XZG(B) U shape linear type vibratory finishing machine

All our machine frames are designed and manufactured as rigid and highly load bearing welded constructions. The special helical spring mounting design allows the vibrating process bowl to be completely detached from the base frame. Large, easily accessible hatches facilitate equipment adjustment and maintenance. Special shockabsorbing feet minimize the transmission of vibrations onto the floor.


  1. Processing bowl

Robust stress relieved and shot peened welding construction with special ribbing

Easy to use T nut fastening system to install divider plates for creating multiple processing chambers in the work bowl

Process water distribution pipe made of stainless steel and installed across the entire length of the processing bowl

To reduce vibration transfer to the floor, our trough vibrators are mounted on special shock absorbers

Large diameter media unload plug

  1. High wear resistant hot poured PU lining which made from USA DuPont
  2. Machine frame
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