finishing machines in order to polish and shape the parts like jet engine heads and turbine blades to save time, money and most importantly, lives.

General Purpose

Other than the special purpose use, centrifugal barrel finishing machines are used in general-purpose shops as well. It’s a great way to cut costs and save time in any machine shop. It offers rigorous deburring and metal removal as well as fine polishing with the turn of a nob.

Stainless steel parts before and after polishing


If you have a choice to choose between a vibratory finishing machine and a centrifugal barrel finishing machine, we would recommend you to get the centrifugal barrel finishing machine. They offer more fineness, more control and saves more money. They’re a great investment that can improve the dynamic of your business in very little time.

We, Inovatech Machinery, have been dominating the industry for more than 20 years. We manufacture and distribute the best centrifugal barrel finishing machines and the corresponding media. Feel free to go through our other products and let us know what you want.

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