LZG(A) Curved bowl with separating unit vibratory machine

Our company specializes in offering solutions for the mass finishing of metal products. These could range from small parts to bigger and more detailed metallic items. As such, we require a variety of machinery to fulfill these purposes. The machines we use are numerous, depending on what your needs are. One type of finishing machine you’ll come across in our product line is the vibratory finishing machine.

How does a Vibratory Finishing Machine work?

Vibratory finishing machines use high-frequency motion to create the finish you seek. These machines can get used in the finishing of a variety of mass-produced parts. These could have gotten made using different metals, wood, and even plastic. Vibratory machines come with a moderately shallow container. That is where you’ll place your items, finishing media and abrasive compound. Once on, the parts and media will start to vibrate. The motion causes everything in the bowl to gently rub against each other. As a result, surface finishes on your parts tend to be much smoother. It’s a great way to also finish tubular pieces such as pipes.

How to choose the best machine for your items

The result you would like for your products plays a role in determining which vibratory finishing machine gets used. These machines get used for purposes such as descaling, polishing, cleaning, deburring, or rust removal. They are also capable of helping to round out uneven edges. These processes get aided by abrasive compounds and finishing media. Therefore, you should also know which media type and which compounds you need. Do your items require a wet or a dry finish? These will help you get a machine with the ideal type of inner lining suitable for your parts. You don’t want a case where finishing media and parts getting lodged within the machine.

precision parts surface finishing

While selecting the ideal vibratory machine, the size of the parts must get considered as well. Are they large, or are they small and delicate? In addition to size, you need to have an idea of the result you’re expecting. Would you like to paint it later, or have it polished? Do they have intricate surface details, or do they have holes in need of deburring? Another aspect is the material which gets used to create your parts. That’s because some machines are better suited for certain materials than they are for others. For instance, a machine model that works well with plastics may not be ideal for metallic parts. For those who would like less noise, such options are also available. Finishing processes tend to get noisy. Therefore, machines that come with less noise would be considered a plus for some. These come with enhancements such as a sound cover to reduce the noise from the process. Taking these criteria into consideration helps you make an informed choice when purchasing a machine.

vibratory finishing machine installation

The Different Vibratory Machine Options

Vibratory machines perform various surfacing needs within the metal finishing industry. They come in a variety of designs, the most common being the batch, bowl-shaped, and continuous forms.

  1. Batch vibratory machines

These are an excellent choice for delicate or big pieces. You’ll get the best results with parts that need shorter time cycles. You can work with various media types with this vibratory machine. Your options are also numerous when it comes to selecting abrasive compounds for the process. As such, these machines can perform both wet and dry finishing processes. With this option, you can get tailored enhancements such as tub dividers to create compartments.

PZG(A)100 vibratory finishing machine with Straight wall bowl

  1. Bowl-shaped vibratory machine

Due to their versatility, bowl-shaped varieties tend to be the go-to solution for metal finishing. From aggressive deburring to gentle edge shaping, they can perform several functions. Additional improvements include differently sized separators based on your specifications. You can also find a compact design that still accomplishes what bigger units do. With these designs, you’re able to load and unload your parts and media easily. The inner lining has a smooth polyurethane cast to minimize the wear of the machine.

LZG(B)300 U shape bowl with separating unit vibratory machine

  1. Continuous vibratory machines

These can also get referred to as inline thru-feed finishing machines. They’re one of the most advanced options for companies or individuals producing high volumes. That’s because they can finish parts of any size within very short time cycles. They come with enhancements such as sound reducing foam on the interior panels. You can also continue to feed more parts into the machine without stopping the processing.

Linnear vibratory continuous finishing system (German Design) polishing machine buffing machine

We specialize in the creation of bowl-shaped options. To ensure our clients receive their desired finished products, we’ve got several machine types available. Each of these uses a gentle, vibratory motion to help with the finishing process.

  • The German Vibratory Tumbling Machine
  • Vibratory Tumbler and Rock Tumbler
  • Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine
  • CWS Series Spiral Tube Vibratory Finishing Machine
  • Vibratory Polishing Machine VB (A)
  • Vibratory Finisher VB (B)
  • Industrial Vibratory Tumbler VBS (A)
  • Vibratory Deburring Machine: Model VBS (B)

All our vibratory finishing machines come with wear-resistant PU lining. The robust inner lining helps ensure your parts don’t get lodged as they get finished. We’ve put in heavy-duty motors to ensure you get durability with your purchased model. You can also get enhancements added to your chosen vibratory machine upon request. These could include pneumatic flaps, sound covers, compound dosing pumps, and more.

Linnear vibratory continuous finishing system (German Design) polishing machine buffing machine

Why come to us

The process of finishing metallic items requires both appropriate finishing media and machinery. At our company, you’re positive to find both options, to suit all your finishing demands. We create quality machinery to ensure your needs get met within the expected timeframe. You can choose to bring in your products for finishing by our skilled personnel. Alternatively, if you’re setting up your very own finishing station, we can help. Our various machines are proven to guarantee the desired results with every use.

In case you’re unsure of how to proceed, do not worry. Our team of experts is always available to offer assistance. All you need to do is inform us of your expected results. From there, we’ll handle the rest without any delays.

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