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Vibratory finishing machines play a crucial role in the machining industry. They are robust and provides extraordinary surface finishing results at a very little cost. Choosing the right vibratory machine can be intimidating for a lot of beginners in the industry.

In this article, our goal is to educate you on vibratory finishing machines as much as possible without going into technical details. Let’s roll.

What is a Vibratory Finishing Machine?

A vibratory finishing machine is one of those fundamental tools required to achieve mass finishing. Mass finishing means smoothing out surfaces of metal workpieces, in batches. Mass finishing is the process that gives our desired products the finish and shine we want.

Now, what is the role of a vibratory finishing machine? A vibratory finishing machine uses vibrations to smoothen the surface of the metal parts. There are different kinds of vibratory finishing machines that use different principals to get the job done.

vibratory finishing machine installation

Vibratory machines are probably the most used surface finishing machines in the machining industry. It’s easy to use, the media are affordable and the machines are very cost-effective in general.

These machines can deburr excess metal from any metal parts with ease. You have to select the media very carefully depending on the part you intend to finish. We’ll go step by step on how to choose the right vibratory finishing machine for your business.

vibratory tumbling deburring

Types of Vibratory Finishing Machines

There are three main types of vibratory finishing machines. These three types are distinguished by their usage, properties, and work capacity. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Batch Tub Vibratory Finishing Machines

Our first contestant is the batch tub vibratory finishing machines. They work best with large metal parts. They also work better with delicate parts. The batch tub machines are very aggressive in nature which is crucial to process large metals in a very short time.

Another great part about batch tub vibratory finishing machines is that they come in variable sizes. It’s really a tailored experience for the customer. The better the manufacturer, the better the quality of service is going to be.

1800 liter tub vibratory finishing machine

The flexibility of specification gives you absolute control over how big or small of a machine you want. You can customize your vibratory finishing machine with your production goals in mind. It’s really important to get the right fit because it’s directly related to the success of your business.

Bowl Type Vibratory Finishing Machines

The bowl-type vibratory finishing machines are particularly designed for general purpose use. They offer great value for money. These vibratory finishing machines are known for their extended ability to break edges, deburr excess metal and surface smoothing.

It’s a revolutionary technology. It’s an extreme example of how far the cost-effectiveness of a machine can go. These machines play as a great starting point for the newcomers in the industry.

vibratory finishing and separation metal parts

Continuous Thru-feed Vibratory Finishing Machines

Also known as inline thru-feed machines, this variant of vibratory finishing machines can really take it up a notch. They are perfect for high volume production needs where time is literally money.

Linnear vibratory continuous finishing system (German Design) polishing machine buffing machine

You can achieve a short cycle deburring and finishing for stampings, castings, and forgings. This machine can take different types and sizes of parts. Also, continuous thru-feed machines are great for aggressive deburring where one complete cycle can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes.

Crucial Properties of a Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory finishing machines are great for their effective properties. These properties make life easier for the operators and give absolute control over the needs of production. Let’s discuss some of these properties.

Variable Size

Vibratory finishing machines can be of various sizes. It’s kind of ‘suit to need’ option that manufacturers give you. Usually, the size of vibratory finishing machines ranges from 1 to 100 cubic feet. You can fit them on any floor plan you intend to.


As vibratory finishing machines are intended for long time usage and with metal parts, it’s crucial that the machines are sturdy and durable. Vibratory finishing machines won’t disappoint you in that regard.

Vibratory finishing machines are designed for heavy-duty usage. There are interlocking weldments and thick premium polyurethane linings that make vibratory machines very strong and durable.

Amazing Versatility

Versatility is another regime where vibratory finishing machines excel. They offer a huge range of options for automation. All functions can work on their own on a given path. Individual parts can come out with different finishing as well.

Premium Quality with Standardized Parts

All components of vibratory finishing machines have to be premium in quality and standardized. Otherwise, it will fail to serve its purpose. Bearings, motors, seals and all kinds of electrical components are high-quality and easily found on the market. Unless you’re using something from the stone-age, you’ll find replacement parts very easily on the market.


Probably the biggest selling point. It’s amazing how customizable a vibratory finishing machine can be. Most manufacturers will allow you to completely customize a vibratory finishing machine according to your needs.

You can install optional parts as well if you see fit for your business. Pneumatic gates, wastewater treatment systems, step down screens, rust inhibits stations, etc. are the most commonly found options on a vibratory finishing machine.

Vibratory Finishing Machine VS Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

You might have heard about the legendary centrifugal machines. They are faster, more aggressive and overall more value for money then vibratory finishing machines, in the long run. Centrifugal machines are very expensive initially and they take a little expertise to operate.

VA60 Centrifugal disc finishing machine

Vibratory finishing machines are cheaper in general. But in the long run, the cost for media and maintenance can become hefty. Overall, both of the machines are great. It comes down to your preference for what you want to achieve from your business.

Take Away

Vibratory finishing machines have changed the dynamic of the metal manufacturing industry. They offer great cost-effectiveness with absolute quality. They are great in deburring, metal finishing, polishing and surface finishing.

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