CB36A Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

CB36A Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is a compact design centrifugal barrel finishing machine for small scale parts deburring and polishing.

CB Centrifugal barrel finishing machine technical information drawing

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Centrifugal Barrel Finishing System with Manual Discharge

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine, CB30A, is very similar to Inovatec’s other high-energy machines. But it’s designed for small to medium scale production where reducing downtime is not the biggest priority.

Product Description

The construction of the CB30A is very similar to our CB40. The CB40 was a 48-barrel model while the CB36A is a 4-barrel model. The 4 barrels are small in size and they have removable PU inserts as well. This machine is the perfect choice if you process small batches at once.

The CB30A, centrifugal barrel finishing machine, features a manual discharge which means you have to manually unload and separate the parts and media once the processing is done. It’s a result of cost-cutting to better fit the small and medium manufacturers.

This model from Inovatec drastically reduces the need for hand polishing. As it’s a high-energy centrifugal machine, it can polish any surface better than the best hand polisher in the world. You can buy another set of barrels and get it ready while the current batch is processing on the machine to reduce downtime even more.


  • Digital timer to control the process
  • Variable speed and also adjustable
  • Both direction movements
  • 4 barrels with individual properties
  • Manual discharge (with an optional automatic)


  • Finishing delicate and small-sized parts
  • Processing and smoothing jewelry parts
  • Medical and dental parts cleaning and polishing
  • Engineering samples finishing
  • Rubber and acrylic parts finish
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