Spiral tube vibratory finishing machine

The spiral tube vibratory finishing machine use special polyurethane resin make seamless connection between pipes, forming multi sector long size spiral tube container.

Inside the spiral tube, there fixed vibratory motor.

Also at the upper side of the motor, there are parts and media entrance, as well as separator sieve to collect parts. This is a special vibratory machine which designed by Inovatec


Working Principle

The spiral tube vibratory finishing machine has a very long processing tube. So it can process a huge amount of parts (especially for the small precision components). Besides, the machine makes a compact pipe design upward, so that can greatly improve grinding performance and easy for maintenance.

The machine can be widely used for small and precision components for example metal, plastic, ceramics, glass. In high precision easy to fracture components such as magnetic component has widely used.


Standard Features:

  1. As surface finishing machinery, easy to achieve grinding and polishing in a continuous way.
  2. Parts in and out can be designed in a rhythmic way.
  3. The processing tube is designed as PU material to improve durability
  4. As the processing channel is long so that the vibratory efficiency improves but also improve the processing capacity
  5. The finishing process is enhanced by high gravity grinding performance
  6. As the grinding and finishing is made with rhythmic way, so that parts to parts contact will not happen
  7. As the PU material is translucent so the operator can make on-site detection of processing condition in the machine
  8. Processing time can be easily adjusted
  9. Compared with other continuous fully automatic finishing machinery, space-saving, and cost-saving
  10. The processing tubes can be divided and easy to make storage.
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