Centrifugal barrel finishing machine (automatic unloading and horizontal barrel design)

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines are high gravity force machines which specifically developed for smaller and precision components; also it is designed for those that require very long processing times in Vibratory Finishing machines. Smaller machines like 30L have removable barrels, while larger ones have fixed barrels with provision for barrel and turret inching.

There are several options available as bellow:

  • Straight barrels/inclined barrels
  • Removable barrels (for small machines)/fixed barrel
  • Speed inverter
  • Media parts separators,
  • Gear conveyor/belt conveyor
  • Rubber/polyurethane linings
  • Applicable to all Metals, Plastic, Ceramic, Jewelry, Glass and so on for the purpose of Deburring, Descaling, Rough Finishing, Precise Finishing, Luster Finishing or Mirror Finishing


If plural evenly-spaced barrels mounted in one axis of the turret are given centrifugal force by planetary motion , mass in barrels adhere to outward periphery of barrels because of centrifugal force, then top part of mass slide to the direction of rotation. Pressure and mass flow action generated by centrifugal force generate the friction between abrasive media and workpieces by difference of relative movement, which generates high efficiency of finishing performance


  • Excellent in versatility and user-friendliness
  • Easy maintenance design
  • Safety first design
  • High-precision finishing operation possible
  • Ultra-short finishing time achieved
  • Ultra-high performance machine for finishing application
  • Best suited for small precision parts
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