Centrifugal barrel finishing machine (removable barrel)

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines are high gravity force machines which specifically developed for smaller and precision components; also it is designed for those that require very long processing times in Vibratory Finishing machines. Smaller machines like 30L have removable barrels, while larger ones have fixed barrels with provision for barrel and turret inching.

When it comes to mass finishing, achieving the best possible result is usually the intent. For this to be possible, the best of machinery must be put into use. The machinery used for any mass finishing process is a great determinant of success in the process. That is why today’s article will focus on one of such machines: THE CENTRIFUGAL BARREL FINISHING MACHINE.

There are several options available as bellow:

  • Straight barrels/inclined barrels
  • Removable barrels (for small machines)/fixed barrel
  • Speed inverter
  • Media parts separators,
  • Gear conveyor/belt conveyor
  • Rubber/polyurethane linings

Applicable to all Metals, Plastic, Ceramic, Jewelry, Glass and so on for the purpose of Deburring, Descaling, Rough Finishing, Precise Finishing, Luster Finishing or Mirror Finishing


If plural evenly-spaced barrels mounted in one axis of the turret are given centrifugal force by planetary motion , mass in barrels adhere to outward periphery of barrels because of centrifugal force, then top part of mass slide to the direction of rotation. Pressure and mass flow action generated by centrifugal force generate the friction between abrasive media and workpieces by difference of relative movement, which generates high efficiency of finishing performance

XGP200 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine


  • Excellent in versatility and user-friendliness
  • Easy maintenance design
  • Safety first design
  • High-precision finishing operation possible
  • Ultra-short finishing time achieved
  • Ultra-high performance machine for finishing application
  • Best suited for small precision parts


The centrifugal barrel finishing machine is a finishing machine that operates on the Ferris wheel principle. It has been labeled as one of the most cost effective, efficient tumbling machines you could lay your hands on.


It works like a Ferris wheel, only which this one doesn’t facilitate playing and fun, but real hard and efficient work. The machine is made up of two basic parts: the fly wheel and the barrels. These two parts work hand in hand to achieve the desired results. The barrels which are four in number are mounted on the peripheral positions available in the fly wheel. When the machine is turned on, the fly wheel moves in a circular motion. A complete revolution of the fly wheel will result in the full rotation of each one of the barrels. It is the rotation of these barrels that does the finishing to whatever metal part is placed within it.

XGP120 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine deburring machine polishing machine buffing machine


The centrifugal barrel finishing machine can be used to carry out many mass finishing processes which can be classified into three categories


When metal parts are produced, there are usually sharp edges or burrs that need to be smoothened out to achieve the desired shape for the part. That process is called debuting and the centrifugal barrel system can get such jobs done in the twinkle of an eye. An example of such process would be the smoothing of a sharp corner into a rounded shape.

Aluminum machining parts before and after deburring



Sometimes when metal parts are cut, the machine leaves lines admist other little irregularities that affect the final shape and size of the parts. This is where blending comes in handy.in blending, the parts are smoothened out into exact shapes and sizes. The centrifugal barrel finishing machine can be used to achieve this process also.


They are some parts that are needed to look shiny and polished. This is where burnishing comes in handy. Also known as polishing, this process involves making parts shinier, in order to achieve a close to mirror look.

All of these processes can be performed using the centrifugal barrel finished. All of these processes which are also called steps must be performed one after the other, in the right order: deburring, blending, and then burnishing.

steel parts deburring and polishing


When using the centrifugal barrel finishing machine, there are certain thing that the operator must keep in mind and adhere to for the following reasons:

  • Safety: The safety of the machine and the operator is very important. If the machine is operated in a careless manner, it could result in unnecessary and avoidable casualties
  • Efficiency: Also, the efficiency of the machine is tied to the way it is used, for more efficient and smooth work processes and results, the operator must betake note of some very important factors.

These factors can be split into two basic categories, which are:

Working processes and precautionary measures.

  1. Working process

Under working processes, the different types of elements which influence how the machine can be used will be discussed.

First is how the machine can be used. The machine can be used either dry or wet.

To use the machine for wet processing, then one would need to add water and detergents along with the parts and the finishing media.

The dry processing on the other hand does not need any liquid to get the job done. All you need to add into the barrel are the parts and the finishing media.

The second is the choice of media

This is very important as the finishing media used can go a long way in determining the speed and effectiveness of the finishing process. Using the right media against the right metal is something you would really want to do. It makes life easy for you and for your machine.

  1. Precautionary measures

To ensure the longevity of the machine, as well as its safety, and that of operators, some precautionary measures must be adhered to.

* do not overload

Always ensure that the barrels are not overloaded. This could affect the output of the machine, as well as the finishing results.

* avoid excessively long cycle times

Do take note that the use of the centrifugal barrel finishing machine can produce a lot of heat. Do not allow the machine run for too long. This could be bad for the machines health as well as that of the operator

* ensure a balanced wheel

Always ensure that the barrels are loaded evenly. Failure to do so would affect the bearings of the machine.


The benefits of using the centrifugal barrel finisher include:

  • Automation: The use of the machine totally eliminates hand work in the finishing processes. This ensures the safety of workers and reduction in injury rates.
  • Quick and efficient results: The processes would happen faster and at a very efficient rate. The products would be more consistent compared to hand finishing. So it’s really clear that a machine can get a man’s job done better.
  • Cost and time effectiveness: It is a more cost effective way to finish metal parts. You can get more work done with the machines at a lower production cost.

Also, you can save more time and get more work done in a shorter period of time.


Contact us today if you are ready to purchase a CENTRIFUGAL BARREL FINISHING MACHINE. we will provide you with the best of machinery that the market has to offer.  You can also contact us if you have questions and enquiries. We are expecting you soon.

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