Centrifugal disc finishing machine (manual unloading)

Inovatec centrifugal disc finishing machines provide 10 times effective faster grinding speed compared with conventional vibratory finishing machine. Centrifugal disc finishing machines are typically in small to medium size component surface finishing application.

Centrifugal disc finishing machines were introduced in the US in the early 1970s. Soon, the machines became popular for their high process speed and material handling. Centrifugal disc finishing machines can be considered an upgrade of the centrifugal barrel finishing machine. They help you mass finish more batches of materials and also make the process easy and effective.

For special finishing requirement, the centrifugal disc finishing machine specially used for super fine and mirror finishing of specific component or component of the special surface requirement

1. Processing unit (work bowl)

The processing bowl is cast with DuPont hot moulded PU lining with thickness 20-25mm for long service time and high durability

2. Disc rotating system

High-speed control with optional speed inverter from Bosch Rexroth

Adjustable gap between disc and ring

3. Water process system

Compound/water dosing system available with the tap

PLC touch screen control with Siemens optional

4. Rigid machine construction

Working principal

The rotating disc with speed 60-250 RPM pushes the media and components mixture upward to the wall of processing bowl and downward to the processing bowl centre. With reduced acceleration force and enhanced gravity force mixture slides back down to the disc where it is again accelerated. Depending on disc rotation speed, the water level as well as media/compound combination, the finishing applications vary from fast grinding to super fine mirror polishing.

The high energy centrifugal disc finishing machine offer productivity 10-30 times higher compared with the conventional vibratory finishing process.


The area of application including deburring, surface grinding, radiusing, and polishing of components with thickness around 0.2mm and larger gear components with more than 150mm. Typically stampings parts, casting parts as well as machined parts and tuned parts processed with high speed of the centrifugal disc finishing machine can achieve desirable performance in relative short processing times. Besides, it can achieve a high degree of automation with a combination of different other finishing technology according to user requirement.

precision parts surface finishing


  • Tilting angle of processing bowl up to 135°
  • Optional circular pipe to rinsing and compound dosing
  • Gap adjustment for the machine for disc and ring
  • Manual control unloading
  • Possible install of separator screen with customized screen size and shape available
  • Optional double layer screen available for remove undersize media
  • Economical model for low budget application

Otec centrifugal disc finishing machine deburring and polishing

What is a Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

Wondering what these machines are and if they can help your business? Centrifugal disc finishing machines utilize the motion of particles to provide mass finish to a wide range of materials. The centrifugal force created by the machines generates abrasive forces by creating a vortex of materials, media, and liquid. The high energy produced by the machines is suitable for eliminating tough burrs and giving high-precision finish.

Centrifugal disc finishing machines come with the ability to control the RPM to achieve a range of surface finishes. The machines are ideal for polishing, deburring, surface grinding, and providing a smooth finish to a number of materials.

You can perform mass finish on materials like jewelry, coins, metal parts, casting, electrical parts, and more of small and medium-size. Centrifugal disc finishing machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic versions.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

How Does a Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Work

You can think of centrifugal disc finishing machines as a blender in your kitchen. It uses the same principle to accelerate media inside a barrel and give the surface finishing you desire.

Just like the blades inside a blender, the centrifugal disc finishing machines have a rotating disc at the bottom of a container. The container is generally round in shape and is stationary.

You have to fill the container with the parts and materials until you reach the machine’s working capacity. Along with the parts, you can add finishing media, dry compounds, water, or any other liquid. That means centrifugal disc finishing machines can be used for both dry and wet finishing processes.

After the container is filled to its working capacity, you can activate the machine. The disc at the bottom starts rotating and creates high energy to mobilize the mixture inside the container. Just like a blender, the parts and media move upwards in an outward direction.

Centrifugal disc finishing machine with unloading 230 liter semi

Now, the mix moving upwards comes in contact with the walls of the container. The contact with the wall slows down the mix and sends the mix tumbling downwards and inwards towards the rotating disc. In this process, the parts and media also turn over itself, go down to the disc, and rise again to continue the cycle.

The parts, water, and media take the shape of a vortex due to the rotating of the disc. The rotation also creates a centrifugal force that gives additional weights to the parts and media. Along with the motion, the additional weight makes way for a highly-abrasive finishing force.

Machine operators can vary the RPM of the machine to create varying finishing forces as per needs.

Why Use a Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

So, why should you use one of these machines in your business? How does it help when it comes to the workflow and improving overall productivity? Do you need to know anything specific about these machines?

For one, centrifugal disc finishing machines have emerged as the popular choice for mass finishing for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons among them is time savings. Compared to a vibratory tub or barrel, a centrifugal disc finishing machine can process parts 10 times faster.

That means you can complete a two-hour-long vibratory finish cycle in just 12 to 15 minutes in a centrifugal disc finishing machine. If we look at it from another angle, a 2 cu. ft. centrifugal disc finishing machine is enough to match the workload of a 20 cu. ft. vibratory finishing machine in 1/2 of the space.

centrifugal disc finishing with ceramic media

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are also responsive and flexible. You can use the same machine to achieve a range of surface finishes by varying the-

  • Media
  • Water or liquid
  • Parts or media ratios
  • Amount of mix in the container
  • Time of finishing cycles
  • Speed of the rotating disc (through RPM)

As a result, you can process multiple batches of finishing parts with entirely different finishes in each batch.

Elements of a Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

A centrifugal disc finishing machine is made up of-

Container: Generally a round-shaped stationary barrel that holds the mix of parts and finishing media

Disc: A disc at the bottom of the container that rotates

Control panel: Controls to vary the time, RPM, and so other functions

Sorting tray: The machines generally have a sorting tray to filter the media and parts

As said earlier, centrifugal machines can be automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.

automatic unloading centrifugal disc finishing machine 230l

Advantages of Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

If you are running a business that needs a centrifugal disc finishing machine, you will love it. The main advantage of centrifugal disc finishing is time savings, which results in increased productivity and more revenue. The other benefits are-

  • Centrifugal disc machine can achieve higher levels of automation
  • You can give precise finishes with the highest quality
  • High speed and high precision process
  • You can apply finishes on a good number of metal and non-metal parts with it
  • The machine is more compact than other vibratory equipment
  • Fewer chances of parts colliding with one another
  • Offers a simple and quick operating process
  • Flexibility to vary the speed, time, media for different surface finishes
  • Easy to use ad maintain

Final Thoughts

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are fast and effective. You can mass finish a complete batch of parts within just 10 to 15 minutes. You can even unload and reload different batches in minutes. The machines also provide efficient material handling and process control. The open top of the machine makes it easier to inspect the quality and make adjustments.

No wonder centrifugal finishing machines have become a popular choice for finishing varying materials.

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