VBS(A) Curved Bowl with Separating Unit Vibratory Finishing Machine

Curved Wall Bowl Vibratory Finishing Machine is ideal for metal burnishing and polishing. Suitable for small and medium-sized parts without sticking on the wall.

technical information VBS(A)

Total volume (L)100200260580820
Max overall dimension A (mm)9801060128618002100
Motor installation tube B (mm)Φ470Φ530Φ630Φ900Φ1060
Process bowl width C (mm)Φ220Φ252Φ264Φ390Φ445
Unload width D (mm)250266287430450
Machine height H1 (mm)88094092012001500
Unload height H2 (mm)7607807609601220
Media unload height H3 (mm)290360260410550
Weight (kg)28046060015002470

Industrial Vibratory Tumbler VBS(A)

The industrial vibratory tumbler from Inovatec is the highest quality mass finishing machine. The curved bowl of this VBS(A) machine ensures maximum efficiency. The bowl creates good pressure on the workpieces in a short time for faster results.

Product Description

The vibratory deburring machine VBS(A) is a piece of work. The proprietary curved design ensures that the parts don’t stick to each other. The bottom of the machine has a spiral design and a gradual incline. It all results in an even mass depth during the finishing cycles.

There is an integrated extended separation sieve which works as an internal deburring media separator. The shape and size of your media depend on the hole’s size of the separation sieve.

The construction of the industrial vibratory tumbler VBS(A) is done with hot poured PU. The  PU is treated for 24 hours to get it stronger. The heavy-duty motor will last you good for five years before you need to replace it. Make sure to maintain the machine to keep it in good condition.

It’s a great machine for industrial deburring, polishing, edge rounding, and cleaning. The metal parts that you can tumble include brass, stainless steel, iron, copper, and so on.



  • Used for heavy-duty deburring, polishing, and cleaning
  • Suitable for all types of metal parts finishing
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