TVB(A) Curved wall linear type vibratory finishing machine deburring machine

These vibratory tubs from Inovatec are very similar to the TVB(B) machines. These vibratory tubs are great for heavy parts, just like the TVB(B). But you can go a little more intricate on the parts like exhaust pipes, ceramic coated headers and engine housing.

TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine drawing

Model TVB(A)240 TVB(A)500 TVB(A)750
Total volume (L) 240 500 750
Max overall dimension (mm) 1880x880x920 2870x880x920 3354x880x920
Chamber length A (mm) 690 1310 2000
Chamber Height B (mm) 625 625 625
Chamber Diameter C (mm) 670 670 670
Feeding entry width D (mm) 524 524 524
PU Lining thickness (mm) 16 16 16
Power (kw) 1.1×2 2.2×2 2.2×2
Weight (kg) 450 1000 1600

Vibratory Tubs TVB(A) Product Description

One of the major differences between the TVB(B) and the TVB(A) is that the tub has a curved wall instead of straight ones. As a result, the tumbling process can get stronger and reduce process time. The curved features also help in large scale ball burnishing process. The tub is very strongly constructed thanks to the all-welded heavy-duty steel.

longitudinal vibratory finishing machine for long parts


  • Optional soundproof cover to mask the sound
  • Optional variable frequency drive
  • Compound dosing pump
  • Optional stronger motors
  • Option to mount the control box in multiple ways
  • Digital process timer to get the processing time right
  • Low profile machine
  • Enhanced construction with blasting
  • Strong PU lining from Dow Chemicals


  • Great for large but sensitive metal parts
  • Engine housing, exhaust pipes, and ceramic coated headers polishing and ball burnishing


motor engine housing before and after polishing

Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine Feature:

  • TVB(A) series machine use the curved wall as a wall feature, the shape is for better tumbling media and parts movement and flow compared with straight wall linear vibratory finishing machine.
  • The machine design especially suitable for stainless steel ball as polishing media
  • The application including huge casting component, engine housing, engine shell as well another medium to large size components surface finishing and treatment

rectangular linear tub vibratory tumbling finishing machine



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