Do you need a centrifugal barrel finishing machine? Depending on your industry, you might. Different industries use mass finishing to achieve different surface improvements. Mass finishing involves machines that use abrasive industrial processes to refine huge quantities of parts or components. The mass finishing includes various outcomes like deburring, burnishing, cleaning, brightening, and polishing.

Centrifugal barrel machine upper

Among various types of mass finishing, vibratory finishing is popular for its benefits. You can process a large batch of components with a high degree of perfection not found in tumble finishing. The process also takes less time and is the ideal candidate for automation.

That brings us to the topic of centrifugal barrel finishing machines. In this post, we will find out all about the centrifugal barrel finishing machine and how it helps businesses achieve superior surface finishes.

What is a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines use the concept of centrifugal force to provide surface finishes to components. It’s one of the best methods to offer high-quality finish quickly to surfaces that you will love. The high-energy process uses mechanical acceleration to smoothen and provide a range of surface finishes. Specifically, you can achieve refined isotropic miniature finishes on a wide variety of metals, parts, gears, and other components.

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines can produce varying levels of G forces based on the speed of rotation. The media and components move following the principles of centrifugal force and remove a bit of material per rotation. However, the centrifugal force doesn’t lead to part-on-part impingement, as in the case with other finishing processes.

Different types of centrifugal barrel finishing machines are available in the market with varying degrees of automation and features.

XGP60 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine

How does a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Work

A centrifugal barrel finishing machine has multiple barrels mounted on the periphery of a rotating turret. The machine generates strong centrifugal force inside the barrels by rotating them at high speeds. The barrels additionally rotate along their individual axis, generally in the opposite direction. Some machines have the option of using a skew axis along with the regular straight axis.

The finishing media and the component are loaded in the barrels. Centrifugal barrel finishing machines can support both wet and dry finishing. If you are using wet finishing, you also have to load the water or liquid in the barrels. After that, the barrels are secured and closed.

The machine allows you to customize the rate of rotation, angle, and other elements as per your needs. Once the cycle starts, the barrels and turrets start rotating. As a result, the parts or components in the barrel run against the media inside the barrel.

The process of high-pressure rubbing and sliding provides the desired surface finish to the components. Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are also suitable for finishing delicate and fragile parts.

Why Use a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

If you are asking that question, we have the answer you are looking for. Mass finishing has become a requirement not only to meet customer demand but also to comply with stringent quality requirements. Centrifugal barrel finishing machines provide various advantages over other methods and are suited for a range of industrial applications.

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Centrifugal barrel finishing machines reduce the processing times from hours to minutes. You can provide finishing to multiple batches of components in a single day.

The machines provide high-precision finish, whether it’s a metal gear or aerospace industry component. You can also process components of varying sizes in the same machine and achieve different surface finishes.

XGP36D Centrifugal barrel finishing machine

For instance, you can use a slow speed to achieve full-scale deburring and ‘edge radiusing’. On the other hand, high speeds can remove even the smallest imperfections perfectly. This high-speed is what makes these machines special, as it can accomplish the tasks quicker. Also, the machines support both wet and dry finishing methods for wide applications in different industries.


Elements of Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

As we said, centrifugal barrel finishing machines come with varying capabilities and features. Here are some of the standard components found in centrifugal barrel finishing machines-


Most machines have four barrels that rotate on a turret. The barrels can be attached or removable. Some machines offer a degree of automation to assist in loading barrels.

Rotation Axis

The rotation axis can be straight or skew. Machines use VSD (variable Speed Drive) to control the rotation speed of the barrel and turret.

Sorting Table

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines have a sorting table to separate the finishing media and the components. It can be a manual or automated sorting table.

In the case of automatic sorting tables, the media and components are separated on the basis of size using a perforated screen. The sorting trays vibrate the mixture and drain the water for effective sorting.

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Benefits of Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

Let’s check out some more benefits of using centrifugal barrel finishing machines-

Suitable for fragile and thin parts: You can process fragile and thin flat parts without any difficulty.

Isotropic finishing: Achieve superior isotropic finishes to support high-stress applications.

Low microinch surface: Ideal to improve the load-bearing capacity of mating surfaces. You can also give cold hardening capabilities to high-stress components.

High-speed operation: You can process a single batch in minutes to support large-scale operations.

High polishing: Achieve a superior finish to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Heavy deburring: You can cut and remove hard metals successfully.

High precision: The machines can provide high-precision finishes to a wide range of materials. Such a degree of precision is not possible with manual methods. You can even give finishes similar to manual processes if required.

Wrapping Up

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are non-labor intensive and cost-effective. They can process multiple batches of components and parts in a short time with superior results. You can also achieve your desired surface finish without damaging the parts.

Did you take a look at a good centrifugal barrel finishing machine yet for your business?

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