CB40 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing, Polishing, and Buffing Machine

CB40 is suitable for polishing and deburring multi-batches of small components. It is suitable for jewelry and other precision mechanical components.

CB40 Technical infomation

ModelCapacitySizePowerWeightRadiusSpeedBarrel sizeBarrel No.
CB40401425x1000x140048002440-220φ85×14548 pcs

CB40 High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler

The CB40 from Inovatec is a piece of innovative and modern mass finishing equipment. The design is very compact and saves a lot of space in the workshop. It’s a spectacular investment for small-scale production manufacturers as they can process their parts in minimal time.


Product Description

The CB40 High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler utilizes 48 small barrels to get the job done. Each of the barrels is independent and comes with its own PU insert. The thing that differs this machine from others is its ability to handle intricate and fragile parts with ease.

One great hack for you would be to get another 48 barrels.  This way, when one batch is complete, you or your operator can promptly start the next batch with practically zero downtime. It results in high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether your target is metal removal or polishing your metal surface like a mirror, a machine from the CB40 series will do that in no time.



  • A timer to control the process
  • Both direction rotation of the barrels
  • Speed control regulator
  • Barrels
  • 48 individual barrels with removable PU inserts



  • Great for small-sized parts
  • Jewelry parts deburring or mirror polishing
  • Medical and dental devices polishing and deburring
  • Aerospace engineering parts deburring and polishing
  • You can even use it for rubber parts and acrylic
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