Drag finishing machine

The drag finishing machinery which designed by Inovatec represents a special technology for surface finishing of high component surface requirement. For example delicate components, parts with specific contours and complicate geometry and extremely strong materials which are hard to machine are example of applications.

The applications for the Inovatec drag finishing technology range from fast surface grinding and milling to surface polishing of delicate components

The suitable components including surgical implants, turbine blades, precision components including pump parts and compressors accessory.


Working Principle

Drag finishing is a highly specialized surface finishing method. They are used for the treatment of high value-added, delicate work parts with complex shapes, which require a precise and targeted surface finish. During the processing stage, the workpieces will not scratch each other. The workpieces are designed to be mounted at special fixtures, which in turn are attached to the main station of the drag system. When machine running, the station is immersed and dragged through a work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media with program control.

The consistent dosing of the compound of water makes sure the finishing result stable and repeatable. Besides, the final step dry finishing process is also available.

drag finishing machine fixture with watch cases


Standard Features:

  • The powerful drive system consists of two independent variable speed gear motors for carousel and work stations
  • The space-saving sliding window allows ergonomic part loading/unloading
  • Consistent component quality due to constant process parameters
  • Work bowl equipped with a vibratory motor and undersize media screens. This ensures an effective media classification and a homogeneous media mix throughout the process

Customized solutions available:

  • basic model includes manually changeable process bowl
  • the advanced model includes multiple process bowls that automatically shuttle based on the current process step

drag finishing machine fixture with tools



  • Versatile components adaptability, suitable for high value-added and precision component surface grinding to fine polishing, the process can be customized
  • Fixture structure customized according to component requirement, thus prevent component touch each other
  • Better media/parts mixing since it has cascade and rotary movement
  • Fast processing compare with conventional processing methods
  • Pre-programmed automatic processing
  • Process-based on batch and ensure batch to batch consistency

drag finishing machine fixture 2

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