XZG(A) Curved wall linear type vibratory finishing machine

Vibratory finishing machines have become the norm for efficient and cost-effective surface finishing. The machines are suitable for a large number of components and parts, and uses vibration to achieve various surface finishes.

Linear vibratory finishing machine or trough vibratory finishing machine is a type of vibratory finishing machine. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry and also has other industrial applications.

Today, we will find out everything you need to know about linear vibratory finishing machines.


XZG(A) series machine use curved wall as wall feature, the shape is for better media and parts movement and flow compared with straight wall linear vibratory finishing machine.

The machine design especially suitable for stainless steel ball as polishing media

The application including huge casting component, engine housing, engine shell as well other medium to large size components surface finishing and treatment

What is Linear Vibratory Finishing Machine

You must have seen bowl-shaped or spiral vibratory finishing machines. The linear vibratory finishing machine is almost the same but has a rectangular tub as the working space. The machines can achieve a number of surface finishes, including cleaning, polishing, descaling, deburring, and radiusing.

Linear vibratory finishing machines come with a rotating shaft and motor that vibrates the tub. You can adjust the vibration using eccentric weights and RPM. The motion created by the shaft generates a force inside the tub that makes the components or parts move. As the particles rub against each other, they get the desired surface finish.

Unlike tumbler finishing technology, internal features of components can also be finished using trough vibratory finishing machines.

XZG(A)240 Curved wall linear type vibratory finishing machine

How Does a Linear Vibratory Finishing Machine Work?

Linear vibratory finishing machines work on the same principles of vibratory finishing machines.

First, you need to load the tub with the components you want to process. The finishing media and water are also added in the tub along with the components. After that, the machine operator can activate the machine to start the vibration.

The motor and the rotating shaft create an energy that makes the particles move in a linear or spiral motion. The particles come in contact with each other inside the tub and some of the material is removed. You can achieve different surface finishes by controlling the speed of the machine.

Like vibratory finishing machines, trough vibratory finishing machines can be manual or automated.

XZG(A)240 Curved wall linear type vibratory finishing machine

Why Use Linear Vibratory Finishing Machines

Linear vibratory finishing machines are ideal for processing long, large, and irregular-shaped parts and components. They are also versatile and suit a range of industrial applications. You can have a custom-fitted linear vibratory finishing machine to meet your needs.

Linear vibratory finishing machines can process delicate and small parts with ease. On the other hand, it can also give finishing to big and rugged parts. The machines have an aggressive approach, but still handle delicate parts with complete competency.

You can easily divide the tub of the linear vibrating machine into chambers. As a result, you can process different parts in each chamber to save time and cost.

Linear vibratory finishing machines are also flexible. You can get them in varying sizes to suit your requirements. The machines can be compact and portable or made to have huge tubs for large-scale operations.

Linear vibratory finishing machines are perfect for aging natural stones of all sorts. The machines vibrate the components at the same frequency and provide uniform results on all components.

XZG(B)2800 U shape linear type vibratory finishing machine

Elements of Linear Vibratory Finishing Machine

What are the elements of a good vibratory finishing machine? What do you need to know when it comes to using one for your business? Here is a look at what a linear vibratory finishing machine is made up of.

Processing Chamber

The processing chamber or tub holds the media and the components to be processed. As we said, the tub can be made in different sizes to meet your needs. The walls of the tub can be straight or bent (U-shaped) based on the application and outcome you want. For instance, the u-shaped tub is ideal for processing very long parts that are impossible in the case of round-shaped vibratory machines.

The tub sits on top of springs attached to the base.

Drive System

The processing chamber is powered by a motor and rotating shaft that vibrates the particles. The drive system delivers powerful and uniform vibrations to the components that move in a linear motion. The process enables you to complete a batch in much lesser time than older tumbling technologies.

Divider Plates

The processing chamber can be subdivided into parts using divider plates. You can process several different parts in a single batch with different media for each. Divider plates also allow you to adjust the sizing of the chamber as per your needs.

Control Panel

A control panel lets the machine operator control the speed of Linear vibratory finishing machines. Most machines have an operating range of 1,200 to 2,700 RPM. The panel also contains other controls based on the features of the machine.

Special Fixtures

Linear vibratory finishing machines can also have special fixtures for processing delicate parts. You can mount the components using the fixtures and eliminate the risk of the particles coming in contact with sidewalls. The fixtures can also help you avoid the part-on-part process.

Advantages of Linear Vibratory Finishing Machine

Some of the advantages of linear vibratory finishing machines include-

  • Quicker processing compared to hexagonal processing chambers
  • Ideal for longer and larger parts
  • Open top to keep an eye on processing and quality control
  • Continuous operation
  • Can be used for delicate and sensitive parts
  • Suitable for dry and wet media

wheel polishing before and after

Wrapping Up

Linear vibratory finishing machines are used in a number of industries for attaining smooth and perfect surface finishes. The machines can be used for a range of parts, including metal and natural stones. Highly customizable, linear vibratory finishing machines can be made in any size or specification. You can also opt for automatic machines to save time and effort.

Linear vibratory finishing machines are ideal for mass finishing and used by several industries like jewelry, automotive, and manufacturing.  If you are working on any of these industries, you shouldn’t really think twice about using one of these. Have you thought about it yet?

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