CD120 Centrifugal Disc Finishing, Deburring, and Polishing Machine

Centrifugal disc finishing machine is a high-energy surface finishing machine for small and medium-sized parts.
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  1. Outline drawing

1. Grinding bucket, 2. Basement, 3. Electric cabinet

CD Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machines with Manual Discharge

If you’re in need of an economical solution to finish your small parts, the centrifugal disc finishing machine from Inovatec is a prime choice.

We call it the economic model because it has a manual discharge instead of an automatic one.

Disc finishing machines operate almost 10 times faster than vibratory machines and they are one of the major selling points for CD finishing machines.


Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Product Description

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are designed for high-speed operations with minimal cost.

They work much faster than vibratory finishing machines and work in a shorter cycle and higher automation.

The centrifugal disc finishing machines from Inovatec come in 50L, 80L, and 120L variants. At least they are the most famous ones. You can get your own made according to your needs.

These machines operate from 50 RPM to 180 RPM. Different RPM settings result in different surface finishes.

You can get an optional processing barrel as well for discharging parts.



  • Compact and lightweight design
  • User-friendly
  • Timer for controlling processing time
  • Continuous speed adjustments



  • Casting, machined parts, and stampings processing
  • Parts with a size not bigger than 200 mm and no thicker than 1mm

Fig. Structure drawing for clearance adjustment of the revolving disc

  • 1. Adjusting screw
  • 2. Connecting sleeve (being connected into an integral whole with the revolving disc)
  • 3. Spindle
  • 4. Revolving disc

Adjusting method

After removing the locking bolt and the central cover, adjust part 1 (adjusting screw): to reduce the clearance, screw part 1 clockwise, it moves down, which will cause parts 2 and 4 to move up.

If there is no clearance at the pitching-in between part 1 and part 2, put a steel washer on the top of part 3, the spindle, and then start adjusting (the inner diameter of the washer must be smaller than the diameter of the spindle).

Introduction for Centrifugal Disk Finishing Equipment

Inovatec centrifugal disc finishing machines provide 10 times effective faster-grinding speed compared with the conventional vibratory finishing machine.

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are typically in small to medium-sized component surface finishing applications.

For special finishing requirements, the centrifugal disc finishing machine is specially used for super fine and mirror finishing or special surface finishing of specific components.

1. Processing unit (work bowl)

  • The processing bowl is cast with DuPont hot molded PU lining with thickness 20-25mm for a long lifespan and high durability

2. Disc rotating system

  • High-speed control with an optional speed inverter from Bosch Rexroth
  • Adjustable gap between disc and ring

3. Water process system

  • Compound/water dosing system available with a tap
  • PLC touch screen control with Siemens optional

4. Rigid machine construction


Working Principle for Centrifugal Disk Tumbler

The rotating disc with speed 60-250 RPM pushes the tumbler media and component mixture upward to the wall of the processing bowl and downward to the processing bowl center.

With reduced acceleration force and enhanced gravity force, the mixture slides back down to the disc where it is again accelerated.

Depending on the disc rotation speed, the water level as well as media/compound combination, the finishing applications vary from fast grinding to super fine mirror polishing.

The high energy centrifugal disc finishing machine offers productivity 10-30 times higher compared with the conventional vibratory finishing process.


Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machine Application

The area of application includes deburring, surface grinding, radiusing, and polishing of components with a thickness of around 0.2mm and larger gear components with more than 150mm.

Typically stamping parts, casting parts as well as machined parts and tuned parts processed with high speed of the centrifugal disc finishing machine can achieve desirable performance in a relatively short processing time.

Besides, it can achieve a high degree of automation with a combination of other different finishing technologies according to user requirements.

coin blank polishing

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Features

  • Tilting angle of processing bowl up to 135°
  • Optional circular pipe to rinsing and compound dosing
  • Gap adjustment for the machine for disc and ring
  • With automatic control processing bowl that can be tilted mechanically with the motor gear
  • The screens can be changed easily and not requiring special tools and devices
  • Customized screen size and shape available
  • Optional double layer screen available for removing small-sized media
  • Optional media and component rinsing device

automatic unloading centrifugal disc finishing machine 230l


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